Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Space War (Johnsonverse)

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Genre: Action
Running Time: 45 minutes
Country: United States
Created by: Tim Johnson
Based on the Hyperdimension Neptunia role-playing game series by Idea Factory
Distributed by: Johnson Television
Starring: Melissa Fahn
Erin Fitzgerald
Tara Platt
Wendee Lee
Christine Marie Cabanos
Sarah Ann Williams
Carrie Keranen
Shelby Lindley
Cristina Valenzuela
Kate Higgins
Stephanie Sheh
Julie Ann Taylor
Morgan Berry
Cherami Leigh
Sandy Fox
Erica Lindbeck
Laura Bailey
Wallace Shawn
Lindsay Jones
Taylor McNee
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 125
Release Date: October 1, 2017 - present

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Space War is an American space opera series. It was developed by Tim Johnson (who also directs this series) and premiered on Cartoon Network on October 1, 2017, through Toonami's Midnight Run block.

The series began production in 2015. It



A 125-episode sci-fi epic divided into five 25-episode chapters (each episode being 45 minutes each), the series serves as a direct sequel to the 2015 Hyperdimension Neptunia anime. The series is a rather blatant rip-off of Star Wars, using the logo, opening crawl, ships, weapons, and the Death Star; however, this is the entire joke: that the Star Wars movies are repeating themselves with different characters, in a different universe, just in different ways; the series has no fourth wall, and characters call attention to the Star Wars parallels on a regular basis, becoming increasingly irritated with them as the series progresses. Episode 40, however, reveals that while it is a different universe, it is an alternate universe version of the Star Wars galaxy where the Force never existed, with the series beginning roughly around 300 BBY (or 300 BBS, "Before Battle of Sindir"). Starting in Episode 33, the cast of RWBY was added, with the Imperials intervening in the Battle of Beacon and starting a three-episode arc known as the "Remnant Civil War" arc. The series utilizes a rather novel approach of putting animated characters on scale model sets, with various objects being manipulated either by pushing them over with a blast of air, hydraulics, or stop motion (if a character has to pick up or manipulate a live-action object, a close-up of a live-action hand is shown doing so, and in the next shot, the object will be animated; occasionally, an animated character is shown holding up an object using a live hand in the foreground, while the rest of the character is out-of-focus in the background; these hands belong to uncredited Johnson employees, though Tim, Chloe, and Belle's hands have all been seen at various points). In fact, everything is either animated or a practical effect, such as stop motion, go motion, suitmation, puppetry, live pyrotechnics, remote-controlled vehicles, and matte paintings; even the missiles are real, usually being small white smoke flares; the only CGI effects are lasers and the occasional nebula.


One year after what has come to be known as the Tari Insurrection (the last two episodes of the 2015 anime), Gamindustri is no longer divided. While the four nations (Planeptune, Lastation, Leanbox, and Lowee) are still independent nations, they are united under the Gamindustri Treaty Organization (GTO), formed to counter the growing threat of the PC Pact, a rival military alliance comprised of the PC Continent nations of Crosoft, App, and Nux.

One day, the PC Pact launches a crushing invasion of Gamindustri. Although the combined GTO forces inflict extreme casualties on the invaders, the Goddesses (Neptune, Noire, Vert, and Blanc) find their forces overwhelmed due to the PC Pact using mass assault tactics. They enact a top-secret protocol dating back to the period following the Sundering of Gamindustri (also known as the Crash of '83) to evacuate themselves, their sisters (Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram), their Oracles, the Makers they have befriended over the years, and any civilians who can make it aboard an armada of interstellar spaceships; even the Goddess' old enemy, Arfoire, now a humble farmer, chooses to come with them. All who make it manage to get aboard, except for RED and Tekken, who are killed when Linda ambushes them in the launch bay.

After their escape, the fighting in Gamindustri continues for three long, grueling months, as the citizenry puts up a stubborn resistance that ultimately results in a pyrrhic victory for the PC Pact. Wilhelm Scholz, Kaiser of Crosoft, declares victory and makes a grandiose speech to the people of the PC Pact, only to be assassinated mid-speech by Rei Ryghts, the fallen goddess Blue Heart who led the fallen nation of Tari (on which Planeptune was built following the Sundering). She, along with Linda and the Gold Third, consolidates power by backstabbing App and Nux, then taking over any remaining independent nations on Earth (mainly small upstart nations formed in the wake of the formation of the GTO and the resulting end of the use of proxies in the various Console Wars over the years). Using the plans for Gamindustri's evacuation ships, Rei declares herself empress and declares the creation of the First Galactic Empire.

Meanwhile, the refugees from Gamindustri use pre-programmed coordinates to hyperjump to a star system in the Outer Rim known as Pimsuts. Landing on the planet Sindir, the Gamdindustri Provisional Government is established, with Neptune named leader in a snap election. As the ships are reassembled into a city, the protagonists begin plotting their next move, only to find that there's nothing they can do at this point.

