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Miss USA 2003, the 52nd Miss USA pageant, was held at the San Antonio Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio, Texas on March 23, 2003. It was the first time it had been held in this state since 1996 when the pageant was held in South Padre Island. It was the latest it had been held since 1986, as previous pageants had been held in February or early March.

The pageant was won by Susie Castillo of Massachusetts, who was crowned by outgoing queen Shauntay Hinton of the District of Columbia. The format reverted to a Top Ten who competed in swimsuit and evening gown, although, as with 2002, there was no interview competition for the semi-finalists. This would be the last year where a top ten was called. The following Miss Universe Organization pageant, Miss Universe 2003 and onward, fifteen semi-finalists have been called each year.

Daisy Fuentes co-hosted the event for the first time (although she had been a color commentator in 1995), joined by Willa Ford (from Solid Gold 2K3) who would also host the 2004, 2005 and 2006 events, as well as the Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA pageants in all four years. Color commentary was added by MLB on UBC's Jeanne Zelasko with the reigning Miss USA Shauntay Hinton and Miss USA 1996 Ali Landry.


Map showing placements by state


Final Results Contestant
Miss USA 2003
  • MassachusettsSusie Castillo
1st Runner-Up
  • Alabama – Michelle Arnette
2nd Runner-Up
  • Texas – Nicole O'Brian
3rd Runner-Up
  • Michigan – Elisa Schleef
4th Runner-Up
  • Tennessee – Beth Hood
Top 10
  • Hawaii – Alicia Michioka
  • Indiana – Tashina Kastigar
  • New Mexico – Alina Ogle
  • Oklahoma – Star Williams
  • South Carolina – Anna Hanks

Special awards

Award Contestant
Miss Congeniality
  • Washington – Breann Parriott
Miss Photogenic
  • Minnesota – Sarah Cahill


The Miss USA 2003 delegates were:

State Contestant Hometown Age Height Placement Award Notes
Alabama Michelle Arnette Dothan 25 5'10" 1st Runner up
Alaska Stacey Storey Eagle River 25 5'8" Previously Miss Alaska 1995
Arizona Nafeesa DeFlorias Phoenix 26 5'9"
Arkansas Taylor Carlisle Jacksonville 21 5'7"
California Candice Sanders La Habra 26 5'10"
Colorado Erin Caperton MacGregor Denver 26 5'9" Previously Miss Colorado 1999
Connecticut Michelle LaFrance Orange 24 5'7"
Delaware Cheryl Lynn Crowe Felton 24 5'9" Previously Miss Delaware Teen USA 1997
District of Columbia Michelle Dollie Wright Washington, DC 26 5'6" Previously Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 1995
Florida Carrie Mewha Fort Lauderdale 24 5'10"
Georgia Erin Haney Atlanta 22 5'7"
Hawaii Alicia Malia Michioka Kapaa 24 5'5" Top 10 Her sister, Justine Michioka, succeeded her as Miss Hawaii USA 2004.

Later Mrs. Hawaii United States 2004 and 1st Runner up at Mrs. United States 2004.

Idaho Lana Wright Pocatello 25 5'8"
Illinois Agnieszka Zakreta Rolling Meadows 24 5'9" Previously Miss Tourism International 1999 as Poland's representative
Indiana Tashina Brooke Kastigar West Terre Haute 22 5'9" Top 10 Previously Miss Indiana Teen USA 1998
Iowa Linsey Grams Urbandale 20 6'0"
Kansas Alicia Angelina Cabrera Leawood 24 5'8"
Kentucky Lori Mitchell Scottsville 21 5'7"
Louisiana Brittney Rogers Shreveport 20 5'6" Won Fear Factor Miss USA 2003 special.

She and her family placed 9th on The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

