List of Detective Jenny characters and factions (Johnsonverse)

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United Nations

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization tasked to promote international co-operation and to create and maintain international order. A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was established on October 24, 1945 after World War II to prevent another such conflict.

Team Jenny

The main protagonists of the series, Team Jenny is the UN's best team of detectives. The show's title is a misnomer, as the team more often acts as spies, saboteurs, assassins, and even commandos (originally, in the first six issues, the comics had the team simply investigate criminal activities so that the FBI would bust the culprits, acting as actual detectives, before Tammy Jo decided that the team acting in combat would be more exciting, though the Detective Jenny name was kept). They are often used for infiltration, sabotage, rescue, and even outright combat. Despite their young ages, ranging from 13-16, they are hypercompetent at their jobs, rarely getting so much as a scratch. However, since they have had to experience a wide range of horrifying sights, their mental and emotional states are very, very fragile, and they are liable to flip out unexpectedly at any time. The team's headquarters is located in Hills Beach, Louisiana, in a house owned by Jenny and Makayla. The house itself is a beach house, designed to look abandoned, next to an abandoned pier on the coastline; it also features several secret hatches allowing the members to slide down the chutes to various areas in the team headquarters.

  • Jenny G. Denver (English: Mary Kay Bergman 1993-1999, Tara Strong 2000-present; Japanese: Kikuko Inoue) - The main protagonist of the series, Jenny, is the titular character. She is the leader of Team Jenny. Her parents were leaders of the Denver Crime Family until 1979 when they were sentenced to death for the murder of hundreds of people, including Jenny's little sister Beatrice, at which point Jenny was taken away, and the family quickly fell to raids by the FBI and the National Guard. Jenny is usually the most level-headed member of the team and serves as a calming influence to the others. Most of the time, Jenny is relatively subdued, only showing emotion either when on her own, or with Makayla, who is the only person she trusts to know her true self. However, she finally started opening up to the rest of the team in the final episode of the original run. Her lack of emotion most of the time also makes her a nightmare to play against in poker, as she's become so use to not expressing herself, nobody can get any tells out of her. Even so, Jenny is not immune to flipping out, once ripping off a Libyan drug smuggler's arm and then shoving it up his anus in the Season 7 episode Yay Kaboom. She is a well-rounded agent, able to do anything while excelling at nothing, making her the most reliable agent employed by the UN. However, she isn't perfect, suffering from a severe case of acrophobia that causes her to freeze up. Jenny is the oldest member of the team at age 16. Full name: Jennifer Gertrude Denver; Makayla addresses her almost exclusively as "Jen". Date of birth: June 10, 1963.
  • Makayla Gómez (English: Alanna Ubach; Japanese: Taeko Kawata) - The deuteragonist. Makayla is Jenny's second-in-command, childhood friend, and confidant (there were also many hints throughout the series that Jenny and Makayla may have been romantically attracted to each other; the twelfth movie confirms this), and often her main anchor to sanity. She is also the wealthiest member; her deceased uncle Alejandro Gómez, an immigrant from Mexico, made his fortune by mining oil through his company, the Gómez Oil Company, which he started in 1960 as a front for the Camino Cartel (so-called because it was based in the town of San Camino). As such, Makayla can get access to a therapist who will see her (most therapists refuse to see the team out of fear of being targeted by their enemies). As a result, she is the most well-adjusted member, but still has episodes of depravity. Makayla's specialty is infiltration, which she achieves using a variety of gadgets and gizmos such as a grappling gun, a laser cutter, and a watch that renders her invisible. She also has a fusion-powered jetpack to access hard-to-reach places and has enough thrust to allow Makayla to carry Jenny, which proves useful for missions where it's just the two of them; it's also the only thing that can calm Jenny during her acrophobia episodes. Makayla is the second-oldest member of the team, also being 16-years old, but is a few months younger than Jenny. Full name: Makayla Ximena Gómez; Jenny addresses her almost exclusively as "Mack". Date of birth: September 25, 1963.
  • Terry Clampett-Jones (English: Tress MacNeille 1993-2002, occasionally 2006-present, Hynden Walch 2003-present; Japanese: Fujiko Takimoto) - Team Jenny's weapons expert. Terry is a 14-year-old girl who grew up on a farm in California's Central Valley, and whose parents were killed by cattle rustlers; she killed the rustlers with their weapons, then used their remains as fertilizer. She was then put in an orphanage run by a shifty man named Jim Albertson, who turned out to be notorious serial killer Ted Bundy; she called the cops immediately after stepping through the door and was taken in by the UN for Project Hercules in 1984. Terry can use a wide variety of weapons, from knives to rocket launchers and everything in between, though she favors dual-wielding a pair of sawn-off shotguns into battle. She tries to put on a "tough-girl act", but fails miserably due to her mental trauma; she is also very fond of Ronnie. Full name: Teresa Marlene Clampett-Jones. Date of birth: February 17, 1970.
