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1st Logo
(September 18, 1920 - June 14, 1968)

Johnson Cartoon Studios, 1932, closing title
Johnson Cartoon Studios, 1937, closing title
Johnson Cartoon Studios, 1949, faded closing title
Johnson Cartoon Studios, 1952, closing title
Johnson Cartoon Studios, 1952, faded closing title
Johnson Cartoon Studios, 1955

Nicknames: "Classic Johnson Filmstrip"

Opening Title: We see the Johnson Studios filmstrip logo of the time unwinding, with the words "JOHNSON CARTOON STUDIOS" below it, along with the word "Presents" below it. Both are in white.


  • As time went on, its animation became more refined.
  • Starting in 1934, the logo was also seen in full color, with a dark blue background.
  • In 1953, a widescreen variant was made, and was used for the remainder of the logo's run.

Closing Title: On a colored background, we see the words "THE END", with "A JOHNSON CARTOON" below. Beginning in 1932, the font was changed.

FX/SFX: The filmstrip animating.

Music/Sounds: None from 1920 to 1926. Starting in 1926, the opening of the Ludicrous Limericks theme was used.

Availability: Common. It was used in Ludicrous Limericks from its 1926 debut until 1968.

Editor's Note: Same as the standard Johnson Studios logo. ===´2nd Logo

2nd Logo
(October 18, 1968 -)

Johnson Cartoon Studios 1968.png
Johnson Cartoon Studios logo 1981.png

Nicknames: "The Blue J", "60s J", "Chocodile J", "And Now, On With The Show!"

Opening Title: We see a blue field. It zooms out to reveal the stylized "Blue J" logo for Johnson Industries, which rotates to its usual position, albeit a little faster than in the standard Johnson Studios logo. The word "JOHNSON" fades in below, in Clarendon. Chocodile appears from behind the J in his tuxedo, doing a Vanna-style pose, before leaning on it and winking.


    • For television series, the logo is shortened to just the end part, with the word "PRESENTS" in white below, with the closing variant simply having Chocodile winking.
    • There is a variant with Cherridile, seen only in the 1972 short "Mmm... Cherries".
    • For films released during the Phil Stacker years, the word "JOHNSON" is in Futura instead.

Closing Title: Same as the first logo.

Trivia: Chocodile was animated entirely by his creator, Randy Perkins. Perkins considered it one of his personal best works due to the lush and detailed animation.

FX/SFX: The J turning, the light and lens flares, and the animation of Chocodile.

Music/Sounds: A "comedic" version of the Johnson Studios theme composed by Cal Johnson, and Chocodile (voiced by Mel Blanc) saying "And now, on with the show!" as he poses; this line is typically said before the first cartoon on Chocodile and Friends. As of 2020, Blanc's voice is still used, even after his 1989 death.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The "And now, on with the show!" line is replaced with a foreign-language equivalent for international releases, provided by Chocodile's voice actor in that country.
  • On Ludicrous Limericks shorts, an extension of the series' theme plays over the logo, which segues into the main theme. Also, in the "Mmm... Cherries" variant, Cherridile (voiced by June Foray) asks, "Isn't Chocodile supposed to be in this logo?". An offscreen voice (provided by Stan Freberg) responds, "He's stuck in traffic. Besides, this is your short, not his". Cherridile says, "Oh, alright" and says the line.
  • The variant seen on Chocodile's Cool Movie uses a synthesized version of the theme.

Availability: Common. First seen on the 1968 Ludicrous Limericks short "Pests? I Ain't Afraid of No Pests!" starring Chocodile. The normal fanfare was first used in the film Chocodile on the Run, released that same year, and has been seen on every Ludicrous Limericks short ever since. Also seen on the end of many animated television series.

Editor's Note: A fun take on the already majestic Johnson Studios logo.