Hey Arnold! (Season 6) (Johnsonverse)

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The sixth season of Hey Arnold! aired in 2019.

This was the first season produced since its 2002 cancellation, and the first season to air on Netflix instead of Nickelodeon, as well as production moving to Cartoon Network. After 2017's The Jungle Movie bombed in the ratings against DreamWorks Animation's Trolls Holiday special, which aired on NBC, Johnson Television acquired the series days later and greenlit three new seasons.

Much of the voice cast from the special returned, though Mason Vale Cotton was replaced as the voice of Arnold with voice actor Collin Dean, best known as the voice actor for the character Lincoln Loud on The Loud House from its episodes "One of the Boys" to "House of Lies" and the announcer for former Cartoon Network sister channel Boomerang during its short-lived rebrand in 2015. The character designs and animation from The Jungle Movie carried over to the newly-revived series as well.


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