The Eurasian Union

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It was 1940.

Nazi Germany was an Axis Power in World War II.

And one day, an unknown assassin, believed to be a rebel, murdered Adolf Hitler and six more officials. Without Hitler's influence, Nazi Germany fell apart, and was invaded by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in 1942, resulting in the Nazis' surrender. After World War II, as Europeans were struggling to rebuild their ruined economies, the Soviet Union came to their aid, and they created the Eurasian Union in 1949. The new union soon invaded Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in 1954, after Stalin's death, and the two countries surrendered in December.

Sadly, the Union's economy never thrived, and the Euro, the Union's currency, decreased in value by 1981, when the Union and the United States were in the midst of a cold war. After a failed coup in 1991, the Union was finished, and the European countries renamed the now-former union the European Union.