300 years pass, and Rei's Galactic Empire has come to encompass most of the galaxy, trampling lesser civilizations underfoot and enslaving or exterminating non-humans. After an Imperial survey ship happens upon Sindir, the protagonists are shaken from their peaceful isolation into action, and Neptune declares the formation of the Gamindustri Freedom League (GFL), with the goal of not only freeing Earth from Rei's iron grip, but all of the galaxy from Imperial rule.


As is typical for a Johnson series, Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Space War has a massive cast that can be hard to keep track of.

Gamindustri Freedom League

The Rebel Alliance of the series, the Gamindustri Freedom League (GFL) is hard to pin. Nobody is sure if it is a military junta, a group of freedom fighters, a terrorist organization, or a legitimate government. All that is known, though, is that the GFL's tactics are rather questionable, tactics such as interdicting and destroying unarmed convoys, bombing space stations, destroying civilian infrastructure, and assassinating key targets. As the organization matured, they switched from guerilla tactics to open warfare, able to field vast clone armies and large fleets against the Empire's seemingly-infinite resources. Despite their image as brave freedom fighters, the GFL is, in fact, rather morally-grey, which can be attributed to how depraved the Goddesses have become during 300 years of exile.

GFL Leadership

These are the leaders of the GFL, who are the ones taking the fight straight to the Empire.

