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Monster World has a diverse cast of humans, monsters, and aliens. Unless noted, all suit-acting is performed by uncredited Johnson Studios stuntmen and puppeteers.


NERV is the anti-Cthulhu branch and weapons research division of the United Nations. Their main fighting force is Alpha Squad, comprised of the original three Evas from the Angel Crisis. Two other Evas were built and became back-ups for Units-01 and 02, as well as forming the later Beta Squad during the German Civil War.

  • Shinji Ikari (Spike Spencer) - The main protagonist, and the leader of Alpha Squad. Before therapy, he was rather fearful, not one for direct conflict, and would rather isolate himself from the rest of the world with his SDAT (a precursor to Apple's iPod) than face his problems. After therapy, though, Shinji became an upfront, confrontational person, while still being friendly, outgoing, and brave, though his repressed anger from the Angel Crisis still surfaces with startling frequency. After the Cthulhu Wars, he evolved into a warm, caring individual. In addition to being NERV's top pilot, Shinji is also one of the world's greatest chefs, rivalling even Gordon Ramsay. His catchphrase is "You diarrhea gargling crap sponge!" (with "crap" changed to "cum" in home video releases and Toonami airings; "cum" was actually censored out of the TV versions by the FCC). He has full faith in Godzilla, and believes he is one of the keys to humanity's victory. Shinji is the pilot of Unit-01, with his weapon of choice being a bolt-action blaster.
  • Asuka Langley Soryu (Tiffany Grant) - The deuteragonist, and Shinji's second-in-command, as well as his best friend, love interest, and later girlfriend. Before therapy, she was a perpetually angry tsundere who just always had to be the center of attention and the best at anything. This led to major clashes with Shinji, many times ending in Shinji being physically assaulted and/or yelled at, sometimes without provokation. This, however, was nothing more than a false front to hide her extreme insecurities and inferiority complex, believing that she would be hurt if she became close to someone. So, she reasoned, she would avoid being hurt by "being a bitch 24/7", thus making everyone around her keep their distance. Following therapy, Asuka became a kind, sweet girl who still has episodes of anger, but never directed at Shinji. If anything, they're directed at anyone who hurts or even insults Shinji. She even looks back on her old personality with much shame and guilt, and when meeting her old self via time travel in one episode, she became wracked with guilt as the old Asuka pressured her into yelling at Shinji, which she did not crack under and instead threw a punch at her past self. Her shame is so great that she even restyled her hair (from barely-visible twin pigtails to what you see at right). As a native of Germany, Asuka is very proud of her heritage (though very ashamed of Hitler, the Nazi Party, the Holocaust, and World War II as a whole), and was under a lot of stress during the German Civil War. Her old catchphrase, the immortal words "What are you, stupid?!", has been replaced by "Holy crap on a crap sandwich!", sometimes with "with a side of crap!" added on. Asuka is the pilot of Unit-02, with her weapon of choice being an automatic blaster rifle.
    Asuka's new appearance in Monster World (made in Koikatu; download if you know, if you're into that kind of stuff)
  • Rei Ayanami-Ikari (Amanda Winn-Lee 1998-2004; Michelle Ruff 2005-present, also redubbed prior episodes) - The tritagonist and comic relief. Once thought to be an emotionless girl with "a lousy personality", as Toji once put it, it turned out she was drugged on a regular basis. This drug suppressed her personality to make her an efficient pilot. Rei didn't even need any therapy; Gendo simply gave the order to stop the druggings. It was at this time that Rei was revealed to not be a clone of Shinji's mother and Gendo's wife, Yui, but rather, Shinji's fraternal twin sister.. After the druggings ceased, Rei slowly began showing more personality, including some strange habits such as burping loudly, laughing at violence, eating loudly, having a fixation with looting during a crisis, and having obsessions with Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and FLCL. Eventually, she became a loving and supportive sister towards Shinji, though still very off-kilter and prone to bouts of slapstick abuse courtesy of Hikari. Rei pilots Unit-00, and her weapon of choice varies between a minigun or a sword.
  • Gendo Ikari (Tom Kane 1998-2020; Tristan MacAvery 2021-onward) - The head of NERV and the commander of NERV's conventional forces. Gendo was once an abusive parent perfectly willing to manipulate people to further SEELE's agenda so he could be reunited with his deceased wife Yui, but after his mind was rewired by God himself when he pulled a gun on the therapist, Gendo became a much more kindly, if also bumbling, father. Gendo's first priority is now the safety of his charges and the completion of the mission.
  • Misato Katsuragi (Allison Keith) - Tactical Commander of Alpha Squad. She was once a study in contrasts and the guardian and personal tutor of Shinji and Asuka. She was described as a woman of action and a hero. But at home, she was just a beer-guzzling bad chef who wore skimpy clothing and hung out with a genetically enhanced penguin. After therapy, she is now a competent leader who isn't a broken child on the inside and has benefited from going to Alcoholics Anonymous, but is still very much one of the kids.
  • Dr. Ritsuko Akagi (Sue Ulu 1998-2014; Colleen Clinkenbeard 2015-present) - Head scientist at NERV. She was once a callous and petty person perfectly willing to sacrifice pilots, a stance vehemently opposed by Misato. She was also convinced Gendo loved her, and Rei was her rival for his love. After God and Gaia's intervention, she...wasn't very different. Despite no longer being in love with Gendo and now having reached an understanding with Rei and Misato, Ritsuko's sanity continued to slip for mysterious reasons until she pressured Shinji to launch an N2 Missile at Glaaki during a period of immense tension between the United States and Russia. Not wanting to start World War III and destroy the Northern Hemisphere, and with NERV staff yelling not to do it and Asuka loudly arguing with Ritsuko (plus Rei hurling some pretty hard-hitting insults), Shinji instead fired on Ritsuko's laboratory, killing her and her scientists. Later, Shinji and Asuka were abducted and it was revealed that Ritsuko had rebuilt her ravaged body with cybernetic parts, vowing to execute the two for killing her. Fortunately, the timely arrival of Gendo and Misato with a detatchment of troops stopped the ex-scientist and saw Ritsuko killed once and for all. But she kept returning to haunt NERV with a Cyberman army, leading to BBC's copyright team to try and sue her for stealing from Doctor Who. In the 2015 revival, it was revealed that it was her who resurrected SpaceGodzilla, and that she was the true leader of the Mutant Horde.
  • Doctor Kozo Fuyutsuki (John Cleese 1998-2014, 2017-present; John Hurt 2015-2017) - Deputy Commander of NERV and Gendo's right-hand man. He is a moral man who has had reservations about Gendo's plots. This morality continues into the Cthulhu Wars.
  • Ryoji Kaji (Michael McConnohie) - Head of the NERV Weapons Research Division. Kaji can be described as a big manchild, half-James Bond, half-Handsome Lech. A ladies man, Kaji once dated Misato in college before they broke up. He was the object of an unhealthy crush on Asuka's part, before therapy when Asuka turned her affections to Shinji. Kaji remains an important lynchpin in NERV's weapon development, having developed the Evas' ankle-mounted jets, among other enhancements.
  • Maya Ibuki (Kendra Benham 1998-2014; Bridget Hoffman 2015-present) - Ritsuko's assistant who was in love with her until she realized that Ritsuko was slowly losing her sanity. After Ritsuko's betrayal, she lost all respect for her and is now in charge of a task force to locate and kill Ritsuko. She is also head of NERV's merchandise department.
  • Makoto Hyuga (Matt Greenfield) - Misato's chief aide and member of the Tactical Operations division. He is in love with Misato, but is too shy to approach her. Misato knows this and often uses this to manipulate him, with comic results. He also has a bad habit of reading manga during work hours.
  • Shigeru Aoba (Jason C. Lee) - A member of Tactical Operations. He is a guitar-playing, long-haired "totally cool dude" who often clashes with Rei because of this.
  • Kensuke Aida (Kurt Stoll) - A friend of Shinji's at school. He is a technerd who regularly geeks out over anything technological. He once tried to decode the remains of the MAGI Supercomputer. Later on, he joined NERV and became the new pilot of Unit-03 replacing the crippled Toji. He considers being a pilot a dream come true, and it shows in his skills, as he was able to figure out a new integrated weapon system before anyone else. He is the leader of Beta Squad.
  • Hikari Horaki (Carol Amerson 1998-2014; Caitlin Glass 2015-present) - The class representative of Shinji, Asuka, and Rei's class and Asuka's other best friend (though they have slowly been drifting apart as Asuka spends more and more time with Shinji). She is a no-nonsense girl who is kind to everyone. Yet Toji is that good at getting under her skin. She once had a crush on Toji, then Shinji, and was devastated when Shinji and Asuka got together. She also has a love-hate relationship with Rei, often inflicting slapstick abuse on her to keep her in line whenever she flies off the handle or hatches an insane scheme. Hikari later joined NERV and became the pilot of Unit-04B. She is a member of Beta Squad.
  • Toji Suzuhara (Brett Weaver) - Former pilot of Unit-03, Toji was mentioned many times in the series, but only made his first onscreen appearance in Season 9. After NERV medical technology gave him back his ability to walk, he rejoined the Eva Pilot Corp., now piloting the new Unit-08. During the Angels Crisis, Toji was a stereotypical macho man, always getting on Hikari's nerves, yet Hikari always crushed on him. After he returned, Hikari's repressed feelings for him resurfaced.
  • Mari Makinami (Trina Nishamura) - A new Eva pilot who debuted in the post-credits scene of the 2015 film. She debuted in the first episode of the eighth season, serving as the third member of Beta Squadron and a major annoyance towards Shinji and Asuka. During the course of the eighth season, Mari became romantically involved with Rei, making them WBC's fourth lesbian couple. Pilots Unit-07.
  • Mana Kirishima (Shelby Lindley) - Introduced in the ninth season premiere, Mana first appeared in the Girlfriend of Steel visual novel produced in the early 2000s. She was recruited by NERV as the pilot of Unit-09, and as a result, the pilot rosters was re-organized into two-unit squads. Mana is a quiet, shy girl who usually eats by herself at lunch at school. She started coming out of her shell when Kensuke reached out to her (you can probably see where this is going).
  • Yui Ikari (Monica Rial 1998-2019; Stephanie Young 2019-present) - The wife of Gendo and mother of Shinji and Rei. During the first Contact experiment in Unit-01 in 2005, Yui was absorbed, killing her. Her soul, though, endured, and was the main power source of Unit-01. After Unit-01 was heavily damaged in the assault on Spacegodzilla's fortress in 2017, her physical body was found in a sac of fluid, perfectly fine, and showing perfect vital signs. She eventually awoke from a coma and, after getting her bearings and being briefed on what transpired in the past two years, she resumed her position as head scientist of NERV. After an incident in 2019 in which her vocal cords were poisoned in an attempt on her life, Yui got vocal cord surgery, causing her voice to sound different.
  • NERV Soldiers - The common frontline grunts of NERV. They are armed with handheld blaster rifles and laser machetes. They are all Red Shirts who serve only to highlight the threat presented by the villain of the week, but have shown themselves to be deadly combatants during the German Civil War.

