The Legend of Zelda (anime) (Johnsonverse)

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Zelda Logo.svg
Genre: Action
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: United States
Network(s): WBC
Developed by: Tim Johnson
Based on the video game franchise by Nintendo
Executive producer(s): Tim Johnson
Shigeru Miyamoto
Satoru Iwata (2013-2015)
Production companies: Nintendo
TMS Entertainment
Distributed by: Johnson Television
Starring: Bryce Papenbrook
Kari Wahlgren
Michelle Ruff
Stephanie Sheh
James Earl Jones
Tim Curry
Jason Marsden
Robin Williams
Music: Yoshihiro Ike
Seasons: 8
Episodes: 208
Photography: Color
Picture format: 16:9
Release Date: August 4, 2013 - present

The Legend of Zelda is an American anime created by Tim Johnson, based on the video game franchise of the same name by Nintendo. It debuted on August 4, 2013, and is one of several franchises that take place in the Nirn Anthology. In regards to timeline, the series is not set in any of the three timelines, instead being set in its own timeline.

Production began in 2011. The series was critically acclaimed for its approach to



In a time of


The Four Heroes

The Four Heroes are the main protagonists. According to the Order of the Wizzrobes, they are prophecied to appear at a time when all of Hyrule is plunged into war by the Dark Lord Ganondorf, ultimately saving Nirn from an even greater darkness. To accomplish this, they tasked the Four Heroes to recover the Four Holy Weapons (Master Sword, Bow of Light,

  • Link (English: Bryce Papenbrook; Japanese: Taishi Nakagawa) is the main protagonist. He is a 10-year old Hylian who lives in Kokiri Village with the Kokiri, a race that, as long as they stay in the forest, will never grow up. Always an outcast, Link's only friend growing up was Saria. One day, he awoke to find his cousin Zelda in his house, and learned that Ganondorf and the Gerudo had finally made their move and sacked Hyrule Castle and its town. Link is the classic hero, always ready and willing to help anyone in need, and instilled with a sense of duty to those he is sworn to protect. His weapon is the Master Sword.
  • Zelda (English: Kari Wahlgren; Japanese: Nana Mizuki) is the 10-year old former princess of Hyrule. In this continuity, she is Link's cousin. After Ganondorf and the Gerudo attacked Hyrule Castle and killed the king, Zelda fled into the countryside, eventually coming to Kokiri Village and settling into a restless sleep on the floor of Link's house. As the heir to the throne, Zelda carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, trying to stay strong for her surviving people who are now persecuted and hunted down by the Gerudo for the crime of not being Gerudo. She even considered "making a deal with the Devil" by asking Ulfric Stormcloak for help. Her weapon is the Bow of Light, and she is also proficient in Restoration and Illusion magic.
  • Saria (English: Stephanie Sheh; Japanese: Taeko Kawata) is Link's best (and only) friend and love interest. Once thought to be a Kokiri, Saria was actually a Hylian who was brought to the forest around the same time as Link. As the Great Deku Tree couldn't see her future like he could Link's (his future vision was never accurate, and thus he saw the events of Ocarina of Time), he laid a curse on her that gave her the biology of a Kokiri. Because of this, she was more accepted by the Kokiri (and attracted unwanted attention from Mido), though her true racial genetics made her ineligible to be the Forest Sage. Upon exiting the forest with Link and Zelda to search for survivors of the attack on Hyrule Castle, the curse laid upon Saria was lifted, restarting her aging process. Saria is a kind, soft-spoken girl with a tomboy streak, as she often engaged in playfighting with Link when they were younger. Her weapon is the Forest Sword, though she prefers Destruction and Conjuration magic to actual swordplay.
  • Solo (English: Michelle Ruff; Japanese: Minami Takayama) is a 10-year old Hylian girl whom Link, Zelda, and Saria found among the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town while they were searching for survivors. Over the next few weeks, she was nursed back to health, and they began to notice similarities between her and Link. Sifting through the documents office (one of the few buildings to survive the attack, as Ganondorf wanted the names of all Hylians so he could more effectively hunt them down), they made a shocking discovery: Solo was Link's twin sister, and she had been living in an orphanage destroyed by a Gerudo trebuchet; of course, her real name was Linkle, but she continues going by Solo because of how clunky Linkle sounds. Despite her name, Solo hardly resembles the original Linkle. A tomboy through-and-through, Solo is rough-and-tumble, but also fiercely loyal to Link. Her weapon is a Dwarven Crossbow purchased off a merchant from Skyrim (who, in turn, purchased it from Sorine Jurard of the Dawnguard in Skyrim), often dual-wielding two.





The series' artstyle is directly based on that of the games. It


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