  • Neptune/Purple Heart (Melissa Fahn) - Leader of the GFL, and Console Patron Unit of Planeptune. After the Tari Insurrection and the discovery of a portal to the Ultradimension, something changed in Neptune. Gone was the lazy, insensitive, but ultimately heroic girl, replaced by a workaholic who began affording herself less free time in favor of becoming a better leader for her people. This worried everyone, none moreso than Noire, who felt she was to blame for Neptune becoming someone she wasn't. After the Invasion of Gamindustri, Neptune changed again, falling into a deep depression that led her to attempt suicide before Noire stopped her. She remained semi-catatonic for the next 300 years until an Imperial survey ship arrived on Sindir and Neptune discovered Rei had created a massive empire, at which point her depression was replaced with unyielding rage. Neptune is now a cold, calculating military leader who nevertheless cares deeply for her friends, especially her sister Nepgear and her best friend (and, by Episode 19, girlfriend) Noire. She commands the First Fleet, the top-most fleet in the naval chain-of-command, aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Guardian (the lead ship of her class). Weapon of choice: swords.
  • Noire/Black Heart (Erin Fitzgerald) - Second-in-command of the GFL, and Console Patron Unit of Lastation. Once upon a time, Noire was your typical tsundere, always annoyed by Neptune's antics but secretly loving them, and viewing Neptune as her best friend. She also had a secret cosplay hobby, but was, overall, the hardest-working of the Goddesses. That's not to say she was all work and no play, as she often found her work tiring thanks in no small part to how many bureaucratic roadblocks she had to make to curb Avenir's power in Lastation politics. After the Tari Insurrection, Noire was incredibly worried by Neptune suddenly becoming a workaholic, especially when she tried to get her away from her work for some rest and relaxation. Upon Gamindustri's fall, Noire became Neptune's main anchor to sanity, an emotional crutch, a role Noire felt compelled to fill since Nepgear was spending more time with Uni. She was named second-in-command of the GFL upon its formation, often accompanying Neptune on various missions. While aboard an exploding Imperial research station, Noire confessed her feelings to Neptune, but they weren't able to act on said feelings until after the Death Star's destruction, at which point they became an official couple, a major step towards the globalization of Gamindustri. She commands the Second Fleet aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Emancipator. Weapon of choice: shortswords.
  • Vert/Green Heart (Tara Platt) - Fifth-in-command of the GFL and Console Patron Unit of Leanbox. Vert was an oddity among the Goddesses, in that she had no CPU Candidate. She was also rather lazy like Neptune, only she spent her days playing MMOs in a dark room and collecting manga. Despite this, Vert was also the nicest of the four, a sort of team mom; she was so nice, she rarely got Leanbox involved in the Console Wars (simply because she didn't care) unless her nation's sovereignty was threatened, and even then, she went to war almost exclusively with Lastation, acting as a sort of diplomatic channel between Planeptune and Lowee. After the Tari Insurrection, Vert largely went about her life until the PC Pact invaded, at which point she buckled down and personally led her soldiers into battle. After the fall and evacuation, Vert sealed herself off from the world so they wouldn't hear her cry, but opened up after Blanc reached out to her, sparking something between them that eventually blossomed into a full-on romance in Episode 53. She commands the Third Fleet aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Patriot. Weapon of choice: spears.
  • Blanc/White Heart (Wendee Lee) - Fourth-in-command of the GFL and Console Patron Unit of Lowee. The shortest of the Goddesses, Blanc is a complex girl. A Goddess by trade and a bibliophile by choice, she is usually quiet and stoic. Underneath her cold exterior, though, lies the hairiest of hair-trigger tempers, as she is liable to explode into a violent rage, her biggest trigger being anyone making insensitive remarks about her breasts (or lack thereof). She was also the Goddess most likely to swear, usually dropping cluster f-bombs if sufficiently angered, and having absolutely no filter in her Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) form. After the Fall of Gamindustri, Blanc was utterly livid at having to abandon her people, but understood that for every PC soldier they killed, a thousand stood ready to take his/her place. She now gets her jollies slaughtering Imperials, military or otherwise, and has developed a reputation among Imperial units as "The Butcher". Blanc voluntarily bowed out of the chain-of-command, mainly because her brilliant mind was needed in developing weapons of war; despite this, though, Neptune still considers her fourth in the chain-of-command. She commands the Fourth Fleet aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Independence. Weapon of choice: warhammers.
  • Nepgear/Purple Sister (Christine Marie Cabanos) - Third-in-command of the GFL and CPU Candidate of Planeptune. Neptune's younger sister (who is actually taller, a phenomenon known in Gamindustri as "Mario Bros. Syndrome") tended to be more active than Neptune, but not by much. A natural-born genius, Nepgear was the one who got Uni hooked on guns, and has developed many different inventions that made Planeptune the most technologically-advanced nation in Gamindustri (while the others were seemingly stuck in the Late Industrial Age, as while Planeptune had a vast monorail system, Lastation had passenger trains pulled by diesel locomotives, Lowee had horse-drawn streetcars, and Leanbox had no publicly-funded transportation services, relying on privately-owned bus companies that engaged in price-gouging). Upon the Fall of Gamindustri, Nepgear basically took charge of the situation while Neptune became semi-catatonic, establishing Sindir as a desirable home away from home for the evacuees. Upon the formation of the GFL, Nepgear was a bit disappointed Neptune had named Noire second-in-command, but deep down, knew the reason why. She was content being third banana in the operation. Her relationship with Uni grew until they, too, became a couple in Episode 24. She commands the Fifth Fleet aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Liberty. Weapon of choice: beam swords.
  • Uni/Black Sister (Sarah Ann Williams) - Sixth-in-command of the GFL and CPU Candidate of Lastation. Noire's younger sister was also a tsundere, but to a much lesser extent. As a result, her relationship with Nepgear was much friendlier than the contentious one between their sisters. Uni is an absolute gun-nut, thanks to Nepgear, and spent much of her free time collecting, disassembling, and kitbashing guns, and firing them either at the gun range or enemies. After the Fall of Gamindustri, she found comfort with Nepgear, just as Noire was anchoring Neptune to what little sanity she had left. As sixth-in-command of the GFL, Uni doesn't expect to actually lead unless things get incredibly dire. Uni was responsible for reverse-engineering Imperial weaponry to create the GFL's small arms, chief among them the A200 Blaster Rifle, which has a leg-up on its Imperial counterpart, the E-11, by being more accurate and having a better rate of fire. She commands the Sixth Fleet aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Freedom.
