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Tim Johnson's MySpace Posts According To Google Translate

Oh god...

  • Original text in "quotation marks"
  • Google Translated text in italics

  • "You know you've failed BIG TIME when most of your voters are blaming YOU for the shutdown."
    • Your vote count has changed. I know I never came back.
  • "What the hell? You just betrayed the Kurds at a time of desperation! There could be a second 9/11!"
    • Of course not to prevent the Kurds from cheating! May 11th!
  • "Please tell me your promise to hold the government hostage taking months or years is another tantrum of yours...if not, then Napoleon would bow to you like you're God Himself."
    • If it was a word of God, but lost to Napoleon, it would be very difficult to say that you should spend a dollar or a year driving. .. alone.
  • "Two kids died at the border! What, Trump, you didn't care? Oh, you're laughing hysterically! I bet YOU ordered it!"
    • Two boys died in the village! Don't you like Trump? Just laugh! Will you refuse?
  • "I know it was you, Trump! You're trying to kill all your opposition to ensure your tyrannical dictatorship and then betray and scapegoat the Saudis! I am THIS close to unleashing the Iowa on your precious golf resort!"
    • I found a weapon! Attempted to fight falsely with Saudi Arabia to abolish democratic oppression - sorry! I'm here at the Iowa Golf Course today!
  • "The anti-net neutrality thing was clearly a way of suppressing criticism."
    • Understanding that relationships are the best way to avoid objections.
  • "Now I realize that Czar Trump I merely paid an unstable but very loyal follower of his to ruin the Democratic Party by sending pipe bombs to me, my dad and other key members, hoping each would get killed by the bombs so that Trump and his administration can wreck what George Washington and the Founding Fathers started. Trump knows he's a descendant of immigrants, but couldn't care any less, choosing to undermine that by making America a totalitarian dictatorship, the exact personification of what it once fought against. A tyranny. THE FOURTH REICH. I'm still close--actually closer--to unleashing the Iowa on his golf resort; let me tell you, the explosions from the shelling of Mar-A-Lago Golf Resort would put every explosion I've staged in Neptunia to shame. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain"
    • This would only cost me Trump's power, but not enough help from the Democratic Party, experts who tried to kill other Democrats. Trump's letter and his government came out with no parents, nor did George Lucas and the professor. Trump is looking into the ways of foreign-born children, but has ignored the role of the government and focused on the war. Trojan. Kingdom Day is no different. I was at the Iowa State Golf Resort. Hide my pictures in Lagos and fields. Play Free Assistance Games By Holding Jump With Neptune Lett. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
  • "As Judge Judy says, God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason."
    • According to Judith's judgment, God gives ear and mouth.
  • "Hey Trump. I understand you had something removed. Maybe that something was YOUR HEART!!!!"
    • Yes, they play cards. That's what I understand. Please stop your heart !!!
  • "Mr. Trump, you are the first king of America just for helping a bunch of neo-Soviets in their quest to dismantle democracy. And you are bad at that too."
    • Trump is the first to end American independence and seek help from the weak. On the other hand, you are a sinner.
  • "Revoking birthright citizenship...oh, sure! I totally agree with that! That is the best idea ever! Very constitutional! All-American! Represents a land of the free! Opportunity! Totally coming from a guy not hellbent on changing the Pledge of Allegiance to end with '...liberty and justice for all American white Christian males' to represent Trumpist ideas. (obvious sarcasm) #MakeAmericaSaneAgain"
    • You can exclude the audience ... Yes, it's true! Yes, this is a good idea! So many! All Americans! It's free! I'm dead! North Korea has expressed its desire for "sovereignty and equality in the fight for African Americans" to change their values ​​in development, not their own. the son. (Donate) Good #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
  • "Trump is making America great again, alright. Making it great for the rich white assholes who think money is more important than human life."
    • Trump said most Americans do. It's more expensive, bigger, richer and better than human life.
  • "Dear Trump, YOU'RE AN INHUMAN MONSTER. Signed, Tim Johnson. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain"
    • The most famous animal is Trump. Johnson's appointment was closed. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
  • "Trump is turning old allies into new adversaries."
    • A former friend of Trump.
  • "Do YOU want this mentally dead man to do to America like how Stacker almost did to Johnson?"
    • You slept like Johnson, but you want to kill him?
  • "Shutting down the government just because you can't get funding for your precious border wall?! THAT'S TANTAMOUNT TO--actually is--HOLDING THE GOVERNMENT HOSTAGE! All Johnson personnel, begin pre-allocating equipment and activating all naval vessels. We are now one step closer to revolution. THIS IS NOT THE CALL TO RISE UP. Trump has yet to go off the deep end. But when (not if) he does, which I predict will be very soon, it will be the beginning of the end for the conservatives' beloved status quo. A status quo where unspeakable things happen."
    • Do you stop smoking because you can't put up a fence? This is the Tantamont-Must-PADRYMENNE BOW! Johnson's team and operating vessels will start construction. We are paying close attention to blood pressure right now. Invest in this feature. Under the card game. (If not) and the first step is to keep the accidents. yes
  • "Caging kids up reminds me of concentration camps! No wonder Chloe calls you ‘Hitler Reincarnated’."
    • Prisoners die at Funus Center! Chloe didn't work for Hitler, peravvasablenym.
  • "Declaring a national emergency over a non-issue?! YOU ARE ON THIN ICE, MISTER. I didn't pay my taxes for this, so naval exercises and training flights begin on March 4. There's a reason we haven't torn out the old STOLport at Walt Disney World, or as it's now known, Elias Air Force Base, with the Speedway."
    • The problem is that there is no time! There is no tax base for soldiers and military training personnel at ITS on 4 March. The world revolves around the world of Walt Disney STOLport or just as the old fast way.

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