Evangelion Units

The cyborg mech units that form the backbone of NERV's doctrine. They remain the last Angels in existence, even if as clones. All Units were retrofitted with N2 Missile Tubes mounted in the chest and ankle-mounted scramjets between the Angel Crisis and the Cthulhu Wars. Other subsystems were implemented that allowed NERV to scrap the various attachments (i.e. the D-Type equipment), but did retain the Dirac Armory for weapon storage. Despite this, nothing was done to disable the AT Fields, which remained part of the Eva systems as a holdover, to be used in the event the Angels ever returned (which one did thanks to Cthulhu).

In the 2015 movie, all units were heavily damaged in the assault on SpaceGodzilla's fortress, and the Angel clones inside were killed. Rather than scrap the units outright and rebuild them, Gendo made the decision to refit them as full robots. Not only did this make maintenance easier and enable the installation of many systems that would otherwise have been impossible to work around the organic parts, it also thawed relations between NERV and the Vatican. Among the new systems are integrated rocket launchers, an additional N2 missile tube, an expanded sensor suit on Unit-02, wrist-blasters, reconfigurable arms turning into various things such as cannons, swords, flamethrowers, water cannons, and rocket arms, and various systems for interacting with special turrets and stations. Other upgrades included touchscreens in the cockpit, a more spacious cockpit, upgraded scramjets, and the permanent deactivation of the AT Fields.

All pilots still wear plugsuits, but they have been repurposed as pressure suits, as all pilots are now required to wear helmets, due to the removal of all systems related to LCL and the fact that the cockpit isn't pressurized as a result (though the later robotization of the units included installing new pressurized cabins, thus forgoing the helmets, though the plugsuits are still worn for interface, medical, and aesthetic reasons; the contact barettes have not been used since the Angel Crisis, their elimination allowing Asuka to change her hairstyle as part of her efforts to disassociate herself with her past behavior).

  • Unit-01 - Piloted by Shinji Ikari. Unit-01 is the frontline unit of NERV, and is the leader of Alpha Squad.
  • Unit-02 - Piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu. Unit-02 is the second-in-command of Alpha Squad. This unit is equipped with scanning and examination equipment.
  • Unit-00 - Piloted by Rei Ayanami-Ikari. Refitted following the end of the Angels Crisis, bringing it up to modern standards. Member of Alpha Squad.
  • Unit-03 - Formerly piloted by Toji Suzuhara, but now piloted by Kensuke Aida. Leader of Beta Squad.
  • Unit-04B - Piloted by Hikari Horaki. Member of Beta Squad. Replaced the destroyed Unit-04 following the Nevada Incident.
  • Unit-05 - Unit-01's backup unit. Piloted by Shinji Ikari. Painted in an inverse version of Unit-01's color scheme.
  • Unit-06 - Unit-02's backup unit. Piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu. Lacks scanning and examination equipment, forcing Asuka to use the visual scanners should the mission profile call for examination. Painted in an inverse version of Unit-02's color scheme.
  • Unit-07Piloted by Mari Makinami. Debuted in the post-credits scene of the 2015 revival, when Rei notices it under construction. Unit-07 has an electronics suite specifically aimed at disrupting MechaGodzilla systems, but is also able to disrupt missiles.
  • Unit-08 - Toji Suzuhara's new Evangelion unit after he returned to active duty. Has a back-mounted artillery cannon used for long-ranged bombardment.
  • Unit-09 - Piloted by Mana Kirishima. Has long-range sensors that can detect enemies from a great distance.
  • Mass-Produced Units - A project started near the end of the Angels Crisis. Abandoned upon God's intervention, at which point they were deemed surplus. All test units were scrapped, with four production units repurposed as Units-03, 04B, 05, and 06.