  • Rom and Ram/White Sisters (Carrie Keranen and Shelby Lindley) - High-ranking GFL military officials and the CPU Candidates of Lowee. Blanc's younger twin sisters were a cause for celebration when they were born, as she had led her nation so well, the Shares had created two candidates instead of one. Despite this, they couldn't be any more different. Rom is quiet and shy, while Ram is loud and boisterous, yet their personalities complement each other rather nicely. Despite being twins, they can easily be told apart since Ram's hair is longer than Rom's, and they have color-coded outfits (blue for Rom, pink for Ram). After the Fall of Gamindustri, Ram did her best to comfort Rom while Blanc was brooding over their defeat. Of all the Goddesses, the twins were not made part of the chain-of-command due to Rom taking herself out of contention on account of her shyness and Neptune not trusting Ram to take charge in a situation dire enough to warrant her being leader. In the early days of the GFL's existence, Rom and Ram were often used for commando missions, as their small size allowed them to fit into places regular commandos couldn't; one such mission involved turning a Hypervelocity Gun on a commercial space station instead of a rejected prototype for a carrier, a prototype that ultimately became the GFL's Endurance-class fleet carrier and also formed the basis for the highly-successful Nebula-class star destroyer. Rom commands the Seventh Fleet aboard the Nebula-class star destroyer Spruance, while Ram commands the Eighth Fleet aboard the Nebula-class star destroyer Farragut. Weapons of choice: maces.
  • Verdi/Green Sister (Laura Bailey) - High-ranking GFL military official and CPU Candidate of Leanbox. Verdi never knew Earth, because she wasn't born there. Instead, she was created from pure Sharicite on the planet Ovoth, said to be the planet from which homo sapiens were seeded across the galaxy by a long-forgotten race known as the Ulzurs. Vert, who had never had a sister, was so elated she fainted. Verdi has the unfortunate distinction of being the first goddess born during wartime since Neptune's ancestor, Venus, and as such she has absolutely no idea what peace is, though she's heard what it is and fights to one day experience it. Just as Vert is the "team mom" of the goddesses, so does Verdi fill that role for the candidates, though she's particularly close to Rom. She commands the Ninth Fleet aboard the Nebula-class star destroyer Mahan. Weapon of choice: bows and arrows.
  • Plutia/Iris Heart (Cherami Leigh) - High-ranking GFL military official and Console Patron Unit of Planeptune in the Ultradimension. Plutia was once thought to be Neptune's Ultradimension counterpart, before Nepgear and Uni met her actual counterpart, an adult human version of Neptune. In her normal form, Plutia is unassuming and sleepy (many of the rank-and-file GFL soldiers think she's a stoner), passing her days making dolls and plushes while her dimension's Histoire is left to run Planeptune. But in her HDD form Iris Heart, she becomes a complete and utter sadist who would make Louise rethink her life, once scaring Linda straight (or so she thought). Despite her spaciness, Plutia is actually incredibly smart, as she developed cloning technologies and transdimensional portals to bring reinforcements to the GFL; it's because of her that the GFL went from a ragtag band of rebels to a legitimate standing army that could go toe-to-toe with the Empire. Unlike the other CPUs, Plutia does not command her own fleet, content to stay on Sindir and continue developing the next-generation armor for the clone troopers, as well as new ship designs created specifically for said clones. Weapon of choice: dolls (somehow) in her normal form, and the Galient Sword in her HDD form.
  • Peashy/Yellow Heart (Sandy Fox) - High-ranking GFL military official and Console Patron Unit of the fallen nation of Eden. Kept in the Basilicom of the Ultradimension Planeptune after the Tari Insurrection, Peashy was unaware of what had happened to Neptune. That is until she went through the portal one day to visit her and found herself staring down the barrel of a soldier's gun, at which point she went back to the Ultradimension crying and told Plutia what happened. 300 years later, Peashy was finally reunited with Neptune...rather painfully on Neptune's part. Peashy is usually kept far from the frontlines, but when she does find herself in combat, she transforms into her HDD form, Yellow Heart; Peashy's normal form is a little girl, while Yellow Heart is a teenage girl with breasts even bigger than Green Heart. Because of her official non-combatant status, Peashy does not command a fleet. Weapon of choice: gloves.
  • Stuart Ellison (Wallace Shawn) - Grand Admiral of the GFL Navy. Formerly the grand admiral of the Star Nation of Ardonia, after the Empire conquered it, he was reduced to a janitor aboard the Death Star after Ardonia's navy was disarmed. He hated this job with a passion, same with the Empire, who killed his wife and son, and saw a way out of this life when he discovered Neptune and Noire hiding in his office, having arrived on the station aboard an Acclamator-class cruiser from an exploding research station. Escaping aboard the Century Eagle, Stuart was brought back to Sindir, where he was hailed as an invaluable resource of information, and was given the rank of Grand Admiral. He commands the Tenth Fleet aboard the Guardian-class star dreadnought Justice.
  • Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones) - Vice-Admiral of the GFL Navy. Hailing from a planet known on local starmaps as "Remnant", Ruby lived in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by creatures known as Grimm, which can sense negative emotions and indiscriminately attack every human in sight on orders of their leader, Salem. Ruby was studying at Beacon Academy to be a Huntress. The academy was under siege by various factions until the Empire arrived on the planet and killed the hostiles, including Cinder, Neo, and Adam (they were too late to save Pyrrha Nikos, though), then carried out a planet-wide extermination campaign of the Grimm, eventually killing Salem with a superlaser blast from an Eclipse-class star dreadnought, portraying themselves as saviors all the while. This facade cracked once Ruby and her friends discovered the Empire was systematically exterminating faunus (humans with animal features), and, at Professor Ozpin's behest, initiated a rebellion against Imperial occupation. The Resistance, as it was known, fought a losing battle until an SOS signal was picked up by IF and Compa aboard the Century Eagle, who alerted Neptune to this hotspot. The GFL's arrival turned the tide in the Resistance's favor, moreso when Nepgear rebuilt Penny and gave her numerous upgrades. After the Remnant Civil War ended, Ruby was made Vice-Admiral of the GFL Navy; her fleet, Crimson Squadron, is notable for being made up completely of clone troopers aside from herself and Penny. She commands Crimson Squadron aboard the Venator-class carrier Summer Rose (named for her late mother). Weapon of choice: her scythe-sniper rifle Crimson Rose.
  • Arfoire/Platine/Platinum Heart (Laura Post as Arfoire; Chloe Johnson as Platine) - The former leader of the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime (ASIC), Arfoire was, at one time, the most-wanted person on the entire planet, as she was the one person who had the guts (and intelligence) to try and usurp the Goddesses. In the past, Arfoire was the Goddess of the first major of Gamindustri, Vox; her name was Platine, and she became the first goddess, Platinum Heart. Corrupted by grief after her nation was destroyed in the Sundering of Gamindustri, she turned to piracy, sailing the seas and plundering Planeptune and Lowee civilian shipping. She eventually remembered who she was, and, desiring to reclaim what she saw as her birthright, assembled a team to kill the Goddesses and take over Gamindustri to reform Vox as a fascist state to then take over PC Continent, as she foresaw the threat the future PC Pact posed to global stability. She came within minutes of killing the Goddesses, only for their sisters to save them. After suffering a series of humiliating defeats, Arfoire gave up and decided to tend to the eggplant farm she had bought specifically to torture Neptune, making one last move during the Tari Insurrection by helping to defeat Rei Ryghts. Upon the fall of Gamindustri, she was allowed to board a transport, and on Sindir, mostly keeps to herself, now working in cereal grains, livestock, and even forestry. Eventually, Neptune learned of Arfoire's past identity from Histoire, and, with the help of the other Goddesses (and Arfoire's consent), travelled to the center of Arfoire's mind and uncorrupted her, restoring her original identity. The newly-rejuvenated Platine can once again access her HDD form, and now holds the rank of general in the GFL Army.

