Monster World (Season 1) (Johnsonverse)

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The first season of Monster World premiered on Memorial Day 1998, to coincide with the release of the TriStar remake. Unsurprisingly, Monster World was the more successful, as it actually featured Godzilla. Throughout the first season, the series ran into budgetary issues, and several sequences could not be completed. To fill in these gaps, the production crew resorted to culling stock footage from the Godzilla and Gamera films, as well as animation from Evangelion and footage from various Gerry Anderson series (including Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and Terrahawks), Ultraman, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider series, and Detective Jenny episodes, then slickly editing them to ensure continuity remained consistent between shots. Plots were usually formulaic, but changed up often enough to maintain ratings and keep things fresh.

  1. "The Beginning" - The pilot episode. While walking to the train station, Shinji and Asuka are confronted by Cthulhu. When the Evas fail, the entire Earth Defender faction attacks and sends Cthulhu packing.
  2. "The Trouble with Oorn" - Alpha Squad is deployed to Osaka to stop Oorn from destroying the city.
  3. "The Great Eihort Operation" - A similar plot to last episode, just with a different monster.
  4. "The Shape-Shifter Poseiden" - The shape-shifting monster Poseiden takes on the visage of Gamera and attacks Kyoto.
  5. "Ithaqua's Wrath "- Ithaqua annihilates Portland, Oregon, and Alpha Squad is sent to do damage control.
  6. "The Giant Space Chicken" - After Shigeru accidentily triggers a false kaiju alert, thus leading to a full system reboot, Alpha Squad is immobilized. It couldn't come at a worse time, as Gigan attacks Los Angeles. Fortunately, though, Godzilla is on hand to stop the madness.
  7. "On the Beach with Shathak" - A day at the beach for the teens becomes a race to Terminal Dogma to stop Shathak.
  8. "Azathoth, Eater of Worlds" - Azathoth descends from space and begins eating the population of Beijing.
  9. "Deforestation with Rhogog" - Rhogog appears in the Sequoia National Forest. With Alpha Squad pre-occupied taking care of damage done by Azathoth, it rests on Baragon and Varan to defend visitors to the national park.
  10. "Ililot's Got Moves" - Ililot blankets the American Heartlands in darkness, hoping to deprive the crops of sunlight.
  11. "The Worm that Gnaws in the Night" - The titular monster eats an entire village in South Korea in a night, eliciting a response from Alpha Squad. Easier said than done, since the worm can burrow. Fortunately, though, so can Baragon.
  12. "Invasion!" - The Invadors reveal themselves and begin an initial invasion of Earth. Alpha Squad fights an alien Mechagodzilla in Fukuoka, but are downed. Fortunately, Godzilla arrives and bests his mechanical doppelganger.
  13. "Secret of the Crystals" - Cape Town is occupied by the Mutant Horde. Alpha Squad, Godzilla, Anguirus, and Rodan respond to take on a resurrected Spacegodzilla and his army.
  14. "We Are Legion!" - Shinji, Asuka, and Rei fight Invador soldiers on the ground to disable a major alien communications array.
  15. "Into the Spider's Nest" - A Kumonga infestation in Mexico leads Alpha Squad and Mothra to enter the nest outside Mexico City.
  16. "Erika Comes Home" - Biollante returns to Earth after sensing Second Impact, and is immediately forced to join the Mutant Horde. Erika, however, has other plans, namely feeding information to Godzilla.
  17. "Aliens Among Us" - A new "Red Scare" occurs, and now everyone is accusing everyone of being an alien spy.
  18. "Hostage Crisis" - The Invadors take the entire World Trade Center complex hostage, and all negotiations fail, forcing NERV to send Shinji and Asuka in to rescue the hostages.
  19. "The Hunting Horrors" - The titular monsters prey on humans in the American Midwest, and with NERV engaged in the hostage crisis at the WTC (this episode takes place concurrently with the previous episode), it rests on the Earth Defenders and EDF to take care of things this time.
  20. "For Science!" - Ritsuko wants a Mutant as a live test subject.
  21. "Playing with Fire" - Swarog kickstarts California fire season, and Alpha Squad is dispatched to police the situation.
  22. "Basatan's Plan" - The giant crab Basatan sways some Ebirah and Gezoras to his side, intending to take out Cthulhu while he's weak and usurp his power.
  23. "Thirty Minutes over Zilla" - Several Zillas attack New York to nest. Godzilla and MOGUERA arrive on the scene to stop them from decimating the local fish population and economy.
  24. "This Takes the Cake" - The Invadors begin poisoning cake to thin out the population.
  25. "A Little Bit of Dythalla" - Dythella, acting against Cthulhu's orders, attacks NERV HQ in hopes of starting Third Impact, unaware that any and all chances of doing so were lost after God's intervention. Cthulhu beseeches NERV to stop the rogue minion before she makes a terrible mistake that will doom all sides except the Invadors.
  26. "Escape from R'lyeh" - Shinji, Asuka, and Rei awaken in R'lyeh, the underwater city where Cthulhu and his minions live, and must find a way to escape.