  • Kristen Smith (English: Cree Summer 1993-2002, Kyla Pratt 2003-present; Japanese: Miina Tominaga) - Kristen is one of the team's two pilots. Despite only being 15-years old, she can pilot any aircraft or helicopter with ease. She is also one of the more mentally-stable members of the team, although she still has episodes of depravity. In addition, Kristen is talented at repairing old machines and vehicles, and owns multiple vintage vehicles such as a Ford Model T, a P-51 Mustang, a Sopwith Camel, a WWII-era Army Jeep, even an M48 Patton tank. She is best friends with fellow pilot Louise, and is often the only one who can keep her in check (it's often said her other job besides piloting is holding Louise and Terry's proverbial leashes, lest they go out on the town and murder every jaywalker, online griefer, and Fox News viewer on sight). Her parents were the leaders of the New Black Panthers until members of the FBI killed them in 1986. Full name: Kristen Luciana Smith; Louise tends to address her as "Kris". Date of birth: January 1, 1971.
  • Louise Savage (English: Kristen Schaal; Japanese: Hekiru Shiina) - The team's other pilot, 14-year old Louise has seven cute but deadly attack dogs (who were the first animals to undergo the Project Hercules process) and is much like her best friend Kristen: able to pilot any aircraft or helicopter with ease, though Louise has the bonus of being able to drive land vehicles and watercraft. Of everyone on the team, she is the one who is most likely to be singled out as genuinely insane. She once burned a terrorist alive and then fed his remains to her dogs in the Season 6 episode Desert Rats and also rammed an arms trafficker, ate off his toes and fingers, cut off his tongue, gouged out his eyes, ripped out his spleen, tore off his intestines, burned his corpse, dipped his skin in acid and lye, and threw the body into a saw, cutting it in half and all the remains being preserved as food for her dogs, in the eleventh film. Not only that, but roughly 75% of her dialogue also consists of chewing several tons of scenery per minute, her more lucid moments coming during slower scenes. All things considered, she lives up to her surname. Her parents both abused her, causing Louise to become a psychopath, killing her parents with a corkscrew and eating them in 1986, before being found by the UN and recruited into Team Jenny with Kristen. She heavily inspired the character of Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V. Full name: Louise Valentina Savage; Kristen tends to address her as "Lou". Date of birth: April 18, 1972.
  • Ronnie Hinton (English: Paige O'Hara 1993-2002, Jessica DiCicco 2003-present; Japanese: Maria Kawamura) - The (until 2017) youngest and (until 2003) the newest member of the team, 13-year old Ronnie doesn't have nearly as much mental or emotional damage as the other members, though she developed some psychosis by the end of the first season. She joined the team in the series' pilot and was quickly taken under Terry's wing. Ronnie's specialty lies in electronics, able to hack computers with impunity and disassemble and reassemble chipsets in minutes while leaving no evidence behind. She also carries EMP charges designed and built by herself, and can quickly reprogram robots to her side. She also sees putting active grenades in peoples' pockets as the first solution to a problem. Her parents (who were allied with the Camino Cartel) and her older brother Ben were killed in a drive-by shooting in 1993 by members of the Vincenetti Crime Family; she was the only survivor, and was recruited into Team Jenny after she was caught hacking into a government server to hide her parentage. Full name: Rosanne Alexis Hinton; Terry tends to refer to her as "Ron" or "Rons". Date of birth: July 28, 1980.
  • Jeff Herbert (English: David Tennant; Japanese: Kenyu Horiuchi) - One of the team's superiors, replacing the deceased Joe Quill. He's a veteran of the Vietnam War, and like his predecessor, could emphasize with the girls, and his job is to brief the team on their target(s) and objectives. Jeff also has more charisma between him and Dennis. He made his debut in the tenth season as a UN agent, before being promoted to Team Jenny upon Joe's death. Full name: Jeffrey Lyndon Herbert. Date of birth: October 1, 1950.
  • Dennis Leonard (English: Ben Stein; Japanese: Koichi Sato) - The team's other superior. True to other characters Stein has played in film and television, Dennis has the charisma of a wet blanket, always being deadpan and humorless. However, it has been shown on many occasions that he does indeed have emotions, such as when he was noticeably angry after 9/11 in the October 2001 issue. Dennis' job is to give the team their equipment. Full name: Dennis Charles Leonard. Date of birth: December 1, 1944.

