The Byte Side (Jayverse)

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The Byte Side is show airing on UBC since 2016, The Show started life as Kidbytes airing on PenTV in San Carlos, CA in 2011 before becoming a Sketch Comedy Show as Bay Bytes in 2014 before a UBC Station in San Francisco picked up and ran for 2 years until show expanded nationally to all UBC Stations and aired on Saturday Nights.

The Cast

Joscelin Aguirre

Emily Costello

Hanna Evensen

Sara Evensen

Aiden Herrod

Charlie Kruse

Nathan Kruse

Ben Lippert

Molly Paster

Lauren Pittock

Jordan Reznick

Laila Shaker - Host

Giorgi Tremblay

Alex Watson-Tremellen

Sloan Varunok

Denis Yudin

Filming Locations

2016-Present: UBC Bay Area Studios (San Francisco, CA)