Monster World (Season 2) (Johnsonverse)

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The second season of Monster World premiered in September 1999. With a much larger budget, the series saw production values shoot up in many areas, including animation, special effects, and set detailing. Also of note was the large reduction in the use of stock footage, though Gerry Anderson series and Detective Jenny continued to be farmed for stock footage and music.

  1. "The Propaganda Film" - The Vatican releases an animated film called The End of Evangelion, which raises NERV's ire due to the depiction of a bad ending to the Angels Crisis. The pope, even in the face of Rei, doesn't budge on his position, stating the Evas, as cloned Angels, need to be destroyed.
  2. "Raphanasuan's Counterattack" - The giant worm Raphanasuan faces off with Baragon in the Arizona desert.
  3. "The Great Seattle Operation" - The Invadors unleash King Ghidorah on Seattle, and Godzilla and Alpha Squad team up to put an end to the mortal enemy of the Godzilla lineage.
  4. "Double Trouble" - Gigan teams up with Megalon to take down Godzilla, but they soon find themselves in way over their heads.
  5. "Pharol the Black" - Livestock across America is mysteriously wiped out, and Alpha Squad learns that it is Pharol, who has taken Fresno, CA hostage, demanding the extinction of the human race. Cthulhu goes to NERV for help, since Pharol is clearly not thinking logically.
  6. "A Plague of Shoggoth "- A Shoggoth nest overtakes and depopulates Sheffield, where they feed on the molten slag from the steel industry. Rodan, Mothra, and MOGUERA are sent to deal with it.
  7. "Shinji Down!" - Shot down near Osaka while headed to Okinawa to investigate flesh blasted off of Megalon by King Caesar, Shinji is forced to walk the whole way back to Tokyo, all the while being hunted down by North Chinese operatives.
  8. "Release the Hounds" - Cthulhu unleashes the Hounds of Tindalos on NERV HQ. It becomes a four-way battle as members of the Mutant Horde, and an alien MechaGodzilla, converge on their location.
  9. "Doomsday" - A religious cult that worships Cthulhu gains popularity and actively subverts NERV's operations. Eventually, Shinji decides to do something about it.
  10. "Pest Control" - Alpha Squad, Godzilla, and Mecha-King Ghidorah attack Titanosaurus nests along the Japanese east coast. But for every nest they destroy, three more pop up in its place. This eventually drives Rei mad, and she rage-quits the whole operation...only to stumble upon the main nest.
  11. "Terror of MechaGodzilla" - The Invadors mind-control a Titanosaurus, and sends it along with a MechaGodzilla to attack Tokyo.
  12. "Baragon's Brigade" - Baragon, Varan, Gorosaurus, and a rogue Titanosaurus form a "neighborhood watch" to track down a wanted kaiju named Gabara.
  13. "The Revenge of Gabara" - Gabara attacks and nearly kills Godzilla, but is forced to retreat when Alpha Squad shows up.
  14. "Turkey Day" - The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York is rudely interrupted by the Invadors, who unleash Gigan and Hedorah on the city.
  15. "Cyberseven" - The EDF engages in cyber warfare with the Invadors, with Kensuke drafted to lead the effort.
  16. "Reincarnation" - Yui Ikari suddenly re-appears in NERV HQ, but it takes Gendo literally a second to realize this isn't his wife, but Olkoth, one of Cthulhu's minions. One by one, NERV personnel are picked off and killed, leaving only (to our knowledge) the named characters left.
  17. "Atomic Hate" - Godzilla and Alpha Squad venture deep into the Chernobyl Exclusionary Zone to snuff out a Titanosaurus colony.
  18. "Paper Route" - Shinji gets a paper route in Saitama Prefecture, and Rei soons finds a way to muscle in on his operation in a "get-rich-quick" scheme. Little does she know that Hikari is subtly setting up Rei for failure.
  19. "Taking Matters Into My Own Hands" - Shinji and Asuka are indisposed by illness, so Rei is forced to go it alone against some Flying Polyps attacking San Diego,
  20. "Orga Strikes Back" - The Invadors reconstruct Orga after his encouter with Godzilla, and unleashes him on Macau.
  21. "Vengeance" - Rei begins to tire of Hikari always hitting her, so she starts formulating an overly-elaborate plan to take her down a notch.
  22. "Deja Vu" - Cthulhu, desperate for options, calls up one of Satan's followers, Sachiel. He sicks him on the Geofront to take NERV out, but Sachiel instead tries to start Third Impact. Alpha Squad is forced to use their Evas' AT Fields once more, and relive the horrors of the Angel Crisis.
  23. "To Serve Man" - Some humans are captured to be eaten by the Invadors, so Shinji and Asuka infiltrate their base to change the recipes and make it look like humans are toxic.
  24. "Rei vs Hikari" - The so-called war between Rei and Hikari continues, as their actions become more and more erratic.
  25. "Mercenary" - Godzilla begins noticing Kamoebas and his mercenary ways.
  26. "Apocalypse Never!" - Cthulhu's army begins a massive offensive on the world's population centers, and all of NERV, the EDF, the Earth Defenders, and even the Invadors and Mutant Horde band together to beat off the attack.