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The official flag of KPopia

KPopia (Korean: 한국 팝 랜드) officially titled the Union of KPopia is an island country located in the East Sea, approximately 20,000 miles away from the state, at an alternate dimension known as Earth-IAE7814. KPopia was only inhabited by four people when it was first formed, Eiji, Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun-suk, and Lee Juno before its funding. Then, settlers arrived, such as BoA, Moon Hee-Joon, Kangta, Bada, Eugene, and Shoo. KPopia has succeeded from several countries, such as ones in Asia such as South Korea and Japan, and ones in North America such as the United States (mostly California and Texas).


KPopia was founded on April 15th, 1992, not too long after the forming of one of the oldest K-Pop groups, Seo Taiji and Boys. It took nearly six years for settlers to arrive, with Moon Hee-Joon, a member of H.O.T, being the first one to do so. The country's name was picked because the whole place is based merely on K-Pop and Korean music in general.


As time went on, KPopia had managed to build a massive amount of settlers, growing at a rapid rate. It was also subject to multiple governments and citizenship phases, while also building an empire to "fitting of K-Pop's might."

Seo Taiji and Boys split up and the founding of YG Entertainment

In January 1996, Seo Taiji announced that his group, Seo Taiji and Boys, would be splitting up after the release of their fourth album. This announcement was met with disappointment from millions of fans in KPopia, as they had been prevalent ever since their debut in the Korean industry. Their compilation album Goodbye Best Album was released later that year.

After their disbandment, the members would participate in solo activities. One of the members, Yang Hyun-Suk, ended up founding YG Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment companies in KPopia. Seo Taiji had a very successful solo career; he is now referred to as the "President of culture" in KPopia. He also eventually became president of KPopia in a unanimous vote in 2001.

War with USAPopia

After nine years of peace, Moon Hae-Joon, a former member of H.O.T, revealed that USAPopia, a country that often traded with KPopia for resources to help the settlers survive, had ordered an attempted assassination on Lee Joon, a former member of Seo Taiji and Boys and one of the founders of KPopia. USAPopia had planned on sabotaging the bloodline of the members of the band and Eiji so they could unleash war when they died. As a result, USAPopia and KPopia fought in a war for about 4 years, with KPopia becoming victorious. After the war, USAPopia was forced to sign a peace treaty that would prevent them from engaging in any form of government-controlled violence against KPopia in fear that the battle would be taken on the homeland. Regular trade had later resumed between the two.

Formation of multiple groups

In the next half of the 2000s, KPopia's industry had been growing big, mainly because of the founding of multiple K-Pop groups, such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, T-ara, Wonder Girls, etc. However, one that had stood out between those groups is a particular girl group known as Girls' Generation. The group consisted of nine members: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. When they debuted with their song "Into the New World," the whole island freaked. Never had they seen such a talented girl group in their life. Soon, Girls Generation released more singles, but one that stood out was "Gee." It had made a major impact on K-Pop as a whole and even spread interest in other countries such as United States, Japan, etc., which caused more people to settle in KPopia, causing their population to spike up.

Formation of BTS

In 2013, a group of boys signed with Bighit Entertainment founded the seven-member group BTS. They were an immediate success when they released their first single album 2 Cool 4 School (2014) and eventually garnered widespread popularity around the world in 2015, gaining a large fanbase called the ARMY. Their popularity caused more people to come to KPopia, with its population going from 1,990,000+ to 15,580,000+.

Black Pink and TWICE form

In 2015 and 2016, respectively, two girl groups were formed. TWICE and Black Pink. TWICE had released a song in 2016 called "Cheer Up," which garnered widespread acclaim from audiences around the world. Black Pink also released a song that same year called "Boombayah," which also received acclaim from audiences. Tzuyu eventually became one of the most popular singers in KPopia, and Lisa became the most followed K-Pop singer on Instagram. The two even attracted some people from Japan when they released some Japanese singles, rising KPopia's population.

