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Tim Johnson
Tim johnson.jpg
Johnson aboard a dome car on the Transcontinental Zephyr in December 2012
Nationality: American
Born: Timothy Daniel Johnson
(1995-07-09) July 9, 1995 (age 26)
San Jose, California
Known for: CEO of Johnson Industries since September 1, 2009
Voice actor
Years active: 2002–present
Spouse: Belle Armstrong (m. 2014)
Children: 3, including Ricky and Bella
Signature: Tim Johnson signature.png

Timothy Daniel Johnson (b. July 9, 1995) is an American media mogul, actor, voice actor, game show host, director, and producer. He has been the CEO of Johnson Industries (Johnsonverse) since September 1, 2009. In addition to being an actor and director, Johnson also hosts Fireside Chat with Tim Johnson on WBC.

Having participated in acting roles since 2002 when he appeared as a youngling in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, Johnson's greatest claim to fame in his acting career is his role as Holden Quist in the Star Wars: Alternity franchise, as well as being the fourth actor for Ness in the EarthBound franchise, replacing previous actor Joey Whittman, beginning with the 2008 film adaptation of the Mother 3 video game.

Not to be confused with a former director at DreamWorks Animation or the former U.S. Senator of South Dakota, or actor Tim Johnson, Jr.

Early life

Timothy Daniel Johnson was born on July 9, 1995 to Sheldon Johnson, Jr. and Tammy Jo Johnson in San Jose, California. Johnson's middle name was named after Johnson Industries' co-founder Daniel Johnson, as Sheldon had "big plans" for him. Tim and Chloe's birth was compared to a birth in the British royal family based on the amount of coverage it received, so much so that WBC went into wall-to-wall coverage for three days straight without any commericals.

Since the age of two, Johnson wanted to be just like his father one day. He would typically pretend that he was running Johnson Industries along with his twin sister Chloe and friends Belle Armstrong and Jenny Smith (usually in a rather-realistic manner with an actual business language he picked up overhearing his father). Johnson even read history books on Johnson. He recalled participating in a pretend tea party with Chloe and turned it into a mafia meeting with their stuffed animals to negotiate a hit on Johnson's teddy bear, Artie. He accused him of committing a faux pas in front of the don. Chloe later stated a mafia meeting was much more fun than a "girly" tea party due to her well-known tomboy attitude.

At the age of five, Johnson, along with Chloe, made his film debut as a Jedi youngling in the 2002 movie Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (specifically the youngling who says "Master, because someone erased it from the archive memory."; this character was later retconned as the prime timeline version of Holden Quist, and later media lists him as having survived Order 66 alongside his twin sister Lana and later becoming prominent members of the Rebel Alliance), which was shot in 2000, and at the age of nine, he wrote a famous school play on Johnson's history called A History of a Titan, which was known for having rather mature-sounding dialogue and a plethora of shots at former Johnson CEO Phil Stacker, who was portrayed in the play in an unflattering light as "a fat bastard" who whipped his employees and ignored the board's suggestions in favor of chasing demographics; Stacker himself was quite amused by this portrayal. As the years passed, Johnson helped his father more often, and appeared in movies, most famously in the EarthBound and Star Wars: Alternity franchises.

CEO of Johnson

Johnson Industries

In early August 2009, Johnson was notified by his father that he would retire to run for Governor of California, and that Johnson would take over the company. The transition took place from August 26, 2009, to August 30, over five days. On September 1, they announced the news in a public ceremony. He noted in a press release, "Under my watch, Johnson Industries will soar to new heights, but I'm not in it for the money. I will do it for you, the people, and for myself, because I just love unleashing my imagination and sharing it with the world. Just call me Walt Disney 2.0.".


Personal Life

Tim is the son of Sheldon Johnson Jr. and Tammy Jo Johnson. He has a twin sister, Chloe Johnson, and a wife, Belle Armstrong. Johnson and Armstrong have three children: Richard Timothy "Ricky" and Isabella "Bella" Addison (b. November 31, 2015), and Armando Sheldon (b. September 23, 2017); it is expected that Ricky will one day take over as CEO of Johnson Industries. Tim also has a bunny named Biscotti (b. 2015; found on a cul-de-sac near the Johnson home and theorized to be an Easter dump); he had previously had up to four bunnies. Their names were Ralphie (c. March 2003-September 22, 2014, adopted May 2, 2004), Ashley Belle (nee Ichigo, January 31, 2004-June 8, 2018, adopted September 3, 2004), Beaumont (c. 2009-April 4, 2017, adopted December 1, 2009), and Willow (c. 2009-October 21, 2018, adopted December 1, 2009).

