Star Wars: Alternity (series) (Johnsonverse)

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Star Wars Alternity logo.png
Genre: Space opera
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Network(s): WBC
Created by: Sheldon Johnson, Jr.
Based on the Star Wars series by George Lucas
Executive producer(s): Sheldon Johnson, Jr. (2006-2010)
Dave Filoni (2010-)
Production companies: Lucasfilm Ltd.
Distributed by: Johnson Television
Starring: Tim Johnson
Chloe Johnson
Belle Armstrong
Music: Kevin Kiner
Seasons: 15
Episodes: 90
Photography: Color
Picture format: 16:9
Release Date: June 3, 2006 - present

Star Wars: Alternity is an American live-action series based on the movie and multimedia franchise of the same name. It has aired on WBC since June 3, 2006, and stars Tim Johnson, Chloe Johnson, Belle Armstrong,


In an alternate timeline,


  • Tim Johnson as Holden Quist - The protagonist,