ShowBiz Pizza Time Character Training videos (Johnsonverse)

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This video, produced by ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc., is a series of instructions for cast members on how to dress up as and act as characters from Chuck E. Cheese's and ShowBiz Pizza Place. It is narrated by Aaron Fechter in-character as Billy Bob, and was produced in 2015.


Howdy folks, I'm Billy Bob, and welcome to the ShowBiz Pizza Time Character Training video. The purpose of this video is to show you, as a costumed character, how to act like the characters from Chuck E. Cheese's and ShowBiz Pizza Place. The first basic instruction is to ensure that, no matter what, your character is always real. Children, in particular, still have memories of seeing the character long after they've left the restaurant. This is why we place an emphasis on "our characters are always real". We want to create a magical experience for our guests, and so our goal for the video is to help you, as your character, make magic at our restaurants.

Here are some handy tips to help you succeed as your character. Number one, drink a lot of water, or some other cold liquid such as juice or lemonade. The costume can be hot, and you want to stay hydrated. Number two, do not let any of our guests see you when you're not in the full costume. You're either your character or you, but none in-between. Number three, safety first. The head has limited visibility, so please be extra careful when you're around children. Number four, have an escort when possible. Escorts can help clear your way and keep children from getting hurt. Number five, dress comfortably. And number six, because the costume uses VoxMutatio technology, you can speak inside the costume, as said technology will make you sound just like your character. Just ad-lib your own lines and make sure to stay in-character.

Here are some do's and do not's for being a costumed performer. You can give hugs and high-fives, play games like peek-a-boo and follow the leader, play a game of skeeball or air hockey, and greet kids at kidcheck (especially reserved parties). However, you can not pick up, chase, tickle, or bump into children, pull guests' noses or mess up their hair, approach a frightened child, or touch adults.

Now, let's talk about your mannerisms. If someone says "It's my birthday", raise your arms in the air and/or clap. It's supposed to be the best thing your character has heard. If someone says "You're my best friend", raise your arms a couple times to give the illusion of squeeing, and hug when appropriate. If someone says "I don't like you", hang your head and rub your eyes to give the effect of crying. Most kids will like you then. If someone asks "How old are you?", scratch your head, put your hand on your chin, and have your hands out so the kids can count. Let them decide your age. Once again, ad-lib your lines for these situations.

Now that you got your behavior ready, it's time to show you how to put on your costume. First, put on your fat suit. If you're portraying a bigger character such as Munch, Fatz, or me, Billy Bob, you might have to wear a larger fat suit for this. Next, put on your costume skin. This is going to be