Monster World (Season 3) (Johnsonverse)

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The third season of Monster World aired in 2000.

This season featured a switch to digital animation, still using the same style, but now with more vibrant colors. Stock footage from older episodes was still used, though, and the color contrast difference is very noticeable.

  1. "​Fire Sale" - Voltiyig creates a La Nina effect in the Western United States, and Alpha Squad is called upon to take him out or risk a major drought in California.
  2. "Orga" - The Invadors extract some of Godzilla's DNA and use it to create a new kaiju named Orga, before unleashing him on Buenos Aires.
  3. "Operation: Serpent" - The snake-like members of Cthulhu's army join together to attack various targets.
  4. "Rei vs Hikari II: What Does Electric Boogaloo Mean?" - The "war" between Rei and Hikari reignites.
  5. "Out of Left Field" - A baseball game at the NERV company picnic gets interesting when Fuyutski opens up a betting pool for those not playing.
  6. "Fly Me to the Moon!" - Using the new SF-93 R-Wing starfighter, Alpha Squad (using the callsign Alpha Squadron) is dispatched to the moon to defend it from Invador attacks.
  7. "Enemy Civil War" - R'lyeh is overtaken by fighting when Cthulhu's minions fracture into various factions seeking his favor.
  8. "Battle in Outer Space" - The SY-3 is escorted by Alpha Squadron to break an Invador blockade preventing supplies from getting to the new Mars colony.
  9. "A Ripple in Time" - A timewarp experiment by Ritsuko causes Shinji and Asuka to meet their past selves from the Angel Crisis. Needless to say, neither can bear who they once were. Yet, they're forced to work with their past selves to defeat Invadors who followed them into the pocket dimension created by the experiment.
  10. "The Destroyer" - Destoroyah reforms after 20 years. Godzilla, desiring revenge for killing him in 1995, faces him in Vancouver.
  11. "In The Dark of the Night" - Cthulhu blocks out the sun with a "Death Star". Alpha Squadron is sent alongside MOGUERA and Mothra to take it out, Luke Skywalker-style.
  12. "Beta Squad" - Kensuke and Hikari are recruited as Evangelion pilots, forming the new Beta Squad.
  13. "War of the Gargantuas" - Sanda and Gaira emerge and brawl in downtown Indianapolis, eliciting a response from Beta Squad (Alpha Squad was busy with some Shoggoth).
  14. "Oiled Up" - Hedorah attacks the oil refineries in Richmond, CA, to feed and disrupt the global economy. Alpha Squad and Godzilla respond.
  15. "Flight of the Gotengo" - The EDF's newest anti-kaiju weapon, the Gotengo, is deployed against the neutral-aligned kaiju Manda.
  16. "Split the Difference" - Rei runs interference at Wall Street when SEELE sympathizers try to manipulate the global markets and funnel cash into their efforts to start Instrumentality.
  17. "Detroit Rock City" - Gigan and Megalon are sent to cripple the auto industry in Detroit, only to be met by Godzilla, Baragon, and Varan.
  18. "Deal Me In" - The pilots get into a high-stakes game of Texas Hold 'Em for $100 that becomes even more interesting when Gendo buys in.
  19. "House Call" - A medic from Hell tries to induce regeneration of Cthulhu's missing limbs.
  20. "Day of the Dinosaurs" - Ritsuko's timewarp experiments brings dinosaurs to the modern day.
  21. "Wargames" - Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Hikari, and Kensuke are involved in an intense game of Axis and Allies.
  22. "More Than Meets The Eye" - Rei is convinced everything around her is a Transformer, except the animals.
  23. "Take This War and Shove It "- Shinji and Asuka stage an intervention for Rei and Hikari's "war".
  24. "Confronting the Past" - Shinji helps Asuka come to terms with her behavior during the Angel Crisis.
  25. "Swarm of the Century, Part 1" - The Meganula Queen, Megaguirus, re-emerges, bringing with her a massive swarm of giant man-eating dragonflies.
  26. "Swarm of the Century, Part 2" - Rodan finds out his mortal enemy is back, and goes on the warpath against Megaguirus.