A former global power cabal, they were NERV's benefactors who were behind the Human Instrumentality Project, a plot to assimilate all of mankind into one super-being; they claimed it was the next step in human evolution, when in reality, they wanted to become gods. When God intervened shortly before Instrumentality was to have begun, He cast the entire council for their audacious claims to godhood, as well as all of their associates except NERV, directly into Hell. A few members of its military arm are still active, though, and still under the delusion that Kihl Lorenz's goal of the Human Instrumentality Project are still achieveable.

UNGCC/Earth Defense Force

The United Nations' anti-kaiju division. the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Center developed the maser technology that was later refined by NERV into their laser technology. The organization was originally named after Godzilla, when Godzilla re-appeared in 1984, was formed in 1992 shortly after Godzilla III fought Mothra and Battra, and was disbanded in 1995 after Godzilla melted down and Godzilla Jr. disappeared, as well as the appearance of the Angels. The UN reformed the organization in 2015 shortly after God's intervention and the appearance of the Invadors. The UNGCC was renamed Earth Defense Force (EDF) shortly thereafter, since Godzilla had become an ally to humanity, rather than a destructive force of nature. In addition to conventional forces maintained by the world's militaries, the EDF also has various specialized weaponry, such as maser tanks, maser cannons, cryo tanks, space fighters, and even giant anti-kaiju robots.

  • MechaGodzilla 2 (Wataru Fukuda)- The frontline mech unit, MechaGodzilla 2 was built from the remains of the first MOGUERA following Spacegodzilla's defeat at Godzilla's hands and placed in storage. There were plans to launch it against the Angels, but Gendo sabotaged it because the Instrumentality plot was highly-dependant on the Evas. MechaGodzilla 2 was later reactivated for use against the Invadors and Mutant Horde. Occassionally, MechaGodzilla 2 is also launched against Cthulhu's army if the Evas are overpowered. MechaGodzilla 2 has an array of weaponry, including a Mega Buster Beam shot from its mouth a la Godzilla's Atomic Breath, Paralysis Missiles, Laser Eyes, shock anchors and cables, the G-Crusher protocol (now known as the K-Crusher protocol, "K" standing for "kaiju", reflecting changes in Godzilla's loyalties and as a result, EDF doctrine), and the ability to combine with a flying weapon called Garuda to form Super MechaGodzilla. It also has the Super Heat Shield NT-20, which can absorb heat coming from kaiju beam weapons to power the Plasma Grenade, and is programmed with various martial arts styles, making it a proficient melee fighter as well. The original MechaGodzilla required a crew of four, but the second-generation unit is unmanned, greatly reducing operating costs.
  • MOGUERA - A mobile weapons platform, MOGUERA (an acronym for Mobile Operation Gigafauna Universal Expert Robot Aero-type is a more frail robot that is nevertheless a force not to be trifled with. Not made for melee, MOGUERA is designed for fighting at range with rapid-fire plasma beam eyes, a plasma cannon in its chest, auto-lasers shot from its cone-shaped hands, Spiral Grenade missiles, a shower of sparks shot from the plasma cannon chamber, an EMP bomb, and a Photonic Storm. MOGUERA can walk normally, or travel on treads located in its feet, with the treads being the preferred method of locomotion, and the normal walk mode only being used over terrain too rugged for the treads. All of MOGUERA's weapons are linked to a powerful auto-targeting computer (the first MOGUERA required a crew of three). MOGUERA is never used for frontline fighting, rather operating as fire support for the more upfront mech units like MechaGodzilla 2 and Jet Jaguar. MOGUERA can fire from a range of up to 100,000 feet, meaning it can operate safely and provide fire support for the Evas against Cthulhu's army. There was talk of renaming MOGUERA to "MOKUERA", as the "G" in its name originally stood for "Godzilla", before Misato coined the term "gigafauna" in reference to the monsters, which is now the preferred term used by the EDF instead of "monster" or "kaiju" (members of the United States branch use the term "titan").
  • Jet Jaguar - Built using earlier plans for Jet Alone and by Maya Ibuki's uncle, Goro, Jet Jaguar is a fighting robot with melee combat in mind, having all fighting styles programmed in. Jet Jaguar was programmed to learn, and soon, he was able to modify his own programming to change his own size. From as small as a bug to as large as Biollante, Jet Jaguar can change his size as the situation dictates. He can shoot a laser beam from his hands, but rarely uses it, since it is very weak and only used in desperate situations. JJ spends most of his time living on Monster Island with the Earth Defenders.
  • Mecha-King Ghidorah (Hurricane Ryu) - Built from the remains of a King Ghidorah deployed by the Invadors to destroy Seattle using leftover Futurian technology, Mecha-King Ghidorah is the EDF's most powerful mech unit. Technically a cyborg rather than a robot, he still posesses all of his combat forms, plus regenerative tasers, shock anchors, a machine hand and a shield to compensate for the loss of his scales during the reanimation process, as well as his Gravity Bolts. His power means he can freely engage Cthulhu's minions without risk of much damage. For the first few months of operation, Mecha-King Ghidorah required a pilot to operate, but this was alleviated when NERV technology was used to make him autonamous.
  • Kiryu 1 (Hirofumi Ishigaki) - Codenamed "MechaGodzilla 3", Kiryu was built around the bones of Godzilla III. Kiryu was introduced in the 2002 season to coincide with the release of Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla. Kiryu went on destructive rampages several times due to traces of the original Godzilla DNA in the bones. Eventually, the spirit of the third Godzilla (1984-1995) inhabited the mecha and Kiryu became the de facto leader of the EDF mech units. In addition to a mouth-mounted maser beam, Kiryu also has a back-mounted missile back and can be equipped with shoulder-mounted missile launchers and wrist-mounted laser blasters. He also has a fully-functional tail and is a proficient hand-to-hand fighter.
  • Kiryu 2 - A second Kiryu unit built from the remains of Godzilla II. Unlike the first Kiryu, all traces of DNA were removed, making this unit much more successful than the first. Both Kiryu units remain in service.
  • Kiryu 3 - A third unit built around the body of Godzilla IV. It serves as a life support suit, and as a result, Godzilla IV was revived and has full control over all functions.

Earth Defenders

A coalition of monsters indigenous to Earth. Led by Godzilla, the Earth Defenders fight to defend the planet and all life on it, especially humans.