Tzuyu becomes the president of KPopia

In 2018, an election for president occurred, with the nominees being Jungkook, Taeyeon, G-Dragon, Lisa, Tzuyu, Seulgi, etc. Multiple votes happened, and the nominees voted out were Lisa, Seulgi, Taeyeon, and G-Dragon. Jungkook and Tzuyu were the only nominees left. Jungkook had been getting a lot of votes, and it looked like he was about to win, but then Tzuyu started getting a ton of votes. She eventually won the elections, causing her to become president of KPopia, replacing Seo Taiji after 17 years, similar to how Donald Trump unexpectedly became president. Most of the ARMY was disappointed, but the TWICE fans, including Eiji, rejoiced.

Switch to Communism

Around early 2020, multiple protests happened across the country, complaining about the fact that capitalism is undermining the country, and that the country needs a dictatorship. Most of these protests were successful and got the attention of the media, who were on their side. Because of this, on February 3rd, 2020, President Tzuyu announced that the country would be switching to a Communist dictatorship. She stated that she felt that capitalism is causing the economy to go down severely and that people don't treat lower-class people fairly. She also announced that she will now be the dictator of the country and that she will control its laws, and everything all by herself.


KPopia is located about 20,000 miles away from South Korea on an island between Korea and Japan, with large mountains and green grass.


KPopia has pretty much the same climate as South Korea, except its often 4 degrees hotter than usual.



General Jungkook, leader of the K-Pop Force

KPopia has a mighty military, one of the most powerful militaries in Asia, called the K-Pop Force. The K-Pop Force consists of 3 groups, Patrollers, Watchers, and Strategists. General Jungkook, a member of BTS, leads the army, and when not performing, he's training the army to fight.


The K-Pop Force has a ton of allies with them. Most are from Iceyellow's ZapForce, and others are K-Pop singers and Yo-kai. There are eight tribes for every ally. Brave, Mysterious, Tough, Charming, Heartful, Shady, Eerie, and Slippery. These tribes also apply to every official member of the force.


KPopia is a Communist Dictatorship. There are elections held every 17 years, with everyone being able to vote for which one should be a dictator. The current dictator, as of right now, is Tzuyu of TWICE. She holds ultimate power and authority over the nation for 17 years. Being an extreme Republican or extreme Democrat is illegal and can cause one to be thrown in jail for five years.

Foreign Relations

KPopia holds friendly relations with any country that values K-Pop and attracts a large fanbase from that country. Likewise, their relationships with the entire world vary. However, they do not see people who don't value K-Pop as an automatic threat as it could bring trouble to the nation. KPopia's most powerful ally is the Yo-Kai World, where most of the K-Pop force allies live.


KPopia's economy is government-controlled as a result of the Communist party. All money is distributed equally among individuals, and are treated as an equal class.

The official currency of KPopia is South Korean won. Living expenses have been deemed "Not too much" as long as you have a job.

The country has a fair amount of currency as South Korea keeps supplying the country monthly with new shipments to conform to their land deal.


Ethnic Groups

KPopia is known for having only slight diversity. Eiji, the founder of KPopia, has stated it mostly consists of Koreans, although he said that some anime characters and Americans come to the country too.


Koreans make up about 49% of the population, making them the majority of KPopia. They usually sing and dance, often on the streets, bars, restaurants, etc. Sometimes, if they're not signed into an entertainment company, they would form an independent group. Most indie groups write their songs, make up their choreography, perform on the streets, etc. Eiji has noted his extreme obsession with this group and would often chat with them on the streets or sometimes sing along with them.

Anime Characters

Anime characters make up 22% of the population. Anime characters often get thrown into sound jail the most due to their extreme habits of screaming like the dickens and their hair changing to yellow while it happens. Anime characters are often responsible for "epic" fights that happen in the center of many cities, which results in high jail rates due to damages caused.

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters make up about 16% of the population. They mostly contain a 2D body since a pencil made them. Cartoon characters often make weird movements, such as stretching their body parts or changing shape or size at their own will. They're mostly funny animals or objects, but there are human cartoon characters too. Notable cartoon characters are Eric Cartman, Bugs Bunny, Peter Griffin, Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson, Donald Duck, SpongeBob SquarePants, etc.