Starting with the fourth film, three new members joined:

  • Christy Vincenetti (English: Grey Griffin, credited as Grey DeLisle 2003-2012; Japanese: Tomoko Kawakami 2003-2011, Emiri Katō 2011-present) - Christy is a 14-year-old Italian-American genius who, like Angus MacGyver, can make efficient weapons out of ordinary household objects. Like Ronnie, Sandra, and Emily, Christy doesn't have the same state of mental health as other members. Her father Albert was the Don of the Vincenetti Crime Family before his untimely death in 2017, and a UN member in disguise as a Vincenetti made man took Christy away for Project Hercules after she came forth as a whistleblower. Prior to being properly introduced, Christy made multiple silent cameos during the series' first run; Tammy Jo stated in an interview that it was her intention from the beginning for Christy to one day join Team Jenny, and to that end, included her in multiple episodes so viewers could watch her grow up before having a formal introduction; production notes and storyboards referred to simply as "Albert's daughter", as Tammy Jo didn't conceive the name Christy until the fourth film entered production in 2001. Full name: Cristina Shannen Vincenetti. Date of birth: March 23, 1989.
  • Emily Kennedy (English: Rachel MacFarlane; Japanese: Chieko Higuchi) - Emily, a 15-year-old martial-arts expert from Detroit, can take out enemies with kung-fu or karate, and is also a natural fighter. Despite her predisposition to melee fighting, she can and will use firearms in a pinch. Terrorists killed her parents during a visit to Afghanistan. Full name: Emily Beatrice Kennedy. Date of birth: May 3, 1988.
  • Sandra Thomas (English: Lacey Chabert; Japanese: Masumi Asano) - 15-year-old Sandra is the team's demolitions expert, able to rig any kind of explosive from cherry bombs to thermonuclear devices (provided she can get her hands on enriched uranium). Despite this, she often leaves the act of detonating explosives to Ronnie. Her favorite pastime is booby-trapping her enemies' things; for example, in the eighth film, Sandra used a slaver's wallet and added a cutter so that the slaver's fingers would be chopped off. When she was a baby, she lived in England, and her parents were killed in an explosion set off by a terrorist group (later revealed to be the Celtic Liberation Front). Her aunt and uncle moved her to an American orphanage, which in reality was a Black Scorpion front, with its soldiers brainwashing the children to their ideals (explaining Sandra’s American accent); the FBI and Sandra eventually caught it was taken in by the UN for Project Hercules and her brainwashing undone. Full name: Sandra Carolyn Thomas; Christy tends to refer to her as "Sandy". Date of birth: August 19, 1988.

In 2017, three more members joined:

  • Krystall Chen (English: Kyla Rae Kowalewski; Japanese: Sora Amamiya) - 14-year-old, Chinese-American Krystall Chen is the newest member of the team. She is the team’s commando and can make surprise attacks on even the most dangerous criminals. Her parents were chronic pedophiles who hated her and continually made her suffer whenever she didn’t do what they expected her to do; they were arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison for child abuse and pedophilia. Full name: Krystall Lee Chen. Date of birth: October 20, 2003.
  • Molly Richter (English: Spencer Lacey Ganus; Japanese: Minori Chihara) - 15-year-old Molly is the team’s saboteur; she can disguise as anybody to trick unwitting criminals (she's so good, Jenny honestly believed Makayla had betrayed her and revealed she was never her friend, but a mole for the Camino Cartel, only to later find that it was actually Molly using the new Holo-Disguiser Daisy had made, and that Makayla had infiltrated the Cartel's stronghold through more conventional, forceful means; Molly later found her own way out of the base, leaving Jenny and Makayla to take care of the Cartel via their brand of mindless mayhem). She was the daughter of a Neo-Nazi leader, Dolph Richter, until she killed him in 2017. Full name: Molly Florence Richter. Date of birth: February 3, 2002.
  • Daisy Nicholas (English: Sara Paxton; Japanese: Sarah Emi Bridcutt) - 13-year-old Daisy is the youngest member of the team (being younger than Ronnie by six months); she isn’t as mentally unstable as the other members, though she’s been known to have episodes. She was almost killed by her parents, stuffing her and taking the car to the crusher before a bystander heard her screaming and called the cops, at which point Daisy was taken in by the UN and inducted into Project Hercules and Team Jenny. Daisy is the team’s researcher and specializes in creating makeshift weapons like Molotov cocktails. Full name: Daisy Summer Nicholas. Date of birth: January 26, 2004.

Deceased members

  • Joe Quill (English: Shane Rimmer 1994-2019; Japanese: Chikao Ōtsuka 1994-2015; Kotaro Nakamura 2015-2019) - One of the team's superiors. Between himself and Dennis, Joe was more charismatic and could empathize with the girls. Having served in World War II, his job was to brief the team on their target(s), and their objectives. Joe didn’t do much fieldwork anymore, but when he did, even Onizuka himself feared him. Joe was killed off in the twelfth season premiere due to the death of his voice actor, Shane Rimmer. Full name: Joseph Shane Quill. Date of birth: July 29, 1899.

Other UN members

  • Emi Kobayashi (English: Kristen Li; Japanese: Aya Hirano) - A wheelchair-bound secret mole for the UN who gathers intel from radical groups while posing as a child soldier; originally, she actually was one for Black Scorpion before being brainwashed by the UN. Date of birth: June 12, 2002.

Black Scorpion

The most-recurring antagonists in the series, Black Scorpion, is a global terrorist organization. Originally just another Japanese separatist movement, Black Scorpion eventually began aiming for world domination, with the ultimate goal of creating a utopia free of war. They still use the same tactics since there's no other way to unify the world under one banner.

  • Onizuka (English: Mako Iwamatsu 1993-2007, Greg Baldwin 2008-present; Japanese: Norio Wakamoto) - The main antagonist of the series. While his real name is Riko Sousuke, he took on the name Onizuka and founded Black Scorpion immediately after seeing his father get killed by an American soldier in front of him in 1942. He served 45 years in prison (1946 to 1991) for running a massive Ponzi scheme that he used to fund Black Scorpion since its beginning. Onizuka is a charismatic figure who is intelligent. Date of birth: February 29, 1923.
  • Kuromiya Itō (English: Sab Shimono; Japanese: Isao Sasaki) - Onizuka's second-in-command. He is extremely loyal to Onizuka. Date of birth: October 30, 1959.

Vincenetti Crime Family

The Vincenetti Crime Family is the most powerful Mafia family in the US, based in Brooklyn. Their known fronts include Stefano's cheese brand called Formaggio Per la Mamma, as well as a chain of bistros across the country called Sicilian Homestyle Bistro. They're known to value loyalty above all else, and all its members are sharply dressed. Also, they have connections with New York Mayor Jason K. Small, allowing them to get away with most of their activities. Their goons mainly use Thompson machine guns, woefully outdated by modern standards; its founder Albert “Lips” Vincenetti defended this choice, stating that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Albert's daughter, Christy, blew the whistle on the entire organization in 2003, and instead of going into witness protection, was recruited into Team Jenny.

