List of Detective Jenny music cues (Johnsonverse)

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The original soundtrack for the Detective Jenny television series was composed by Cal Johnson and performed by the Johnson Philharmonic Orchestra. Stock music by Johnny Douglas, Barry Gray, and other composers is also used.


Cal Johnson music

These are a few of the original compositions by Cal Johnson made for the series. These cues were used in the 2004 video game Evil Genius, with Johnson's permission.

Johnny Douglas music

These are compositions by Johnny Douglas originally made for The Transformers and GI Joe: A Real American Hero. The iconic Transformers theme is still heard in many of these. Johnson is able to use these tracks by virtue of owning Hasbro, which they had acquired in 1992.

Barry Gray music

These are compositions by Barry Gray originally made for various Gerry Anderson shows such as Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Stingray, Joe 90, and Space: 1999. Their respective leitmotifs are frequently heard, as well, with a well-known drinking game involving taking a shot every time theme music from another show is heard.

Other music

These compositions were sourced from elsewhere, and are either public domain music, cues by Edd Kalehoff, or were tracks by Akira Ifukube that began seeing use with the advent of Monster World.