  • Godzilla (Tim Johnson) - The leader of the Earth Defenders and the undisputed King of the Monsters (and the true star of the show). Unlike his predecessors, but like his father, this Godzilla fights to defend humanity and has a fondness for children. He is also good friends with Shinji and Asuka. Godzilla's trademark special abilities include his powerful Atomic Breath, regeneration (granting him near-invincibility), long tail that he uses as a club or bludgeon, nuclear pulse (when his mouth is forced closed), nuclear bite (starting in the 2015 movie), and sharp scutes (dorsal spines). His most deadly attack, though, is his Spiral Ray he inherited from his late father, which involves spinning around once and then loosing a red-colored and much, much more powerful version of Atomic Breath, which Godzilla usually uses to finish off downed monsters or clean up corpses, as a hit results in the monster being blown to smithereens. The current Godzilla, Godzilla V (birth name Fina), debuted in the 2015 movie, first appearing as the new Godzilla Jr., before growing to full Godzilla size after his dying father transferred his life force into him, as well as being kicked into the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Plant by a Mechagodzilla, causing him to absorb a massive amount of radiation and making him the most powerful Godzilla ever. So powerful, in fact, that when given a massive dose of radiation, he gains access to his ultimate ability: the Hyper Ray, a purple-colored beam that he used to destroy the Invador Mothership. Uses the FinalGoji design.
    • Godzilla I/Shodai (Haruo Nakajima) - See below.
    • Godzilla II/Soshingeki I (Haruo Nakajima, stock footage; Tsutomu Kitagawa) - Appeared in 1955 and fought another member of Anguirus' species in Osaka before being buried in an iceberg (the events of Godzilla Raids Again). He was thawed out by global warming in 2016 and destroyed Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Okinawa, and Hiroshima, before being killed in Toyko by Godzilla IV, aided by all five Evas, before being rebuilt as Kiryu 2. Uses the GyakushuGoji design in flashbacks, and the SoshingekiGoji design in the modern-day.
    • Godzilla III/Desu (Kenpachiro Satsuma) - Appeared in 1984 and melted down in 1995. Father of Godzilla IV. Is now Kiryu 1. Uses the 84Goji, BioGoji, BatoGoji, RadoGoji, and Moge/DesuGoji designs (via stock footage).
    • Godzilla IV/Moge (moe-geh) (Kenpachiro Satsuma) - This Godzilla was hatched from an egg in a G-Force laboratory in 1993 after being found in Rodan's nest. He grew to full Godzilla size in 1995, and disappeared shortly thereafter. He resurfaced in 2015 to fight Cthulhu, served as the main kaiju protagonist throughout the original series' run, as well as the wilderness years, and was killed in 2017 when King Ghidorah dropped him into an oil refinery from the air, dying as a result of blunt force trauma and third-degree burns, and if not that, then it was a concentrated bombardment from King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Orga, Hedorah, and every alien MechaGodzilla on hand. He was later resurrected when he was placed in a life-support suit that turned him into Kiryu 3. Uses the MogeGoji design.
  • Anguirus (Toshihiro Ogura 1998-2006; Chloe Johnson 2011-present) - A giant ankylasaurus and Godzilla's best friend and second-in-command. What Anguirus lacks in size and a beam weapon, he makes up for in tenacity. He has a spiked carapace that can cause bleeding for careless opponents, very powerful jaws, and can roll into a ball and roll all over his enemies. He has very powerful vocal chords, and can roar at a very, very high sonic frequency, enough to stun opponents, shatter glass and even concrete, and cause permanent deafness (but only in kaiju; it doesn't affect humans due to being on a frequency that humans can't hear). Uses the SoshingekiAngira design.
  • Rodan (Belle Armstrong 2011-present) - A giant pterasaur and Godzilla's other best friend. Rodan can fly at speeds so high it whips up destructive windstorms, which is why Rodan has to fly at airline regulation speed over populated areas, though he is known to fly just fast enough over snowed-in areas to clear out snow. He can also use his wings to whip up huge windstorms and fire a Uranium Beam from his beak, and also has sharp talons that can tear apart opponents. Uses the HeiseiRado design (a newly-built version that is a full suit rather than a puppet, as the original one was).
  • Mothra - A divine moth and Godzilla's confidant. Mothra can fly in space and fire a powerful beam from her antennae. As a larva, she can spit web and roll around like Anguirus, and as an adult, can create reflective scales that bounce back beam attacks. Uses the HeiseiMosuLarva/Imago design.
  • King Caesar (Motokuni Nakagawa) - The ancient guardian deity of Okinawa, King Caesar was awakened just before heading out to fight Cthulhu near NERV HQ. He has very powerful legs that give concussions, and the ability to absorb and shoot back beams from opponents with his eyes. He is always concerned about the safety of humans. Uses the ShodaiShisa design.
  • Baragon (Rie Ota) - A burrowing dinosaur who first appeared in 1965 and fought Frankenstein. He re-emerged when Cthulhu appeared. As long as Baragon's feet are touching the ground, he is always charging power. Baragon can shoot a stream of fire from his mouth and is good at acrobatics, which he uses in combat. Baragon is younger than most of the Earth Defenders (bar Godzilla), and is rather bashful and naive, but also very enthusiastic. Uses what later became the SokogekiBara design.
  • Varan - A mutated flying monitor lizard, Varan is at home in the hills and forests of Earth. He can glide with his flying squirrel-like folds, and can shoot sonic beams from his mouth, which causes monsters to lose their center of balance. Like Baragon, he is young, bashful, and naive, but also very enthusiastic. Uses the design later used in Godzilla Unleashed.
  • Godzilly/Megaro - Godzilla V's fraternal twin sister, who was taken from the nest as an egg by Megaguirus after a falling out between Godzilla IV and Ghido (see below), only for the egg to be lost at sea. Godzilly (a.k.a. Gojirin) hatched and grew to full size after an encounter with several Zillas, whose radiation she absorbed. She lacks some of her brother's abilities, such as the Spiral Ray, Nuclear Pulse, Nuclear Bite, and extendable tail, but makes up for it with extensive knowledge of various hand-to-hand fighting forms. More often than not, she fights like a boxer or a professional wrestler, taking some cues from the WWE such as John Cena's Attitude Adjustment or The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver. In addition, her Atomic Breath is thinner and weaker than her brother's, but has kinetic properties that enable it to pierce monsters and even ignore the alien Mechagodzilla's shield. She is devoted not only to her brother and his friends, but also to the defense of the human race, and to that end, has found a sort of kindred soul in Rei and Mari, just as her brother has with Shinji and Asuka. Her original birth name was Megaro, but she chose to rename herself Godzilly to distance herself from the Godzilla Collective. Godzilly was introduced in the ninth season premiere. Uses the MegaroGoji design.

Mutant Horde

A loose alliance of monsters who are distinguished by their one unifying goal: the extinction of man and the destruction of his civilization. They are led by Spacegodzilla, though it was later revealed that Ritsuko was the one truly calling the shots. Because of their meddlesome nature, they are often engaged by NERV, and are high priority targets for the Earth Defenders and EDF. The Invadors also have no qualms with engaging them, and vice versa. Their goals clash with those of Cthulhu, so they will often declare a truce with their enemies to fight a greater threat.

  • Spacegodzilla - Puppet leader of the Mutant Horde and Godzilla's evil doppelganger. Following his defeat in 1994, Spacegodzilla was reborn on Europa, flew back to Earth, and assembled a band of rogue kaiju. Spacegodzilla's element is crystals. As such, he has control over everything crystal. There are even giant crystals in his shoulders. Spacegodzilla can fly, grow massive crystal spires that shoot beams, giants orbs of energy, or recharge his energy, and shoot a Corona Beam from his mouth. While very powerful, able to pick up mid-sized buildings and monsters with his mind, he is not a very good hand-to-hand combatant due to his slow and lethargic gait, and is also weak to sharp-edged attacks. He also required crystal towers to recharge his energy, and these are easily destroyed.
  • Krystalak - Born from a diamond mine in Africa, Krystalak is the direct result of Spacegodzilla. Krystalak can fire a stream of crystal energy from his mouth, shoot orbs of crystal energy from his tail, and create massive shockwaves capable of destroying anything and anyone in its wake. His fighting style is reminiscent of a tiger. Krystalak only appeared in one episode, and remained relatively obscure before re-appearing in Godzilla Unleashed in 2007 as a Wii exclusive. Since then, Krystalak has gone on to appear in several Johnson-made Godzilla productions.
  • Obsidius - Born in the eruption of Mt. Rainier (an eruption that destroyed Seattle), Obsidius is sentient molten rock who shoots magma from his mouth and advances single-mindedly on unstable volcanoes to feed on lava. Obsidius is deathly weak to poison, a weakness exploited by NERV and taken advantage of by Shinji, who used Unit-01's bolt-action blaster to fire a massive vial of poison into Obsidius, allowing Godzilla to finish him. Like Krystalak, Obsidius only appeared in one episode, fading into obscurity until 2007. Since then, Obsidius has been portrayed in a more heroic light in Johnson's Godzilla productions.
  • Biollante (Masashi Takegumi) - A massive plant monster with a crocodile mouth and tendrils with mouths on them, Biollante is by far the largest kaiju on Earth. Biollante first appeared in 1989, when a scientist, Dr. Shiragami, created her by accident by fusing the DNA of a rose, his recently-deceased daughter Erika, and Godzilla III. After fighting with Godzilla, she broke apart into spores and ascended into space. By 2000, she had left the solar system, but immediately turned back upon sensing Second Impact. After a 15-year transit, Biollante (and by extension Erika) returned to her beloved Earth, but was immediately detained by Spacegodzilla, who forced her to join the Mutant Horde under threat of death. She agreed, but only barely. Biollante is, at heart, an Earth Defender, and to that end, serves as a mole for Godzilla, sneaking away and burrowing to Monster Island to provide information on mutant movements. She also once joined Godzilla in fighting one of Cthulhu's minions behind Spacegodzilla's back. Biollante is surprisingly agile for her size, and has numerous abilities such as shooting a corrosive sap from her mouth, extreme regenerative powers that rival Godzilla's, and numerous tendrils she uses in combat.
  • Battra (Hurricane Ryu) - A dark divine moth and Mothra's evil twin, Battra is Spacegodzilla's second-in-command. He has a similar life cycle to Mothra, starting life as an armored caterpillar with a giant horn used as a battering ram or bludgeon, or to fire a powerful electric blast, before growing into a nightmarish moth-thing with wings and Prism Beams shot from his eyes. His duty is supposed to be to defend humanity, but he deduced long ago that the greatest threat to humanity was itself. Unable to reconcile this paradox, he came to the conclusion that a third-party had to save mankind from itself, and set out to send it to extinction. This resulted in an epic battle with Mothra millions of years ago that resulted in Battra's imprisonment. He arose once more in 1992 and continued his battle with Mothra, but the two were forced to team up against a much greater threat in Godzilla III. Battra was killed by Godzilla in the ensuing battle, but he was reincarnated in 2015 and joined the Mutant Horde, once again at war with Mothra and humanity.
  • Ebirah - A giant lobster. Rather than being a single kaiju, Ebirah is an abundant species that attacks in hordes. Surviving from prehistoric times and re-emerging in 2015, Ebirah have no real special abilites since they are just big lobsters, but have very powerful claws which regenarate when ripped off. They are also adept swimmers. At the end of the day, though, Ebirah are pretty much regular lobsters on a macro scale, and are often killed en masse.
  • Kumonga - A giant tarantula. Like Ebirah, Kumonga is a species of kaiju, rather than a singular kaiju. Kumonga can spit web and have a poison stinger in their mandibles. Beyond this, though, they are just giant spiders easily killed; so easily, in fact, oftentimes Unit-01 kills them simply by stepping on them.
  • Kamacurus - A giant preying mantis. Another kaiju species, Kamacurus can fly and have spiked claws. They can also camouflage themselves, making them among the more troublesome Red Shirts of the Mutant Horde.
  • Titanosaurus - Yet another kaiju species, rather than a singular kaiju. Titanosaurus are much, much more dangerous than any other Red Shirt of the Mutant Horde, with Zilla only being more dangerous. Titanosaurus are taller than the average Earth Defender or Eva, and can shoot sonic beams from their mouths (like Varan). They also have fan-like tails that can whip up massive windstorms or just slap enemies and buildings. Titanosauri rely on strength in numbers, and attacking a city alone is suicide, since they are surprisingly easy to kill; the reason for this, studies show, is that their skin is not very thick so as to allow them to swim faster. Even MOGUERA can handle several Titanosauri without backup. Yet they breed like pests, adapting to any environment like the common carp, and being just as troublesome as the cane toad. In the 2015 film, it is revealed that several subspecies have emerged:
    • Normal Titanosaurus - This is the baseline Titanosaurus. Their range consists of the world's oceans, and many islands, a few of which are uncharted.
    • Desert Titanosaurus - This variant has harder skin and desert camouflage to cope with desert conditions, and shoot streams of fire instead of sonic beams. Their range includes the Gobi Desert, Syrian Desert, Sonoran Desert, and Great Sandy Desert.
    • Ice Titanosaurus - This variant has white skin and are warm-blooded, and shoot ice beams instead of sonic beams. Their range consists of the Arctic, Antarctica, the Scandinavian countries, and Siberia.
    • Urban Titanosaurus - This variant has urban camouflage. They aren't as common, and are usually found in cities still in ruin following the Great European War.
    • Forest Titanosaurus - This variant has forest camouflage, and are herbivores. They are territorial, but usually do not venture out of their territory, which is why they tend not to be targeted for extermination, bar a few overly-aggressive individuals that attack human settlements. They can be found in uninhabited areas of forested areas.
    • Plains Titanosaurus - This variant is brown in color. They make their home in the Great Plains of the United States and the African Savanna. Quite unusually, they are peaceful, respecting human territory, and have even been known to assist the Earth Defenders, EDF, and NERV in fighting other monsters, even their own bretheren. In that effect, this subspecies can be considered a member of the Earth Defenders, even though they rarely, if ever, venture beyond their range.
    • Mountain Titanosaurus - This variant has forest camouflage, and very powerful legs allowing them to climb mountains. Their range consists of the world's mountain ranges, putting them in direct conflict with humans. Attacks on mountain towns are very common, and in California, the Sierra Nevada colonies have been known to go down into the Central Valley and attack the major population centers.
    • Atomic Titanosaurus - This very rare variant can only be found in the Chernobyl and Fukishima-Daiichi Exclusionary Zones, and all across Europe following the Great European War. They are much, much more powerful than any other variant, able to shoot Atomic Breath a la Godzilla, and have regenerative abilities. Conversely, infant mortality rates for this variant are higher than normal.
  • Megaguirus (Minoru Watanabe) - Introduced in the 2000 season, Megaguirus is a giant dragonfly and the queen of the Meganulon/Meganula, a species of man-eating dragonflies. The eternal enemy of Rodan dating back to prehistoric times, Megaguirus can siphon energy from her opponents, be they kaiju, mecha, or Evangelions, which allows her to copy their beam and use it herself. She also has very powerful claws and is an agile flyer, giving her opponents a hard time.
  • Zilla - A mutated marine iguana. Named so because the Americans mistook the first Zilla for Godzilla, Zilla's 1998 New York attack was the final time a kaiju appeared until 2015, marking the end of the Second Kaiju Age. One Baby Zilla survived the bombing of Madison Square Garden, slipped out of the city, and grew up before asexually reproducing in the Pacific (swarms of Zillas, in fact, resulted in the deaths of many lesser Angels during the crisis, which gave SEELE many headaches, as they believed that all of the babies had been killed). The Zilla species re-emerged in 2015 and became Spacegodzilla's heavy shock troopers. The original Zilla was a coward, often running from the US military, and resorting to ambush tactics, and was easily killed by missiles; in addition, his only special abilities were his Power Breath and urban camouflage. The new generation of Zilla, on the other hand, has green Atomic Breath, better durability, and hold the kaiju landspeed record. They are also the only kaiju known to eat humans, which is why the EDF and NERV have weekly purges of Zilla nesting grounds that are too close to human settlements. Zillas are portrayed on-screen primarily using animatronics and puppets, with suits used when a Zilla has to move or do stuntwork.
  • Gabara - A giant ogre-like monster, Gabara is seen by everyone and everymonster (even his Mutant Horde allies) as a major asshole. Gabara is an amoral kaiju who is even willing to kill his allies, something that puts friction between him and Spacegodzilla. Gabara is also a Starscream, plotting to usurp Spacegodzilla's position. He can shoot electricity from his hands, but often gets his ass kicked. Many do not consider a threat more than an annoyance. Still, he claims to be a dangerous killing machine, and given Godzilla's weakness to electricity, when Gabara gets his act together, he proves to be one of Godzilla's greatest threats.


