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Ron & Andy logo.png
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: Tim Johnson
Sam Register
Agnes Nixon
Developed by: Tim Johnson
Spike Brandt
Tony Cervone
Starring: Jeff Bergman
Kristen Wiig
Ben Falcone
Fred Armisen
Jennifer Esposito
Katy Mixon
Seasons: 10
Episodes: 260
Release Date: May 3, 2011 - present

Ron & Andy is an American animated sitcom. It has aired on Cartoon Network since May 3, 2011, and follows roommates Ronald "Ron" Wayne and Andrew "Andy" Lieber and their friends in Los Angeles, California.

Production began in 2009. The series has been critically acclaimed throughout its run. On July 27, 2020, it was announced that Season 10 would be the final season of the show.


The series revolves around roommates Ron Wayne and Andrew "Andy" Lieber living in a suburb of Los Angeles with "colorful neighbors" and other characters including Carla Olsen, Tina Russo, Will Allen, Ken Leone, Clancy Thomas, Ned Ford and more. The series is more adult-oriented and dialogue-driven with love triangles, employment and rooming.



  • Ronald "Ron" Wayne (voiced by Jeff Bergman) - is an unemployed male who lives a life of upper-middle-class suburban leisure, based on income from a popular Vegetable Peeler that Ron invented. Ron lives in a well-appointed house, drives a compact car, and provides room and board for his best friend, Andy Lieber. Ron spends his time watching sports on TV, hanging out with his friends and neighbors, and dating Carla Olsen. Ron generally plays the straight man to Andy and Carla's various bouts of insanity, although Ron is not without his own quirks. Ron has exhibited somewhat compulsive/addictive tendencies, like having a high caffeine intake with coffee, becoming addicted to an energy drink that had dangerous chemicals in it, nearly leveled his own house in an increasingly deranged attempt to put up a shelf and getting hooked on foods that contain butter.
  • Andrew "Andy" Lieber (voiced by Jeff Bergman) - is an unemployed male who is the roommate and best friend of Ron Wayne. Unlike Ron and their neighbors, Andy has no way of earning money and relies on Ron for food and shelter. Andy has tried on numerous occasions to get rich quick but ended up failing repeatedly. In the first episode, Ron openly admits that Andy is his best friend, despite his faults. Andy has worked, and been fired from, numerous jobs due to negligence and/or incompetence. Despite this, however, Andy has shown to be a very skilled hairdresser and successfully graduated beauty school. Andy's two possessions that he is proud of are his blue recliner and his Papier-mâché parade float, constructed on top of a pickup truck, which is his main means of transport. The final season shows Andy getting a full-time job, and the final episode shows him moving out of Ron's house and moving into his own.
  • William "Will" Allen (voiced by Ben Falcone) - is one of Ron and Andy's friends. Despite being bright and bookish, Will has an innocent, naïve quality that Andy frequently uses to his advantage, tricking Will into parting with large sums of money or accompanying him in bizarre schemes. Will originally worked a boring office job, but got fired following Ron's example. Will started his own catering company afterwards. In "Dear John", Will was shown to have served on the city council. Will starts a relationship with Ellen in the end of "Here Comes The Man of the Hour". In "Best Friends Redux", Andy meets Will's young self and ensures that Ken becomes good friends with Andy and Rodney in their cabin, finally showing Ken an act of kindness.
  • Kenneth "Ken" Leone (voiced by Fred Armisen) - is a former male athlete who is one of Ron and Andy's neighbors who runs a pizza parlor called Leone's Bistro. The episode "Sunday Night Slice" showed that Ron bought his favorite restaurant Girardi's to prevent it from being closed and hired Ken to help him. When Ron spoke to Ken about the fact that he doesn't want to own a restaurant anymore, Ron himself hands ownership of it to Ken, renaming it "Leone's Bistro" as a gift to Ken.
  • Carla Olsen (voiced by Kristen Wiig) – is a female who is Ron's scatter-brained, bubbly and obsessive significant other, who has a habit of speaking rapidly, whether anyone else is listening or not. When they first meet, Ron falls in love with her, but after learning how crazy and ditsy Carla is, Ron loses interest and often tries to escape her company. Carla develops a huge obsession with Ron that Andy later finds creepy; Carla is never put off by Ron's responses to behavior, that include taking photos of him in the shower, sneaking up on him late at night and often stalking him. Later in the series however, Ron eventually falls in love with Carla again which started when they went to Paris in the episode "Eligible Bachelors" and Ron manages to stop her talking for a while. Her parents are members of a country club and her father likes Ron so much that Andy considers him to be "The son Ron never had."
  • Tina Russo (voiced by Jennifer Esposito) - is a female and Andy's significant other. Tina works at a copy store called "Copy Place". Tina is another straight character of the show, with a no-nonsense personality. Tina first starts dating Andy because "Tina likes a project"; Tina tolerates his selfish and arrogant behavior as Tina has a keen astuteness which allows her to read between the lines when they first meet; Tina works out that Andy is actually insecure and jealous, and that his vain attitude is really a front. Andy is amazed Tina works this out so quickly and later reveals Tina, through email, that Andy can't believe someone "so kind, beautiful, generous, and intelligent" would ever want to be with someone like him. After reading this, Tina is touched, and tells Andy that she loves him.
  • Ellen Warren (voiced by Katy Mixon) - is a female painter who becomes Ken's girlfriend in the episode


