June Stanford (Johnsonverse)

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Ludicrous Limericks character
First appearance: "Frolicks in the Forest" (1952)
Created by: Gerald Jankowski
Voiced by: Sara Berner (1952-1969)
Julie Bennett (1969-2009)
Kath Soucie (1992-present)
Portrayed by: Sara Gilbert (1984-1987)
Alias: Junie (by Solomon and Bud Charles)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Significant other: Bud Charles (boyfriend)
Nationality: American

June Stanford is an animated character created by Gerald Jankowski for the Ludicrous Limericks series of cartoons. In the 1959 short "Pizza Panic", her full name is given as Juniper Audrey Stanford.

June is a sweet girl who idolizes Chocodile, and often comes up with various schemes to stop him from being hunted by her father, Solomon; oftentimes, she will reason


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