  • Stefano Vincenetti (English: Michael Bell; Japanese: Hiroki Tōchi) - The Don of the family, Stefano is a paranoid mob boss who will do anything to get more power. He cares for his niece Christy, and is trying to get her back into the family so she can succeed him as the family Don; Christy, on her part, has vowed to make his death slow and painful, and to that end, has gone to Louise for advice on several occasions. Full name: Stefano Kristoff Vincenetti. Date of birth: July 8, 1940.
  • Alessandro "Alex" Colombo (English: Tony Sirico; Japanese: Haruhiko Yamanouchi) - The family Caporegime. Alex is just as much of a loyal friend to Stefano as he was to Albert, but has a short fuse and wastes no time in killing people just for annoying him. Full name: Alessandro Vittorio Colombo. Date of birth: December 9, 1968.
  • Francesca Vincenetti (English: Aida Turturro; Japanese: Aya Hisakawa) - Stefano's wife and Christy's mother. She was forced to marry Stefano under threat of death and pretends to be happy with her relationship to keep him happy. Full name: Francesca Elisa Vincenetti (née Esposito). Date of birth: September 29, 1967.
  • Martha Vincenetti (English: Brenda Vaccaro; Japanese: Yuko Saito) - Albert’s widow. She is a bitter woman who only showed her sweeter side to other members of the family, even more so after her husband's death. Full name: Martha Leigh Vincenetti (née Romano). Date of birth: April 21, 1968.
  • Maria Colombo (English: Amanda Leighton; Japanese: Mai Aizawa) - Alex’s estranged daughter, introduced in 2016. She is mentally unstable and has a short fuse, to the point of snapping the neck of a bully when she was 10. She is one of the few people Louise is genuinely scared of. Full name: Maria Sara Colombo. Date of birth: October 19, 1992.
  • Edna Vincenetti (English: Natalie Palamides; Japanese: Ryoko Shiraishi) - Christy’s cousin. She secretly hates the mafia life. Full name: Edna Anne Vincenetti. Date of birth: September 9, 1995.

Deceased members

  • Albert "Lips" Vincenetti (English: Frank Vincent; Japanese: Kousei Yagi) - Stefano’s older brother who was the Don of the Vincenetti Crime Family from 1990 until his 2018 death. He was Christy’s father and also wanted to sway her back into the fold due to Christy being his only child. Albert was known to hang out at the Sicilian Homestyle Bistro in Brooklyn, earning him the "Lips" nickname. Albert was also a corrupt Mafia boss who would go so far as to torture children for information on his rivals. He was killed off in the eleventh season premiere due to the death of his voice actor, Frank Vincent; Albert was killed when Sandra and Christy put a bomb in the front engine of his limo after he walked away from the Sicilian Homestyle Bistro, killing both him and his driver. Full name: Albert Franklin Vincenetti. Date of birth: February 18, 1933.
  • Tuco Vincenetti (English: Eli Wallach; Japanese: Ken Yamaguchi) - Albert's brother who was
  • Roberto "Chunky Bob" Vincenetti (English: Robert Loggia; Japanese: Bin Shimada) - Stefano, Albert, and Tuco's father. He was the Don of the Vincenetti Crime Family from 1960 until his 1990 retirement. He was killed off in the January 2016 issue due to the death of his voice actor, Robert Loggia. Full name: Roberto Enrico Vincenetti. Date of birth: January 25, 1920.


The Takanashi-gumi (高梨組) is the most powerful Yakuza gang in the Japanese isles. They also have activities in the mainland US, South China, and Korea. Onizuka finds them too violent for his standards, and there have been several occasions where Black Scorpion and Team Jenny collaborated to stop them.

  • Hiro Takanashi (English: Les J.N. Mau; Japanese: Tessho Genda) - The oyabun of the Takanashi-gumi.

Celtic Liberation Front

The Celtic Liberation Front is a separatist movement in the British Isles. The first antagonists to appear in the series, they seek the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom, and the return of Northern Ireland to its rightful owner. To accomplish this goal, they carry out numerous terrorist attacks.

  • Tavish MacDonald (English: Billy Connolly; Japanese: Akio Ōtsuka) - The leader of the Celtic Liberation Front, Tavish is a charismatic man who styles himself as a Scottish Highlander. He could care less about what happens to the Irish under his command, but the safety and well-being of his fellow Scots are his biggest priority, and when things go south, he does his best to get them out before Team Jenny kills them. Full name: Tavish Aiden MacDonald.

The New Black Panthers


A Middle Eastern terrorist organization. They claim to be unaffiliated with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and use counterfeit weapons imported from Khyber Pass, often using dangerously poor copies of the originals. They were introduced in the fourth movie as the main antagonists. The name "al-Salam" is Arabic for "The Peace", a rather ironic name.

