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1st logo
(September 3, 1955-)

Nicknames: "The Family", "The Greatest Television Logo Ever Made"

Logo: An average 1950s family sits in front of a television as a man (the patriarch of the family, according to Johnson) turns the dial. The camera zooms in to a closeup of the screen, revealing the words "JOHNSON TELEVISION" against a black background.

FX/SFX: The family, shot in live-action.

Trivia: The family members were played by members of the Johnson family.

Variants: Starting in 1968, the "Blue J" logo was added, and "JOHNSON TELEVISION" was moved to the right, now in Futura. Also, from 1994 onwards, the family footage was expanded on the sides for widescreen (the footage had been shot on the same cameras that had been used for CinemaScope movies, meaning more of the set could be seen). A shortened variant, which consists of just the screen itself, is used on shows such as Hot Bench.

Music/Sounds: A short version of the Johnson Studios fanfare.

Music/Sounds Variants: Some shows such as Judge Judy and Chocodile and Friends use the closing theme.

Availability: Common. Has been seen at the end of almost every Johnson program since 1955. First seen on the first season of Chocodile and Friends.

Editor's Note: It has managed to hold up nicely over the past 65 years it was used.