Sale of the Century (Jayverse)

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Sale of the Century (stylized as $ale of the Century) is an American television game show that debuted in the United States on September 29, 1969 until July 13, 1973, on NBC daytime and revived on UBC since September 20, 1982 (2 Years after the Australian Version debuted in July 1980)


1969-1971: Jack Kelly

1971-1974: Joe Garagiola

1982-1996: Jim Perry

1996-2005: Steve Edwards

2005-2010: John O'Hurley

2010-Present: Mark L. Wahlberg


1969-1974: Madelyn Sanders

1969-1971: Barbara Lyon

1971-1974: Kit Dougherty

1982-1983: Sally Julian

1983-1984: Lee Menning

1984-1989: Summer Bartholomew

1989-1993: Cynthia Gouw

1993-1998: Tamara Walker

1998-2002: Donna D'Errico

2002-2007: Tami Roman

2007-2008: Rolanda Watts (Who also announces on that show)

2008-Present: Tamiko Nash


1969-1974: Bill Wendell

1981-1988: Jay Stewart

1988-2000: Don Morrow

2000-2006: Gary Kroeger

2006-2008: Rolanda Watts

2008-Present: Burton Richardson