A race of aliens whose name is too hard to pronounce and are cosmetically identical to humans, the Invadors seek to conquer Earth, turn it into the galaxy's biggest strip mine, and eat the humans (according to them, humans are their species' favorite food, and even have multiple cookbooks, including the award-winning To Serve Man). They were the ones responsible for the mysterious disappearances throughout history, including Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa. While their conventional forces easily overpower Earth's armies, they are useless against kaiju, mechs, and Evas. So, they deploy their own kaiju, all from different planets, or mechs armed to the brim.

  • King Ghidorah (Hurricane Ryu) - De facto leader of the Invadors' kaiju army, Ghidorah is a golden three-headed dragon. Ghidorah can fly at speeds so fast, it causes winds that destroy anything in its path (like Rodan). Ghidorah's main attack is his Gravity Bolts fired from his three heads. He can also use his heads and tails to fight "hand-to-hand". Ghidorah's main weakness is his lack of arms and hands, and the fact that his skin is easily pierced by melee attacks (though it can absorb beam attacks, ordinance, or laser weaponry just fine). He is also useless without all three heads, and is a sitting duck if his wings are damaged. The first Ghidorah deployed was killed in Seattle by Godzilla, becoming Mecha-King Ghidorah. A second Ghidorah was not seen until the 2002 season. The first Ghidorah uses the HeiseiGhido design, while the second uses the SokogekiGhido design. Inn the 2015 movie, Ghidorah merged with a Ghidorah from another universe to form the ultimate Ghidorah (a hybrid of ShodaiGhido and SokogekiGhido designs, offically named JohnsonGhido). Ghidorah is considered Godzilla's arch-nemesis, due to how often they have met in battle.
  • Gigan (Kazuhido Yoshida) - A cyborg monster with hooks for hands and a buzzsaw in his abdomen, Gigan was the first of the Invadors' kaiju army to appear on Earth. After a fight that Godzilla narrowly won, Gigan was nearly destroyed by Godzilla's Spiral-Ray. While the remains were being examined, Gigan was beamed back up, healed and rebuilt, and put back into their army. Towards the end of the 2004 season (the final one of the original run), Gigan was upgraded with the FinalGigan design after Godzilla and Varan critically injured him. Gigan was built with melee fighting in mind, as if his giant claws didn't tip you off. His claws and buzzsaw cause bleeding, as both Godzilla and Anguirus learned the hard way. Gigan can also shoot a laser beam from his single eye and teleport. After being upgraded, Gigan gained the ability to switch out his claws for chainsaws or gatling guns, using technology similar to the Dirac Armory. Rei often refers to him as "Beavis".
  • Megalon (Naoko Kamio) - The god of a subterranean species known as the Seatopians, Megalon is a giant stag beetle with drills for hands and is an ally of the invasion effort. Megalon can shoot electricity from his horn, and napalm bombs from his mouth. Like Gigan, he was made for melee fighting, as his drills can spin up and gore opponents, as well as destroy buildings in seconds. Since he's often partnered with Gigan, and they lose pretty much every engagement, Rei tends to refer to Megalon as "Butthead".
  • Orga (Makoto Ito) - Introduced in the 2000 season, Orga is a giant...thing. There is no way to describe him. He has giant hands, a Godzilla-like head, and a shoulder-mounted cannon that shoots plasma. He can also pick up buildings and monsters with one hand, and dislocate his jaw like a snake. Orga is valued more for his strength rather than his intelligence, of which he has very little; this makes it easy to outsmart him.
  • MechaGodzilla - The aliens' version of MechaGodzilla is mass-produced thanks to their vast resources. Though clunkier in design, the alien version was designed with offense in mind, unlike the human version, which is mainly for defense. The alien MechaGodzilla design has a staggering amount of firepower, from eye lasers to missiles launched from the fingers, knees, mouth, even toes, to a chest-mounted beam and the ability to spin its head 360 degrees to fire in any direction or put up a shield. MechaGodzilla units are among the most dangerous in the alien army, yet only one is deployed at a time because the Invadors only have one signal controller; by the 2015 movie, though, they had upgraded their systems to deploy as many Mechagodzillas into battle as they so pleased.
  • Mogera - Built from Mysterian plans, Mogera is a more robust yet less armed version of MOGUERA. Whereas MOGUERA is a mobile weapons platform, Mogera is more of a scout unit armed with only laser eyes and able to burrow. As such, it isn't really built for combat, but is capable of holding its own in a hand-to-hand fight and is much more durable, unlike MOGUERA. Like MechaGodzilla, Mogera is also mass-produced.
  • Hedorah - Created by the Invadors from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Hedorah is often called "The Smog Monster". He can take on several forms, has acidic skin, and can shoot lasers from his eyes. Shinji likens fighting Hedorah to fighting a giant turd.

Cthulhu's Army

Cthulhu's Army is the main enemy of NERV. Led by, well, Cthulhu, this hell army was raised by Cthulhu to destroy all life on Earth and transform it into a living nightmare for him and the denizens of "Old Hell", the Hell that existed before Satan came around and turned it into a rehabilitation center. Unlike the kaiju, members of Cthulhu's army can talk. There are just too many too list here, so this link will provide the full information: Cthulhi Mythos deities. Their special abilities will be left to the reader's imagination.

  • Cthulhu (Andy Serkis, suit performer; Tony Jay, voice) - The main antagonist of the series. Cthulhu is a mix between a giant man, an octopus, and a dragon. Cthulhu lost his left leg and right arm when trying to escape Anguirus in the first episode, and spent much of the series on his throne in the Bermuda Triangle, commanding his army from the shadows. Cthulhu is extremely unpopular in Hell, as Satan believes there should be a balance between good and evil. The final few episodes saw him regrowing these limbs and taking action at long last. Cthulhu's abilities include flight and very powerful laser eyes, as well as a large amount of physical strength. After his death in the final episode of the original run, Cthulhu's spirit endured, and he possessed Shinji before being excised and sent back to the depths of hell by Asuka's love.

