List of ShowBiz Pizza Place 40th anniversary showtapes (Johnsonverse)

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Mitzi Mozzarella Jr. in a February 2020 show.

This a list of showtapes that were used at ShowBiz Pizza Place locations in celebration of the chain's 40th anniversary in 2020. The tapes featured The Rock-afire Explosion in their outfits from the scrapped "Magic" stage from 1985, albeit with the normal backgrounds and props; the logo sign and Fatz's keyboard front in all locations were adjusted to use a special dark red Rock-afire Explosion logo (referencing the ruby, the 40th-anniversary wedding jewel) instead of the standard yellow.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the original plans were drastically changed. The shows were instead live-streamed on YouTube, with the animatronics being filmed at the San Jose, California location, which serves as the flagship location for the revived ShowBiz Pizza Place chain.


40th Anniversary (January-March 2020)
No. Segment Song/Skit Original Artist Source Characters involved Vocal credits Notes
1 1 "Roast Beef Sandwich" Creative Engineering July 1980 Showtape Billy Bob
Looney Bird
Aaron Fechter (Billy Bob and Looney Bird) The intro is changed to reflect the chain and band's 40th anniversary


  • Billy Bob: Welcome to ShowBiz Pizza Place, everyone! This year is a special occasion, because...
  • Looney Bird: This is our 40th anniversary!
  • Billy Bob: Right you are, Looney Bird! As part of our 40th anniversary, we are going to perform new versions of the same old hits you love. Now, our first song was one of the first that we performed back in July 1980. I began making a new type of fuel known as Gasahol to solve the energy crisis, and I never stopped making new batches. Not even when the Smitty's Super Station exploded in 2013.
  • Looney Bird: And I was constantly drunk on Gasahol!
  • Billy Bob: That, too. Anyway, here's "Roast Beef Sandwich", back when Smitty's was affected by the gas crisis.
  • (Billy Bob and Looney Bird perform "Roast Beef Sandwich")
  • Rolfe: This is Rolfe DeWolfe coming to you live from ShowBiz Pizza Place! As Billy Bob said, this is our 40th anniversary, and I look fabulous in a tuxedo. Wouldn't you agree, Earl?
  • Earl: I think you look ridiculous!
  • Rolfe: Never mind Earl, he's cranky today. Anyway, to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we've invited some faces on these monitors up there.
  • Earl: Faces that aren’t Rolfe’s, that is!
  • Rolfe: If you keep insulting me, I'm going to hit you. Might even find a new puppet.
  • Earl: Good luck with that, but remember this: you're nothing without me, and--
  • Rolfe: Shut up, Earl. Roll the footage!
  • (The Cyberstar monitor plays footage of celebrities professing their love of the band. The first is Shooter Jennings)
  • Jennings: I just want to say that I really love the band. I grew up with ShowBiz in the 80s, and I think it's great.
  • (Cut to CeeLo Green)
  • Green: I remember performing with them back in 2013. They're a part of my life.
  • (Cut to Adam Sandler)
  • Sandler: