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TNN Sports is a sports programming block on The National Network since the network's launch in 1983. TNN Sports specializes in coverage of motorsports of various formats, most commonly auto racing. From 2000 onwards, the network expanded its offerings to include alternative professional football and rebranded the block as TNN Sports.


TNN Sports began when the network itself launched in 1983 as TNN Motor Sports. During that time, TNN started airing a motor sports and auto racing themed program during the racing season known as American Sports Cavalcade. American Sports Cavalcade was produced by a production company called Diamond P Sports. On the very first episode, the sport of swamp buggy racing from Naples, Florida, was featured. Diamond P produced all of TNN's motor sports coverage through 1992. Then, in 1993, TNN began working with World Sports Enterprises to produce their NASCAR coverage, and Group 5 Sports to produce their coverage of the ASA. Diamond P would continue to produce most of the rest of their motor sports coverage.

TNN has a self-operating and self-promoting sub-division called TNN Sports, and aired races produced by that division from 1991 to 2000. Under the TNN Motor Sports umbrella, NASCAR series races (including those of the then-Winston Cup Series and Busch Grand National Series, as well as the Craftsman Truck Series) were the most prominently featured, but other racing organizations, such as IRL, IMSA and SCCA sports car series, ASA stock car series, USAC and World of Outlaws sprint car series, the NHRA drag racing series, AMA supercross and superbikes, and monster truck racing and truck and tractor pulling from TNT Motorsports were also showcased. From 1991–2001, TNN aired the RaceDay magazine show on Sunday mornings, anchored first by Pat Patterson and later by Rick Benjamin.

In 1995, the motorsports operations were moved into the industrial park located at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, where TNN had purchased a controlling interest in World Sports Enterprises, a motorsports production company.

Starting in 2000, the name changed from TNN Motor Sports to TNN Sports when the network started airing games from the Arena Football League, through a sublicensing agreement with ESPN Regional Television. TNN also aired XFL football games in 2001 as part of a new television deal between the World Wrestling Federation and TNN's parent company, Viacom.

Beginning in 2019, TNN resumed broadcasting NASCAR Panasonic Cup Series races.