Godzilla Collective

Introduced at the end of Shin Godzilla, this faction is made up exclusively of Godzillasauri mutated by bomb testing in the 1950s. Led by the regenerated Godzilla I, they seek to destroy all of mankind for ruining the planet. Despite their identical goals, the Collective is opposed to the Mutant Horde, not holding with SpaceGodzilla's ideals; while the Collective's goals are driven by what they see as necessary to restore balance to nature, SpaceGodzilla is merely a genocidal maniac who wants mankind dead for his own sadistic pleasure. Also, while the Collective is a close-knit community, SpaceGodzilla sees the other Mutants (sans Krystalak and Obsidius, whom he views as his offspring, and Biollante, who he treats as a sister) as mere tools to achieving his own goal of terraforming the Earth into pure crystal. Despite their burning hatred of mankind and the Earth Defenders, they can and will team up with them against anything that threatens the planet.

  • Godzilla I/Shodai (Haruo Nakajima 1954, 2016-2017; Kenpachiro Satsuma 2017-present) - The founder of the Godzilla Collective, and the very first Godzilla known to mankind. He first appeared on October 22, 1954, attacking various ships in the Pacific, before making his first known appearance on Odo Island on October 29. He attacked Shinogawa on November 1, then made his now-famous attack on Tokyo itself on November 3, 1954 (a day that has since become known worldwide as Godzilla Day). Godzilla I's appearance marked the beginning of the First Kaiju Age, which lasted until the Yog Crisis in 1970 (the Second Kaiju Age began when Godzilla III emerged in 1984, and ended with Second Impact in 2000, while the third and current age began when the Earth Defenders emerged to oppose Cthulhu in June 2015). On November 5, 1954, Godzilla I was killed by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer (who also took his life to ensure the Oxygen Destroyer could never fall into Soviet hands), reducing Godzilla to nothing. Or so they thought. In addition to creating the Tokyo Bay Death Zone and eventually Destoroyah in 1995, the Oxygen Destroyer compound fused with several of Godzilla's cells, ensuring they survived. Over a course of 63 years, Godzilla I slowly regenerated, catching whatever radiation he could get when his descendants passed through the Death Zone. When radioactive waste was carelessly dumped into Tokyo Bay by NERV personnel following God's intervention, Godzilla's regeneration accelerated. In August 2017, ships began disappearing. Initially blamed on Gezora attacks, this theory was disproven when a picture of a bizarre tail of some sort began circulating on social media, a picture that was taken down by the EDF. Then, without warning, a strange eel-like creature with Godzilla-esque features emerged in Tokyo, dragging itself along and barely able to breathe, before rapidly mutating legs and adapting to air-breathing. Yui Ikari theorized that the creature was some sort of prehistoric sea creature that fed on nuclear waste, but Shinji believed it to be the first Godzilla, pointing out that the Oxygen Destroyer couldn't hope to have counteracted whatever isotope was in his genes, and possibly merged with a few of his cells to preserve them, also explaining his rapid mutation. The creature continuously disappeared and reappeared at various nuclear power plants around Honshu (their operations still suspended after the 2016 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami due to being beacons for hostile kaiju), eventually ballooning to 118.5 meters in size, and confirming Shinji's theory that this was indeed the original Godzilla when Destoroyah was drawn towards it. Godzilla I shambled towards Kobe, where he unleashed an Atomic Breath unlike any other seen before, able to cleave through buildings. Kobe was completely levelled, with 70% of its population killed, and Rei and Mari threatened to organize an Evangelion pilots' strike if they were ordered to fight him. Godzilla I, however, had expended too much nuclear power, and went into a hibernation for several weeks, before awakening and departing. En route to an unknown destination, Godzilla I encountered his great-great grandson Godzilla V, as well as several Titanosauri and Zillas sent by SpaceGodzilla to gauge the strength of his forefather. Godzilla I outright ate several Titanosauri and Zillas for their radiation (Godzilla V killed the rest due to his general disdain for the Mutant Horde), but expended too much nuclear power trying to take down Godzilla V. Days passed, and Godzilla I reawakened and attacks several more nuclear plants, eventually reaching his destination: the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. He buried himself in the rubble, and stayed there for a week. When he emerged, the EDF and NERV watched in horror as they witness a smaller, 50 meter Godzilla emerge from the 118 meter Godzilla, revealing the larger Godzilla to be an "incubation chamber" of sorts for him to regenerate his original form. Now in his original body, Godzilla I attacked another nuclear plant, his Atomic Breath turning from a white mist to the traditional blue beam of energy, as well as the bizarre ability to shoot white phosphorus. On November 3, 2017, Godzilla I made landfall in Tokyo, to finish what he started. Godzilla V, all six Evangelions, and the three Kiryus opposed him, but he proved too powerful, compounded by Female Godzilla arriving to assist him. The two made their escape after both were defeated by the defenders, and they rallied other mutated Godzillasauri around the Pacific to Godzilla Island. Godzilla I is now one of the principal antagonists of the series, effectively replacing Cthulhu. He has also taken the name Shodai. Uses the ShinGoji design for his first, second, third, and fourth forms, and the ShodaiGoji design for his normal appearance; the first form (which only showed his tail) was a puppet, the second and third forms were CGI (a rarity for Monster World), the fourth form was a large, remote-controlled puppet, and the final form was a reproduction of the ShodaiGoji suit worn by Haruo Nakajima (albeit redesigned to be much lighter and with better ventilation).
  • Kiru (Tsutomo Kitagawa) - A female member of the Gojirasaurus maximus genus, this Godzilla first surfaced during the German Civil War, allied with the rebels. She attacked New York City during the final stages of the war, only to be met by Godzilla IV, who defeated her. She later resurfaced, now with charred skin and bleached scutes but a more powerful Atomic Breath matching her male counterpart's, when Kiryu 1 was first deployed. She is now her own kaiju, attacking cities, feeding on radiation from nuclear power plants, fighting the Earth Defenders, and hunting and consuming Titanosauri. She isn't inherently good or evil, but rather, is simply a force of nature like the first three Godzillas. Whereas Godzilla fights using several hand-to-hand combat forms, Kiru fights like a savage animal. She and Godzilla, though, do share the common interest of defending Earth, and will team up in dire situations. When Godzilla I resurfaced, she assisted him in escaping insurmountable odds in Tokyo and became his second-in-command and mate. Uses the MireGoji design in her first appearance, the KiryuGoji design in all subsequent appearances.
  • Gyakushu - One of Godzilla I's underlings, Gyakushu was one of the first to join the Godzilla Collective. He is the fastest member of the Collective, able to strike with lightning speed. He has a particular animosity towards Anguirus. Uses the GyakushuGoji design.
  • King - Probably the dumbest of Godzilla I's underlings, King is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. He prefers to throw various objects at his opponents. His nemesis is King Kong. Uses the KingGoji design.
  • Mosu - Mosu is the angriest Godzilla, but also the clumsiest, always crashing into things. He has it out for Mothra. Uses the MosuGoji design; the replica even has the wobbly upper lip.
  • Daisenso - A curious and sometimes playful Godzilla, Daisenso is a female Godzillasaurus. Rei once compared her head to the Cookie Monster. Daisenso doesn't see combat much, instead being a caretaker for the younger Godzillasauri, but she can hold her own in a fight, especially where aircraft is concerned. Has a particular hatred for the Ebirah species. Uses the DaisenoGoji design.
  • Musuko - The most mature and fatherly of Godzilla I's underlings, Musuko has reservations about the Collective's goals. He has a son with Daisenso named Minilla. He can often be found hunting members of the Kumonga and Kamacurus species. Uses the MusukoGoji design.
  • Soshingeki - The offspring of Godzilla II, Soshingeki views his father as a traitor for becoming Kiryu 2. He hates everyone equally, but particularly loathes Hedorah and Gigan. Uses the SoshingekiGoju design.
  • Cybo - Despite his fierce appearance, Cybo is actually a young and inquisitive Godzilla. He has an aversion to fighting other monsters, and usually avoids fighting them, but has no qualms with traipsing into cities and exploring the concrete jungles of urban sprawl, while also contending with the military. Uses the 84Goji design; his name is derived from the Cybot Godzilla.
  • Bio - Among the younger Godzillas, Bio is always spoiling for a fight, and often goes out searching for opponents, especially after the Holocene Explosion. He has a particular animosity towards Biollante. Uses the BioGoji design.
  • Ghido - The twin sister of Bio, Ghido is also the mother of Godzilla V and Godzilly. She always seems to know where King Ghidorah will show up next. Ghido mated with Godzilla IV shortly before the 2015 movie, only for them to fall out when Godzilla IV discovered Ghido was in league with Kiru; he took his son's egg, while Godzilly's egg was snatched by Megaguirus. Godzilla V does not view Ghido as his mother, instead seeing her as a traitor who will die a traitor's death, while Ghido never fights her son and daughter, instead fleeing at the first sight of them. She doesn't want to but since Godzilla I is in charge, she can't join the Earth Defenders without being hunted down. She has a strong hatred for King Ghidorah. Uses the GhidoGoji design.
  • Bato - One of the younger Godzillas, Bato is relatively inexperienced, but highly-motivated. He hates Battra with a passion. Uses the BatoGoji design.
  • Rado - Bato's brother, Rado spends most of his days prowling the Western Seaboard of the United States, lashing out at human settlements and military bases when the urge strikes him. Always goes after Mechagodzilla 2. Uses the RadoGoji design.
  • Sokogeki - Sokogeki is unusual in that he is totally blind. In turn, though, he has a heightened sense of sound and can use echolocation to navigate. He also has the strongest Atomic Breath out of everyone in the Collective. His arch-enemy is Baragon. Uses the SokogekiGoji design.
  • Gare - An ancient ancestor to the Gojiarasaurus maximus, Gare is an old and wise Godzilla. His appearance is vastly different from the other Godzillas due to being of a divergent evolutionary path, but he still has the familiar Godzilla shape. Gare is classified as a "Bull Godzilla" by NERV. His fighting style has been described as that of a bear. Gare rarely attacks cities, but when he does, he is meticulous in his destruction, only destroying strategic and idealogical targets while sparing everything else, and not even going out of his way to actively kill humans or engage the military; for this, Shodai. Uses the GareGoji design; as opposed to the other Godzillas, Gare is depicted using stop-motion due to his shape making a suit unfeasible without looking off compared to his CGI model.

