Luck o' the Truth (Johnsonverse)

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Luck o' the Truth is an American audience participation, trivia and panel game show that has aired on WBC since October 11, 1968 when the network first launched. The show was created by Jimmie Dale Armstrong, who also hosts and executive produces the show.


The format involves the basic premise of guessing seven celebrities' actions. Five players are picked from the audience and given $1,000 ($10,000 after 1980). A correct response gives the player $100 ($1,000 after 1985). After each round, one player is eliminated, until two are left for the final round, Blankety Blanks, a fill-in-the-blank game. The celebrity is selected with a wheel, and contestants can wager their winnings. If the contestant wins, they get a grand prize of $50,000, in addition to everything they won. The contestant plays a maximum of five games before retiring as an "undefeated champion" and playing in the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season.



  • Host (1968-): Jimmie Dale Armstrong
  • Announcer (1968-1985): Johnny Olson
  • Announcer (1985-2000): Johnny Gilbert
  • Announcer (2000-): Rich Fields
  • Panelists