The Rock-afire Explosion Show (Season 1) (Johnsonverse)

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The first season of The Rock-Afire Explosion Show was released on December 16, 2016.


  1. Back to Nature (written by Tim Johnson and Aaron Fechter) - The pilot to the series. Billy Bob and Looney Bird decide to go camping in the woods. The latter starts going crazy from the lack of technology, and the two are chased up a tree by a wild bear who Billy Bob is unable to communicate with. Only when the rest of the band hears their extremely loud screams are the duo saved.
  2. A Wild Bird (written by Tim Johnson and Burt Wilson)/Chuck-A-Luck (written by Tim Johnson and Sherri Stoner) - When Looney Bird begins drinking even more Gasahol than usual, Billy Bob must
  3. Happy Like the Fox (written by Paul Rugg)/The Tea Party (written by Ken Pontac and Warren Graff) -
  4. It's Pizza Time! (written by Zeus Cervas)/S.S. Beach Bear (written by Aaron Fechter) -
  5. The Reward of Singing (written by Dani Michaeli)/Precarious Places (written by Jennifer Tennville) -


The season was critically acclaimed.