Maine Lacey Hutchinson Biddeford 23 5'6"
Maryland Jaime Kramer Pasadena 19 5'10"
Massachusetts Susie Castillo Lawrence 23 5'8" Winner Previously Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998
Michigan Elisa Kathleen Schleef St. Joseph 23 5'8" 3rd Runner up
Minnesota Sarah Cahill Waseca 24 5'8" Miss Photogenic Previously Miss Minnesota Teen USA 1996
Mississippi Allison Bloodworth Grenada 21 5'8" Previously Miss Mississippi Teen USA 1999
Missouri Tara Bollinger Chesterfield 23 5'5"
Montana Megan Monroe Missoula 22 5'10"
Nebraska Jessica Perea Omaha 22 5'11"
Nevada Ashley Huff Henderson 22 5'7" Previously Miss Nevada 2001
New Hampshire Rachael Ribeck Londonderry 24 5'7"
New Jersey Vanessa Baker Marlton 23 5'11"
New Mexico Alina Ogle Albuquerque 21 5'9" Top 10 Previously Miss New Mexico Teen USA 1999
New York Nadia Behette Bay Ridge 25 5'7"
North Carolina Kristen Luneberg Durham 22 5'9" Previously Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 1998
North Dakota Samantha Edwards Fargo 23 5'7"
Ohio Candace Smith Dayton 26 5'6" Second contestant voted off Survivor: Tocantins.
Oklahoma Star Williams Tulsa 22 5'8" Top 10
Oregon Myah Moore Portland 21 5'8"
Pennsylvania Camille Young Philadelphia 23 5'11"
Rhode Island Krisily Kennedy Warwick 23 5'9" Runner-up on Season 7 of The Bachelor. Later contestant on the first season of Bachelor Pad.
South Carolina Anna Hanks Belton 21 5'10" Top 10
South Dakota Jessica Lawrence Brookings 25 5'9" Later Mrs. Iowa America 2015
Tennessee Beth Hood Cleveland 24 5'9" 4th Runner up Previously Miss Tennessee 2000
Texas Nicole O'Brian Friendswood 20 5'6" 2nd Runner up Previously Miss Texas Teen USA 2000 and 1st Runner up at Miss Teen USA 2000.

She and her teammate finished 3rd on The Amazing Race 5.

Utah Kelly Chapman South Jordan 24 5'9"
Vermont Jennifer Ripley Burlington 20 5'7" Previously Miss Vermont Teen USA 1999

Later Mrs. Vermont America 2009

Virginia Mimi Abraham Alexandria 24 5'7"
Washington Breann Parriott Puyallup 25 5'6" Miss Congeniality Previously Miss Washington 2001
West Virginia Amy Thomason Buckhannon 24 5'6"
Wisconsin Judy Eckerle Milwaukee 26 5'8"
Wyoming Jamie Gorman Cheyenne 22 5'7"

1 Age as of March 24, 2003

The Troupe

The Troupe for the 2003 Miss USA Pageant had featured a lot of Miss Texas USA Competitors performing in this telecast in which they sang and danced in the production which included the following people: Mandy Jeffreys, Andria Mullins, Christie Lee Woods, Heidy Syvrud, Nicole Neal, Alisa Lenamond, Amanda Moore, Ruth Shoulders, Lauren Wilson, Crystle Stewart, Lauren Wilson, Katie Zawora, Heidi Svyrud, Candace Campfield, Lauren Lanning, Stephanie Guerrero, Tyler Willis, Kelli Wisby, Elizabeth Brandt, Jessica Guzman, Julia Salmon, Elizabeth Jones, Shivahn Miller and Tiffany Saylor along with Season 1 American Idol Contestants Nikki McKibbin, Kristin Holt (who would later become Color Commentator for the 2004 Miss USA Pageant), Christina Christian, Tamyra Gray and Kelly Clarkson (who won Season 1 of that event) as well as Tiffany Coyne, Ellen Chapman, Danielle Demski, Victoria Franklin, Katie Rudoff

Music for the Telecast

Opening Number - "Get The Party Started" by Shauntay Hinton and the 2002 Miss USA Contestants and Troupe with Willa Ford performing midway in the Song (cover version of Pink's "Get The Party Started"

Swimsuit Performance - "Hey Baby" by Tiffany Coyne & Krisily Kennedy with backup vocals by the 2002 Miss USA Contestants and Troupe (Cover Version of No Doubt's "Hey Baby") & "Love at First Sight" by Lauren Lanning (Troupe Member) & Willa Ford (cover version of Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight)