  • Ned Ford (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - is a male war veteran who is a neighbor to Ron and Andy. Suffering from PTSD due to the effects of the war,
  • Amy Boggs (voiced by Roz Ryan) – is a female who lives next door to Ron and is often annoyed at the antics of Andy.
  • Ryan Boggs (voiced by Kwesi Boakye from Seasons 1 to 3, Terrell Ransom Jr. from Seasons 4 to 6, Donielle T. Hansley, Jr. from Seasons 7 to 8, and Christian J. Simon since Season 9) – is Amy's son. Ryan is portrayed as a timid and kind-hearted young boy with a voice to match.
  • Emma Webster (voiced by Betty White as an adult, Stephanie Courtney as young Emma) – is an old lady who is one of Ron's neighbors. Emma is revealed to have been a spy for the Allies in World War II. In "The Grand Old Duck of York," it is revealed that Emma also teaches piano lessons.
  • Jean Brodeur (voiced by René Auberjonois) – is a French male who's the local Casanova. In the episode "Members Only" Jean works as a wedding planner when Jean planned Ron and Carla's wedding at the country club.
  • Dr. Weisberg (voiced by Garry Marshall) – is a male physician who Ron and the other characters often visit. He was retired after the death of Garry Marshall in 2016, and the debut episode of his replacement, Dr. Charpentier, implies that Weisberg passed away.
  • Walter Olsen (voiced by John O'Hurley) – Carla's father who idolizes Ron. He then appears when they play in the father son tennis tournament. He dislikes Andy.
  • Patricia Olsen (voiced by Wendi McLendon-Covey) – is Carla's mother.
  • Carol (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - is a beautiful blonde woman who is Joe's assistant and limo chauffeur who tries to bring reason to him.
  • Ken Carter (voiced by Larry Storch) - is an elderly man who runs an art gallery.
  • Edie Carter (voiced by Ilana Glazer) - is Ken's rebellious granddaughter.
  • Dr. Alan (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - is a male therapist. He is visited by Ron and other characters in multiple episodes.
  • Frank Russo (voiced by Dennis Farina) – is Tina Russo's dad.
  • Dr. Charpentier (voiced by Hugh Davidson) is the replacement for Dr. Weisberg after Marshall's death. Like his predecessor, Dr Charpentier is often visited by Ron and other characters.
  • Clancy Thomas (voiced by Jim Rash) - is a male
  • Don Rankin (voiced by J. P. Karliak) - is the Mayor of Los Angeles.
  • Alex Mensch (voiced by Kyle MacLachlan) - is the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.


Ron and Andrew was first announced alongside Looney Tunes: Laff Riot in July 2009 by Johnson Television Animation and Warner Bros. Animation. For most modern animated sitcoms like The Simpsons, this one doesn't have a laugh track. The animation was produced by Yearim and Rough Draft Korea, along with Toon City Animation in the first season.

On July 27, 2020, it was announced that the series would not be renewed for an eleventh season.


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