Saturday Night Music Machine (Jayverse)

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The Saturday Night Music Machine is a show ran on Tempo Television from 1987 to 1993 prior to this WDIV in Detroit, MI ran the show from 1983 to 1987


Curtis Gadson


Don Graham


From 1987-1989, Tempo aired reruns of the WDIV Version from 1983-1987 right before new episodes on Tempo Television, However Reruns of the show airs on Redo and on The Game Channel's Late Night Variety including the WDIV airings.

In 1987, LBS Communications had syndicated the Saturday Night Music Machine to Post-Newsweek and UBC O&O Stations in the Spring 1987 however it gained success but Tempo took the rights and repeats of the Syndicated Airings Started to air September of that year before Tempo aired new first run episodes Starting in March of 1988. (Link to this Press Ad)

Past Entertainer of the Year Winners of the Saturday Night Music Machine include Toni Johnson (1987), Jewell Hall (1986), Gerry Woo (1985) and Lisa LiGreci (1984).