Rogue Kaiju

These kaiju do not associate with any group. Some are mercenaries, some wish death to all factions, and some are just plain neutral.

  • King Kong - Frequently called "The Eighth Wonder of the World". First discovered by a film crew on Skull Island in 1933, and the subject of a famous film made by Universal, a second member of the species, much larger than the first, was discovered on Mondo Island in 1967 alongside Gorosaurus. Kong is friendly towards humans, especially young women, but abhors reptilian kaiju, especially Godzilla and Gorosaurus. But when Cthulhu's Army or the aliens threaten, Godzilla and Kong are very agreed on the subject of defending humanity. Uses the GoroKongu design.
  • Gorosaurus - Discovered on Mondo Island in 1967, Gorosaurus lives on a remote part of Monster Island. While he supports the Earth Defenders' cause, he doesn't believe violence is the answer. But when threatened by aliens, he unleashes a powerful Kangaroo Kick.
  • Kamoebas - A kaiju mercenary. Wherever the killing's good, he's there. He has fought for the Earth Defenders, Invadors, and Cthulhu's Army. Godzilla does not approve of his mercenary career, and prefers that he either be an Earth Defender or dead. He has no special abilities, but does have strength to spare.
  • Gezora - A species rather than a singular kaiju, Gezora are infamous for sinking ships simply for shits and giggles. Initially thought to be the legendary Kraken, investigation revealed that one of Yog's creations had somehow cheated death and procreated. Gezora use their tentacles as weapons, but otherwise, have no special abilities. They are not members of the Mutant Horde simply because Spacegodzilla believes them useless.
  • Ganimes - A subset of Ebirah, Ganimes are stone crabs and thus are more resistant to damage. They have all the same abilities as an Ebirah, otherwise. They are not members of the Mutant Horde due to their tendancies towards isolationism.
  • Destoroyah (Ryo Hariya) - Created by the Oxygen Destroyer, Destoroyah first appeared in 1995 when Godzilla III went into meltdown. He was killed by the Super X-III, and later re-appeared in 2016, ready to bring death to all forms of life. Destoroyah can fly, shoot a Micro-Oxygen Beam, release a cloud of micro-oxygen, and shoot a massive Oxygen Destroying meteor that homes in on the nearest target. He also has a scorpion-like tail and sharp claws. His most deadly attack, though, is his Laser Horn, which he forms from the horn on his head. He can use this "sword" to cut through anything like a lightsaber. He is the most deadly opponent alive, even more deadly than anything Cthulhu can dish out, but even Destoroyah has weaknesses. For one, he has a debilitating weakness to extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold, and the floral pattern on his chest is also a major weak spot. Godzilla IV harbors nothing but pure hatred and malice for Destoroyah, as it was him who killed him in 1995. This hatred lives on in Godzilla V.

Other Characters

  • God (Patrick Stewart) - The God, who made various versions of Himself to serve as deities of the religions of Earth (even the Flying Spaghetti Monster). He is an ally of humanity, and the one responsible for the plot of Monster World. He remained on the mortal plane for five months after His intervention, contributing to major technological breakthroughs and leading Earth on the path to Enlightenment. He still returns occassionally when humanity is in need of His Word. God's appearance is modeled after His voice actor, Patrick Stewart.
  • Satan (Michael York) - The Ruler of Hell and the source of all evil. Contrary to what the Bible says, Satan is actually a kind, soft-spoken man who resembles his voice actor, as well, and Hell is depicted as a rehabilitation center instead of the stuff of nightmares. as he believes human nature shouldn't be punished; upon completing the rehabilitation program, souls are sent to Heaven, though particularly vile people such as Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Chris Benoit get a one-way ticket to what is called the "Death Pit", which resembles the more common depictions of Hell as a place of eternal suffering; the Death Pit is overseen by Satan's lazy cousin, Lucifer (voiced by Brad Garrett), who prefers to let his employees do all the work while he plays video games and watches Jerry Springer. He believes in the balance between good and evil, and sees Cthulhu as a threat to that balance.
  • Pen-Pen (Frank Welker) - A genetically-enhanced penguin who lives with Misato. He spends most of his time watching TV, drinking beer, and sleeping in the refrigerator. Rei is convinced he is evil.
  • Miki Saegusa (Kari Wahlgren) - A psychic who knew Godzilla III and serves as Godzilla IVs liaison. She is head of the Psychic Research Divison of the EDF.
  • The Shobijin (Wendee Lee) - The twin priestesses of Mothra, who can only be described as tiny women. They always speak in unison, except when they need to emphasize a point, in which case, they finish each other's sentences.