GFL Political Dept.

The ones running the show behind-the-scenes, these politicians do not participate in combat; despite this, they are all capable of doing so.

  • Histoire (Stephanie Sheh) - A living tome, Oracle of Planeptune, and Governor of the Sindir Sector. She may look young, but she knows more about Gamindustri than even the oldest living human. Truth be told, she is actually the personified form of the tome on which she sits, born in Planeptune with the sole duty to keep a record of Gamindustri's history. She has been around since before the creation of Gamindustri, said to have been created by God himself. She became Planeptune's Oracle at the request of Planeptune's first CPU, Mercury, after the nation was formed following the Sundering of Gamindustri, of which she has an incredibly visceral record of, up to and including the effects of a nuclear blast on a person. When Neptune was being lazy and Nepgear couldn't be found, it rested on Histoire to run Planeptune, much to her frustration. After Gamindustri fell, she began keeping a record of the goddess' exile, then the formation of the GFL and the subsequent Galactic Civil War.
  • Kei Jinguji (Julie Ann Taylor) - Oracle of Lastation and Secretary of the Treasury. A cutthroat businesswoman, Kei would only do things if it benefitted her as well. This caused many issues for Lastation's infrastructure until Noire noticed and gave her a good tongue-lashing for being no better than Avenir. After Gamindustri's fall, Kei kept herself busy by cutting deals with nearby systems and keeping trade flowing in the sector.
  • Mina Nishizawa (Dorothy Ellis Fahn) - Oracle of Lowee and Secretary of Education. She takes her job as being the caretaker for both Rom and Ram very seriously as well as her duty as Lowee's oracle. She will not stand for anything that will prove to be harmful or dangerous to either of the twins. After the fall of Gamindustri, Mina realized the twins had little else to learn, and thus turned her efforts to educating future generations of Gamindustrian exiles.
  • Chika Hakozaki (Michelle Ann Dunphy) - Oracle of Leanbox and Secretary of Defense. She loves Vert more than anything else and claims to be her younger sister. As a result, she became utterly jealous upon Verdi's birth. She distracted herself from Gamindustri's fall by organizing militia defenses.
  • Financier (Stephanie Sheh) - The former chambermaid of Lowee's Basilicom, now Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Blanc was particularly close to her, treating her as a third sister. In turn, Financier was devoted to Blanc, and it was her who convinced Blanc not to go to war with Planeptune when Rei was stealing her shares and framing Neptune, reasoning that Lastation and Leanbox would turn their guns on Lowee for violating the Friendship Treaty. Financier's new job is to build relationships with independent star nations.

GFL Intelligence

The eyes and ears of the GFL, these spies gather intelligence for strikes and attacks.

