In a Bind (Johnsonverse)

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In a Bind title card.png
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 7 minutes
Release Date: March 19, 1926
Production Companies: Johnson Cartoon Studios
Distributed by: Johnson Studios
Directed by: Gerald Jankowski
Written by: Gerald Jankowski
Produced by: Jeffrey P. Johnson
Music by: Wilbur Johnson
Starring: Gerald Jankowski
Pinto Colvig
Country: United States

In a Bind is a 1926 American animated short cartoon written, animated, and directed by Gerald Jankowski. The first cartoon in Johnson Studios' Ludicrous Limericks series, this cartoon follows a dog named Darrell, who has to save his family from the clutches of an evil cat named Creighton.

Production began in June 1925. Then-Johnson Industries CEO Jeffrey P. Johnson hired Jankowski, then a local mural painter, to create a short cartoon for the fledgling Johnson Cartoon Studios division. It was one of the first Johnson Studios productions to use sound recordings. Released on March 19, 1926, the cartoon was critically acclaimed for its animation work, its music and voice acting,


Darrell and Dorothy Dog are having a picnic in the park with their nephew Daniel and niece Deanna. When Darrell gets back with food, however, he finds them missing. He realizes that his rival Creighton Cat has kidnapped them, and decides to save them.

After a chase ensues


  • Gerald Jankowski as Darrell Dog and Dorothy Dog
  • Pinto Colvig as Creighton Cat