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Happy Hour ran on Tempo Television from September 1998-July 2006 which is a variety/game show that included sing-alongs, gyrating dancers, trivia games and bantering from celebrities


Host: Rhona Bennett and Nikki DeLoach

Announcer and Sidekick: Amber Bonasso

The Bombshell Choir Girls: Lindsley Allen, Carmit Bachar, Kimi Bateman, Krista Buonauro, Linda Cevallos, Kim Cotton, Nadine Ellis, Staci Flood (1998-2006), Vanessa Tarazona (1998-2003), Bree Turner (1998-2006), Dee Dee Weathers, Brooke Long (2001-2006), Nicole Scherzinger (1998-2003), Victoria Franklin (2000-2006)

Filming Location: Ren-Mar Studios (Hollywood, CA)


Several NASCAR Cup Series appeared mostly in the series with the most appearances going to Jeff Gordon, In addition Veteran Game Show hosts Chuck Woolery and Bob Eubanks appeared on the show as well.

Amber Bonasso did announced and sidekick on the First Season of Click hosted by Ryan Seacrest from 1997-1998

Rhona Bennett and Nikki DeLoach were previous Mousekeeters on MMC when it aired on Tempo from 1989-1996

Notable Musical Guests appeared on the show including Wild Orchid, One Vo1ce and Kai