  • IF (Kate Higgins) - Head of GFL Intelligence and a longtime friend of Neptune. Often referred to as "Iffy", she has a history of serving Gamindustri, having been made immortal by Planeptune's founder, Mercury, after the latter found her and Compa as babies in the wreckage of a city destroyed by nuclear weapons during the Sundering of Gamindustri. IF was never particularly close to the CPUs of Planeptune until she met Uranus, whose children, Neptune and Nepgear, she would often babysit alongside Compa. She became wholly devoted to Gamindustri upon Neptune and Nepgear's ascension. After the fall of Gamindustri, IF was the first person to take the initiative to map the surrounding systems aboard her ship, the Century Eagle; the ship was destroyed in a crash landing in Episode 39, and replaced shortly thereafter by the Millennium Falcon, which she and Compa stole from a used-ship dealership run by a charismatic conman (voiced by Burt Reynolds). IF normally wields a highly-modified DL-44 blaster rifle, but also used qatars and claws.
  • Compa (Cristina Valenzuela) - Second-in-command of GFL Intelligence, head of the GFL Medic Corps., and another of Neptune's longtime friends. Like IF, she was a war orphan found as a baby in the ruins of a city by Mercury during early Planeptunian colonization efforts. She, too, was made immortal by Mercury, and spent thousands of years studying to be a nurse. Unlike IF, she was always devoted to Gamindustri, and gew close to Neptune and Nepgear. After the Fall of Gamindustri, Compa joined IF aboard the Century Eagle mapping out the nearby star systems, before developing a healthcare system on Sindir. Upon the formation of the GFL, Compa was named second-in-command of the intelligence agency, and leader of the medical corps., training medics for the rigors of the battlefield. Compa doesn't generally participate in battles, but she can hold her own, usually using either an oversized syringe filled with a dubious liquid substance that causes death, or a syringe gun like the one from Team Fortress 2.
  • Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech) - One of GFL Intelligence's top agents. Blake hails from Remnant, being one of Ruby's team members prior to the arrival of the Empire. She is a faunus (a human with animal features), in this case having the ears and reflexes of a cat. After the Remnant Civil War, Blake joined GFL Intelligence to put her natural stealth skills to good use. Weapon of choice: her "variant ballistic chain-scythe" Gambol Shroud, a combination sword and pistol later upgraded to take BlasTech cartridges and fire lasers instead of Dust.

GFL Research and Development

The R&D division of the GFL works day and night to develop better weapons, ship, and equipment for the war effort.

  • MAGES. (Amanda Céline Miller) - Chief scientist of the GFL, and head of GFL R&D. MAGES. says her name is "MAGES with a period", but since having to pause between saying her name and whatever else they want to say is annoying, nobody words it that way, a fact she's come to accept. Calling herself "The Mage", MAGES. was heavily into magical research, though her biggest goal was finding a soda she coveted for some reason called "Doc Tear Popper" or "Doc P" (she later admitted it was really Dr. Pepper, one of many things that had disseminated from the Omegadimension, but intentionally misnamed it so the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group wouldn't lawyer up against IFI). MAGES. is an important lynchpin in the GFL war effort, developing new technologies that are then passed down to lower research divisions to implement into existing assets or to develop new weapons, armor, ships, and vehicles. Weapon of choice: her magic staff.

GFL Military

These are high-ranking members of the GFL's planetary military forces. They take orders directly from the leadership and lead their own units into battle.

