The Ponies of Equestria (song) (Johnsonverse)

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"The Ponies of Equestria" is the theme song for My Little Pony: The Ponies of Equestria. It was written by Daniel Ingram and Tim Johnson, and was performed by Shannon Chan-Kent as Derpy with background vocals by Ashleigh Ball, Rebecca Shoichet, Kazumi Evans, Cathy Weseluck, Lee Tockar, Terry Klassen, and Peter New.


The opening sequence for the series starts with a bird's eye view of Ponyville as the first few notes of the My Little Pony theme music plays. It zooms in to a shot of Derpy throwing muffins from her muffin cart, before she waves to her friends, who are then shown doing what they're characterized as. The show's logo forms, and the credits "Developed for Television by Tim Johnson" and "Based On "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Developed by Lauren Faust" appear at the end, against a purple background.


Backup singers: Oh, oh...
Derpy: Equestria
Backup singers: Equestria...
Derpy: Is where we all have fun
Everypony can play along


When the series was being developed, Johnson wanted a theme that would be similar to "It's Cartoon Gold", the theme song for The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show from 1984 to 1988.