Video Game Characters

Video Game Characters make up about 5% of the population. Video game characters often enjoy wearing red overalls and carrying around swords and have bad English every time they use an attack. Sometimes Video Game Characters are hybrids of Anime Characters, Jibanyan being perhaps the most well-known example.


Americans make up about 4% of the population. Most are only tourists and like to hang around, take pictures, and leave after a week or two. Some are extreme Republicans and constantly push their views, leading to them being jailed for ten years. Though most of the time, they're calm and like to talk to the citizens. Eiji is one of these people.


The Japanese make up about 2.5% of the population. They're known to be very hardworking, and sometimes they work all night long. They're nice to the citizens, and despite them being enemies of South Korea, they get along with KPopia citizens a lot. Often, they're obsessed with anime and talk to the Anime Characters often, though they stay away from the "epic" fights that go on in the streets. Eiji is also one of these people.


OCs make up about 1% of the population. Citizens of KPopia mainly create them, but some have moved to the country. The ones that are created by citizens are made in the "Build Your OC" building. It costs $300 to make your OC come to life, and they do this by taking the drawing of the OC and pouring a special liquid on it, and waiting 24 hours for it to come to life. OCs act like the species they're supposed to be, whether it'd be a human, cat, dog, dragon, etc. Notable examples are Josh Baldwin and Karen Hill.


Plushes make up about 0.5% of the population. Like OCs, citizens of KPopia create them, but some have moved to the country from other places, like UglyVille. The ones created by citizens are made in the "Build-A-Plush" building. It costs $250 to make your plush come to life, and they do this by pouring a special liquid on it, and waiting 24 hours for it to come to life. Notable examples are the UglyDolls and teddy bears.


The main language in KPopia is Korean and is classified by most linguists as a language isolate.


About 54% of KPopians are irreligious, about 15% are atheists, and about 31% are Protestants. Eiji has also implemented other religions, such as Babadookism, where they worship The Babadook, a monster from the 2014 Australian film of the same name.



KPopia celebrates many holidays. New Years Day is celebrated on the first day of the Korean lunar calendar. KPopia Day is celebrated on April 15th, the day KPopia was founded.

KPopia also celebrates the same holidays as South Korea, the country where they come from, such as Korean Independence Day, which falls on March 1st, and commemorates the March 1st Movement of 1919, and Memorial Day, which is celebrated on June 6th, and its purpose is to honor the men and women who died in South Korea's independence movement.


The country doesn't have a known sport. However, there is a sport known as "K-Pop Hurdles," in which participants run to the finish line while jumping over hurdles to the beat of the song playing.


KPopia has been known for having a thriving entertainment industry, along with South Korea. The most notable entertainment in KPopia is K-Pop, mostly used to bring joy to the entire country. New K-Pop songs are usually released at least every day, with each one gaining immense popularity by not only citizens but worldwide. The cultural phenomenon is known as Hallyu or the "Korean Wave" has swept many countries across Asia, making South Korea a major soft power as an exporter of popular culture and entertainment, rivaling Western nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom.


Mostly consists of kimchi, noodles, rice, tofu, vegetables, fish, and meats.


Funerals in KPopia start with a wake, the ceremony of the deceased, and the burial in a grave. They're usually held for loved ones and innocent people who have passed away or killed. There are almost no cremations. Common traditions are prayers, eulogies, rituals, readings, music, etc. Popular music that plays are sad pianos and sad K-Pop songs to remember the person who's having their funeral.

Happy Funerals

Happy funerals work like a typical funeral, except instead of mourning the dead, people are celebrating a person's death. They're usually held for highly dangerous criminals or people that KPopian citizens hate. Typical eulogies tell how much they hate the person who's now dead and insult them a bit. During burials, they don't place the corpse in a casket, so they just throw it in the grave. Then, they would squirt them with water before burying them. After the burial, they would have people come up and say bad stuff about them. Popular music that plays is cheerful K-Pop songs and the "Best Day Ever" song from SpongeBob SquarePants.