  • Falcom (Xanthe Huynh) - A self-proclaimed "stock adventuress", Falcom was one of Nepgear's contacts back in the day. When Gamindustri fell, she found her way to the evacuation zone and barely made it aboard one of the transports with PC soldiers on her tail. Falcom is now one of many military commanders in the GFL. According to Plutia, Falcom has a counterpart in the Ultradimension with longer hair and more modest clothing. Weapon of choice: her sword "Dragon Slayer".
  • Hatsumi "Segami" Sega (Cassandra Lee Morris) - Very little is known about Segami (as she is often called), as nobody counting evacuees can recall recording her; she also went under the radar during the first sixteen censuses. The only explanation is that she was a stowaway, which aroused suspicion amongst the Goddesses that she was a spy for the PC Pact. Segami revealed she was one of 100 selected to populate Planeptune's first space colony during the days of the Goddess Mars, but it had turned out the sleeper ship held political dissidents from the conquered micro-state of Taiga, with Segami lumped in in a "sins of the father" situation. They made the best of the colony (which they called "New Planeptune" instead of Sindir), and Segami eventually became their Console Patron Unit, only instead of Hard Drive Divinity, her powers allow her to take the forms of her deceased friends, collectively known as the "Sega Hard Girls"; they were killed in a nuclear war caused by a splintering of the colony between capitalist and communist factions. Segami is the only survivor of the colony, as the others have long died of old age. Seeing parallels between their situations, Neptune welcomed Segami into the GFL and granted her the rank of commander. Weapon of choice: hammers.
  • Nisa (Michelle Ruff) - Gamindustri's self-proclaimed "Keeper of Justice", this ninja was much like Blanc when it came to sensitivity over her breasts (or lack thereof). She was among the first to report to the evacuation zone. She hold the rank of commander in the GFL. Weapon of choice: Prinny Gun.
  • CyberConnect2 (Dorothy Elias Fahn) - A young, optimistic girl who hails from a place called Fukoka. She worked as a sort of fire marshal there. In the GFL, she holds the rank of commander. Weapon of choice: daggers.
  • MarvelousAQL (Kira Buckland) - A kunoichi with a bubbly personality and a equally bubbly chest to match. She goes by the names Marvelous and Marvy. She holds the rank of corporal. Weapon of choice: katanas.
  • Cave (Lauren Landa) - A sniper that worked for the Leanbox RRoD, a citizen's militia. She chose not to hold a position in the GFL command hierarchy, content to take orders. In her mind, sniping's a good job. It's challenging work, out of doors. She often says you'll never go hungry, because at the end of the day, as long as there's two people left in the galaxy, someone will want someone dead. Despite what her comrades think, she's an assassin, not a crazed gunwoman, the difference being that one's a job and the other is mental sickness. She is a professional, and professionals, according to her, have standards: be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet. Weapon of choice: sniper rifles.
  • Sting (Abelina Sabrina Rios) - A member of a mysterious race known as the Dread Angels, Sting showed up one day in Lastation, and everyone just sort of came to accept her presence. She has the appearance of a little girl, but she wears majestic equipment, and her battle power looks promising. In addition, she has a mysterious creature sitting on her head which is also interesting. In the GFL Military, she holds the rank of captain. Weapon of choice: huge-ass swords.
  • Penny Polendina (Taylor McNee) - A combat android and Ruby Rose's girlfriend. Penny was created by Dr. Pietro Polendina as an experiment to create an army of robots to fight the Grimm, complete with their own Aura, but the project went nowhere before General Ironwood seized her and declared her an Atlesian military asset. Penny was initially seen as a socially-awkward girl when Team RWBY first met her, before Ruby found out she was a robot. During the tournament preceding the Battle of Beacon and the Empire's arrival on Remnant, Penny was accidentily destroyed by her opponent, Pyrrha Nikos, whose Semblence involved magnetism. During the Remnant Civil War, Nepgear found Penny's core in the ruins of Beacon, and brought them to Pietro, who sacrificed the last of his Aura to reactivate her. With her new upgrades, Penny can do all kinds of amazing things, mainly involving reconfiguring her body and shifting her mass. Among her more common abilities are turning her arms into a pair of rotary laser guns, deploying wings for flight, and transforming into the Mega Tank (which heavily resembles the Mammoth Tank as seen in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars). Upon her reunion with Ruby after saving her and her unit from impossible odds, they became a couple. As part of Crimson Squadron, Penny is the only non-clone serving under Ruby, and goes everywhere with her and monitoring all functions of Ruby's flagship. Weapon of choice: whatever she wants, her body is incredibly adaptable.

GFL Civilians

These civilians do not participate in combat, and represent the homefront.

  • 5pb. (Mela Lee) - The stage name for Lyrica, the best pop idol in Leanbox. She is very energetic and confident on the stage, but in a more private setting, she grows self-conscious and shy, after arguing with herself to make decisions. She's also the radio MC for Hi-Five Radio♪. She is also the cousin of MAGES.. After the fall of Gamindustri, Lyrica renounced the 5pb. name and started what became of the largest farms on Sindir. When the GFL was formed, though, she returned to the stage as the headliner for the Gamindustri Service Organization (GSO, a parody of the real-life USO), a nonprofit organization that holds events to boost troop morale. Though not an official member of the GFL military, she is a registered servicemember assigned to the war propaganda department, and on the rare occassion the Empire crashes a GSO event, she has proven herself a very deadly combatant while wielding nothing but a guitar.
  • Gust (Cassandra Lee Morris) - A girl who travelled the world while selling the items she crafts. She seems fragile and makes you want to give her a warm hug. She's also very strict with money. Her goal is to enrich people's lives with the items she invents. After the fall of Gamindustri, Gust became the foremost CEO on Sindir, and to that end, has helped fund the GFL war effort through her many companies. She once tried to enlist in the GFL military, but was rejected since, under GFL law, she is technically a child, no matter how shrewd her business practices are (in truth, Neptune didn't want Gust's sleazy right-hand man taking over and possibly sending funds to the Empire, even though the Empire's coffers seem infinite).
  • Broccoli (Karen Strassman) - A young gamer who is also good with electronics. She owns an electronics repair shop, and unlike most of the other named characters, has no combat prowess to speak of.


These are members of the GFL who were killed off. A few didn't even survive to see its formation, but were considered members.