Evening Gown Performance

Crowning Moment

Historical significance

  • Massachusetts wins competition for the second time.
  • Alabama earns the 1st runner-up position for the third time. The last time it placed this was in 1992.
  • Texas earns the 2nd runner-up position for the second time. The last time it placed this was in 1978. Also this was reached the highest placement since Kandace Krueger won in 2001.
  • Michigan earns the 3rd runner-up position for the first time and reached its highest placement in 1996.
  • Tennessee earns the 4th runner-up position for the first time and reached its highest placement since Lynnette Cole won in 2000.
  • States that placed in semifinals the previous year were Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina and Texas.
  • Texas placed for the third consecutive year.
  • Alabama, Indiana and South Carolina placed for their second consecutive year.
  • Hawaii last placed in 1997 where Brook Lee won the title. Ironically, Lee went on to win the Miss Universe title in 1997.
  • Massachusetts last placed in 1998 where Shawnae Jebbia won the title. Coincidentally, Castillo was Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998 when Jebbia won the Miss USA title.
  • New Mexico last placed in 1999.
  • Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee last placed in 2001.
  • District of Columbia and Rhode Island break an ongoing streak of placements since 2001.

Contestant and Troupe notes

  • This year had the largest numbers of crossover delegates, and equalled the record set for the highest number of former Miss Teen USA contestants. The record was not surpassed until Miss USA 2007 where 11 former Miss Teen USA delegates competed.
  • Delegates who had previously or would later compete at Miss America were:
    • Stacey Storey (Alaska) - Miss Alaska 1995
    • Erin Caperton MacGregor (Colorado) - Miss Colorado 1999
    • Ashley Huff (Nevada) - Miss Nevada 2001
    • Beth Hood (Tennessee) - Miss Tennessee 2000
    • Breann Parriott (Washington) Miss Washington 2001
  • Delegates and Troupe Members who had previously competed at Miss Teen USA were:
    • Cheryl Crowe (Delaware) - Miss Delaware Teen USA 1997
    • Michelle Dollie Wright (District of Columbia) - Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 1995
    • Tashina Kastigar (Indiana) - Miss Indiana Teen USA 1998
    • Susie Castillo (Massachusetts) - Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998 (Teen with Style)
    • Sarah Cahill (Minnesota) - Miss Minnesota Teen USA 1996
    • Allison Bloodworth (Mississippi) - Miss Mississippi Teen USA 1999
    • Alina Ogle (New Mexico) - Miss New Mexico Teen USA 1999
    • Kristen Luneberg (North Carolina) Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 1998
    • Nicole O'Brian (Texas) - Miss Texas Teen USA 2000 (1st runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2000)
    • Jennifer Ripley (Vermont) - Miss Vermont Teen USA 1999
    • Danielle Demski (Troupe Member) - Miss Arizona Teen USA 1999, Miss Arizona USA 2004
    • Victoria Franklin (Troupe Member) - Miss Nevada USA 1998
    • Mandy Jeffreys (Troupe Member) - Miss Texas Teen USA 1995
    • Christie Lee Woods (Troupe Member) - Miss Texas Teen USA 1996, Miss Teen USA 1996
    • Andria Mullins (Troupe Member) - Miss Texas Teen USA 1997
    • Katie Rudoff (Troupe Member) - Miss Wyoming Teen USA 1999
  • Troupe Members who will later Compete at Miss USA were:
    • Ellen Chapman - Miss California USA 2004
    • Stephanie Guerrero - Miss Texas USA 2004
    • Tyler Willis - Miss Texas USA 2005
    • Lauren Lanning - Miss Texas USA 2006
    • Crystle Stewart - Miss Texas USA 2008, Miss USA 2008
  • Four contestants later appeared on reality television shows. Nicole O'Brian appeared on The Amazing Race 5, Krisily Kennedy was a runner-up on Season 7 of The Bachelor, Brittney Rogers appeared with her family on The Amazing Race: Family Edition, and Candace Smith appeared on Survivor: Tocantins as for the Troupe Members. Mandy Jeffreys finished 3rd on Season 5 of The Bachelor.
  • Troupe Member Tiffany Coyne (who joined the troupe in 1999) went on to perform in 6 Consecutive Miss USA Pageants as a Troupe Member until 2009 when she replaced Alison Flori to Model on Let's Make a Deal

Selection Committee

  • Col. John Blaha - Astronaut
  • Amber Bonander - Product Publicity for Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Brooke Burke - TV/Radio Host
  • Vincent Longo - Makeup Artist
  • Cristiano Mancini - Stylist for Roberto Cavalli
  • Tricia McCrone - USO Tour Booker
  • Ben Pappas - Senior Writer for US Weekly
  • Lu Parker - Miss USA 1994
  • Mekhi Phifer - Actor
  • Gretchen Polhemus Jensen - Miss USA 1989
  • Warren Sapp - NAFL DT