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Star Pirates is a 1990 American space opera written, produced, and directed by Timothy Hill. It stars Elizabeth Banks, Michael Ironside, Leonardo DiCaprio, Debra Winger, Clancy Brown, and Joyce Redman, and was produced and released by Johnson Studios in conjunction with Timothy Hill Productions.

The film began production in 1985, and was shot throughout 1988, with model work being done in 1989. Released on July 20, 1990, the film was critically acclaimed. It became the first Johnson movie since 1980 to exceed the $1 billion mark in the box office, and is seen as the turning point of Johnson Industries as a whole, after several years of failures under then-CEO and owner Phil Stacker. Since its release, it has become very influential in the science-fiction genre. It received a series of sequels and a long-running television series that has aired on the WBC television network since 1991.


In the distant year of 20000, a mysterious comet



  • Elizabeth Banks as Samantha Watts - The protagonist, Lucy is a 16-year-old girl living in the Watts royal family on the planet Crastyn. Despite being a princess, Samantha does not like the lifestyle, and seeks adventure in her life.
  • Michael Ironside as Jackson Watts - Samantha's father, who at first
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Chase Lightning - The deuteragonist, Chase is
  • Debra Winger as Senshi Luchadora -
  • Clancy Brown as Adder Storm -
  • Joyce Redman as Lady Satsujin -
  • R. Lee Ermey as General Lance Cervone - A five-star general in the United Planetary Army, Lance is serious, firm, and
  • Frank Vincent as Don Sol Nova -

Voice cast

  • Harry Shearer as K-Lu
  • Maurice LaMarche as I.M.H. - Short for Intergalactic Mechanical Human, I.M.H. is
  • Frank Welker as
  • Stan Freberg as
  • Tress MacNeille as
  • Cathy Weseluck as



Development began in 1985 after Hill took



The music score was composed by Alan Silvestri, and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.


Critical reception

The film was

Box office

United States