  • RED (Carrie Keranen) - A tomboyish girl who suddenly appeared in front of Nepgear one day. She was traveling through Gamindustri looking for a bride, but when she hears about the rumors of the journey of the CPU Candidate of Planeptune, she chased her in order to make Nepgear her bride. RED was killed during the evacuation, impaled through the back by Linda while racing to the Century Eagle. Her body was later stated to have been buried in a mass grave.
  • Tekken (Sherry Lynn) - Described as a "cute martial artist", she was trained in "Fighting Karate". She looked weak and vulnerable, but it was said she was quite skilled. Plus, this mysterious girl seemed to enjoy the sensation of pain. She was quite determined and wants to be a true warrior. She was killed during the evacuation by Linda; after witnessing REDs death, she tried to attack Linda, but ended up decapitated. Her head was later mounted on a spike outside the ruins of the Planeptune Basilicom as an example to any remaining associates of Neptune to surrender. Neptune later lamented her loss, saying that the GFL could have used her strength.
  • Stella - Stella was one of the hundreds of thousands of evacuees from Gamindustri. She is said to have been one of many who died during the first winter on Sindir, though an exact cause has never been disclosed.
  • Million Arthur - Million Arthur was an admiral in the GFL Navy who was killed when her ship was destroyed by the Eclipse. She never appeared onscreen, but was the focus of a webcomic that served as a prequel to Episode 25.
  • God Eater - A field commander in the GFL Military, God Eater made a silent appearance where she was captured by Imperials, interrogated for information, raped, and then killed, cooked, and eaten by a particularly vile Imperial officer who even Rei was disgusted with, and was dead by episode's end at the hands of Nepgear.

Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire was created from the PC Pact by Rei Ryghts. A de jure devolved constitutional monarchy, it is in truth a de facto humanocentric authoritarian empire, though most in the GFL call it a totalitarian dictatorship. Despite this, the Empire isn't as authoritarian as you'd think. Among other things, the Imperial military offers college tuition and full health insurance coverage, workplace safety regulations are vigorously enforced, and discrimination on the basis of race is illegal. On the other hand, though, these only apply to humans, as the Empire views non-humans (known in Imperial vernacular as "xenos") as "mistakes", that they seek to destroy. Imperial doctrine is built around massed numbers of troops and starfighters, and capitol ships with large armament, as opposed to the GFL's focus on quality weapons systems and advanced training, and strong multipurpose starfighters. The Empire also set forth various "rules of engagement" that the GFL frequently exploit.

Imperial Leadership

The Imperial leadership is one that would make Caligula rethink his life. While they outwardly project an image of wholesomeness, in truth, they are incredibly greedy, selfish, corrupt, and power-hungry. Despite this, though, there is surprisingly little infighting among the highest echelons of the Imperial elite.

  • Rei Ryghts/Blue Heart (Dorothy Elias Fahn) - Galactic Empress and former Console Patron Unit of the fallen nation of Tari. Rei was once the leader of the largest nation on Earth, which fell in the Sundering of Gamindustri (Rei was the one who gave the order to launch, wrongly thinking Tari's SDI system was ready). Thousands of years later, Rei resurfaced as an anti-goddess advocate, and created a machine to steal Shares in an attempt to cause a nuclear war between Planeptune and Lowee, and then take out Lastation and Leanbox with her own mercenary army. After she was defeated, she spent the next year pulling together the remains of ASIC, and after the Evacuation of Gamindustri, assassinated Kaiser Wilhelm Scholz of Crosoft to take full control of the PC Pact and form the Galactic Empire. 300 years later, Rei has expanded the Empire, and still isn't done. She views all non-humans as a mistake that must be corrected, and has even developed a bit of a God Complex, as a result. Despite this, she does respect the rules of engagement she herself made, and will not hesitate to kill any officer who breaks those rules. Sophisticated in her cruelty, Neptune views Rei as the very embodiment of evil, which is reflected in GFL propaganda. Her personal ship is whatever ship she chooses to commandeer. Weapon of choice: quarterstaffs originally, and the currently the Empress Sword.
  • Linda (Morgan Berry) - Rei's second-in-command, Linda is the one doing most of the frontline fighting. Originally employed under ASIC, after Arfoire and Rei's defeats, she elected to join Rei's underground organization. Granted natural immortality, Linda has spent the last 300 years bring the Empire one victory after another. Of everyone in the Empire, Rei trusts Linda the most, and often confers with her before making risky decisions. As a result of being in the field so often, she often encounters the GFL, most often Nepgear, whom she has it out for. Linda commands Death Squadron aboard the Executor-class star dreadnought Executor (the lead ship of her class), and also pilots the TIE Advanced x1, a prototype starfighter from which many features were used in the TIE/in Interceptor. Weapon of choice: the Soul-Crusher Sword (which is really just a sword she modified to look evil; it doesn't actually affect the victims' soul).