  • Omar Abboud (English: Isaiah Mustafa; Japanese: Antonio Inoki) - The leader of al-Salam. He is best described as an ambitious man who strives to be like Osama bin Laden, his hero. He is an Arabic immigrant who was deported from the United States in 1965 after running a large-scale pyramid scheme in tandem with the Vincenetti Crime Family (they cut ties with Abboud after he was exposed and several made men were sent to prison for fifty or more years, including Stefano, though he was paroled after ten years).

Poison of Mercy

The Poison of Mercy (憐憫之毒) is a triad organization from South China. First appearing in 1996, this group is one of the largest triad organizations in South China. It has operations in New York.

  • Li Ju Yang (English: Sho Kosugi; Japanese: Kinryū Arimoto 1996-2019, Kotaro Nakamura 2019-present) is the leader of the Poison of Mercy. He is affable to his associates.

Korean Mob

The Korean Mob is a Kkangpae organization from Korea. It debuted in 2017.

  • Moon Sang-hoon (English: Randall Park; Japanese: Taiki Matsuno) is the leader of the Korean Mob.

Bambino Crime Family

The Bambino Crime Family is a mob family from Chicago. They are often considered the arch enemies of the Vincenettis.

Former Factions

Camino Cartel

The Camino Cartel was a drug cartel based in San Camino, Mexico. They sold all kinds of drugs from cocaine to meth and had been known to use a major taco chain (Toni’s Taco Shop) as a front for their criminal activities. Other known fronts included the Gómez Oil Company (their first known front), and an ice cream truck fleet called "Mr. Yippee". The entire organization was brought down in the twelfth movie by Jenny and Makayla after the destruction of all of its fronts and the death of every leader in the organization.

  • Antonio "Toni" Gómez (English: Danny Trejo; Japanese: Tsutomu Yamazaki) - The leader of the Cartel. He was also Makayla’s older brother and wanted her to join the Cartel so she could succeed their father Ramon as the leader. Toni was calm and stoic, unlike some of his other rivals. He met his end in the twelfth movie when the truck he and the survivors of the base were in exploded when Jenny threw a vintage Formula One car into the trailer and set off the volatile chemicals inside (it's a long story, but in short, watch the climax of Toy Story to get an idea of how she did it). Full name: Antonio Emmanuel Gómez. Date of birth: June 25, 1956.
  • Victoria Gómez (English: Carrie Fisher; Japanese: Masako Nozawa) - Ramon's widow. She was the co-leader of the Cartel, working alongside Toni, and was CEO of the Gómez Oil Company. Having an attitude, Victoria expected people to make her happy. In addition, her marriage with Ramon was very rocky, to the point where Victoria eventually hired an assassin to shoot Ramon in the stomach with a sniper rifle in the tenth movie, resulting in his death. Like Toni, Victoria also met her end in the twelfth movie during the truck's explosion. Full name: Victoria Maria Montalbán. Date of birth: October 9, 1936.
  • Ramon "Motormouth" Gómez (English: Ricardo Montalban; Japanese: Masahiko Tsugawa) - Makayla and Toni's father who was the leader of the Camino Cartel from 1930 until his 2009 death. He cared for his only daughter and wanted her to take over the Cartel when the time came. In addition, Ramon was a huge talker, earning him the nickname "Motormouth". He was killed off in the seventh movie at the age of 104; the scene of him and Toni at the hospital was reportedly recorded with ADR hours prior to Montalban's death, though this has never been confirmed. Full name: Ramon Luigi Gómez. Date of birth: January 31, 1905.
  • Alejandro Gómez (English: Max Von Sydow; Japanese: Osamu Saka) - Makayla's uncle who founded the Gómez Oil Company in 1960 as a front for the Cartel. He was never seen in the TV series outside of flashbacks, as he was killed during the first issue of the comic series (which is set in 1979, when Jenny and Makayla became the first subjects of Project Hercules). He stopped appearing in flashbacks following the death of Max Von Sydow in 2020. Full name: Alejandro Emilio Gómez. Date of birth: August 29, 1920. Death: June 25, 1979.