Sonic X-treme (Simpsonverse)

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Sonic X-Treme is a 1996 platform game developed by Sega Technical Institute. It was the first fully 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game and the first original Sonic game for the Sega Saturn. It built on past Sonic games while introducing elements to take Sonic into the 3D era of video games. The storyline followed Sonic on his journey to stop Dr. Robotnik stealing six magic rings from Tiara Boobowski and her father.

X-treme was conceived as a side-scrolling platform game for the Sega Genesis to succeed Sonic & Knuckles (1994). Development shifted to the Neptune and then the Saturn and Windows, and the game was redesigned as a 3D platform game for the 1996 holiday season. It was also the subject of the film Sonic the Hedgehog: Wonders of the World.