The Red Crocodile (Johnsonverse)

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The Red Crocodile title card.png
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 9 minutes
Release Date: June 22, 1937
Production Companies: Johnson Cartoon Studios
Distributed by: Johnson Studios
Directed by: Randall A. Perkins
Written by: Randall A. Perkins
Gerald Jankowski
Produced by: Robert Johnson
Music by: Wilbur Johnson
Starring: June Foray
Mel Blanc
Country: United States

The Red Crocodile is a 1937 American animated cartoon short directed by Randall A. Perkins, and written by Perkins and Gerald Jankowski, as part of Johnson Studios' Ludicrous Limericks series. It is the debut short for Dr. Ricardo, a Mexican scientist.

The cartoon follows Cherridile being caught by Dr. Ricardo, who plans to use her for his various experiments; Cherridile uses elaborate planning and seduction to outwit him. Released on June 22, 1937, it has been critically acclaimed.


One day, when Cherridile drives to her bakery, she finds a customer named Dr. Marco Ricardo, a Southern scientist. He lures Cherridile into his lab, where she, ignorant of her surroundings, looks at things that catch her attention, unintentionally outwitting him. When Cherridile discovers Ricardo's true intentions, she decides to pose as a sultry woman and flirts with him; she beats him up when Ricardo falls for her trap.

Ricardo, enraged, decides to try to lure Cherridile into a trap by making a mannequin of Chocodile; this fails once Cherridile "accidentally" knocks the mannequin back into Ricardo's face.


  • June Foray as Cherridile
  • Mel Blanc as Dr. Ricardo and Chocodile


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