A 2015 poll voted Johnson the most trustworthy person in the world, surpassing James Earl Jones. Johnson also has Asperger's syndrome, which he often credits to his seemingly-unending stream of successes with Johnson Industries.

Johnson was subject to a death hoax on February 20, 2019, in which the San Jose Mercury News website reported that he was shot and killed by a Westboro Baptist Church member for supporting LGBT rights. The site also claimed that the member planned bombing attacks on his family’s house and Johnson headquarters in tandem with the Antifa movement and assassinations of Sheldon Johnson, Jr., Tammy Jo Johnson, Craig Johnson, Phil Stacker and others in Johnson’s 2020 presidential campaign. He responded by calling a press conference, in which he appeared in zombie makeup, limping to the podium before delivering a statement on behalf of a fictional program that gives brains to underprivileged zombie children, calling out those who make death hoaxes to manipulate the brain supply. He did so using a fake British accent, and at the end of the conference, broke character to deliver a personal threat to whoever declared him dead. They later traced the hoax back to a disgruntled ex-Johnson employee who had taken part in the 2016 conspiracy to introduce the charter system to the NASCAR Panasonic Cup Series (then known as the Sprint Cup Series).

Johnson states he constantly flip-flops between agnosticism and atheism, primarily because he considers himself a rational person who wants scientific proof as to the existence of God and the supernatural. Occasionally, he'll view religion in the same way as God is depicted in Monster World, as one supreme deity who cloned multiple aspects of himself with different views (even the Flying Spaghetti Monster). He claims all religion is valid except Mormonism (which he views as a cult) and Scientology (which Johnson views as a massive scam, especially since DC-8s didn't exist in 1949, accusing L. Ron Hubbard of making things up as he went along).

As a voice actor, Tim is famous for his extremely wide vocal range such as children, teenagers, elders, and even female voices, and an extensive range of accents such as African-American, English (including his role as Thomas the Tank Engine in the 2011 television adaptation of The Railway Series), Asian, French, and Mexican; this earned him the nickname "The Second Coming of (Mel) Blanc".

Political views

For a list of Johnson's political posts and rants, click here.

Like his predecessors, Johnson is highly liberal. He's notorious on MySpace (one of the companies Johnson owns) for making very scathing anti-Trump posts (to the point of calling his administration "the Fourth Reich"), and even stated in a 2017 interview, "I don't regret any of these posts one bit.". He has also occasionally made rants on Trump on Fireside Chat. Also, Johnson has mandated that nothing definite can be said about Trump unless he deems something he does as favorable. Most notably, he organized a "protest" by not airing any inauguration coverage on WBC. Instead, Johnson chose to air a Terrahawks marathon (consisting of all 39 episodes of the original series, plus the two-part Monster World crossover made during the latter's fifth season in 2002). He was scheduled to host it but was replaced by Chloe after he caught a cold (though he did appear in pre-recorded segments, and Johnson mustered enough strength and willpower to appear towards the end of the marathon, wearing a mask so he wouldn't infect others). During the marathon, Chloe interviewed original voice actors Jeremy Hitchin, Denise Bryer, and Windsor Davies, as well as series co-creator Christopher Burr. Likewise, he has also blacklisted the Trump administration from buying airtime on any WBC or WBC-owned network affiliate to air campaign advertisements in either 2016 or 2020.

Johnson is also highly critical of current Russian president Vladimir Putin, going so far as to call him a "dictator" and his regime "the New Soviet Union".

He also often provides his personal opinion on world events. For example, he tends to blame certain circumstances (such as the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, the 2017 Northern California Wildfires, among other recent disasters) on ISIS, and after their fall, al-Qaeda (including the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020). He also believes Autism Speaks is a hate group seeking to exterminate those with Autism by using much of the same rhetoric Adolf Hitler used to describe the Jews, and believes the National Rifle Association (NRA) meddles in gun control efforts not to benefit gun manufacturers, but because of baseless paranoia that everyone needs a gun to form militias and resistance groups against an invasion from Russia or North China that, realistically, can never happen. He is a highly controversial figure among conservatives, with the late conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh labeling him a "domestic terrorist," televangelist Pat Robertson calling him "God's biggest enemy and a blight on humanity", and other conservatives have called him an assortment of insults.

Liberals, moderates, independents, and even some conservatives, conversely, praise him for standing up to the Trump administration; some have even gone on to consider him the one running the country instead of Trump. Johnson has said, "There is no 45th President. The person in the Oval Office, once a good man, got perverted by greed and whatever good that was left in him got taken away by the Neo-Soviets who run Russia into a dangerous fanatic inserted by those Neo-Soviets to make this country so paralyzed with stupidity, nothing can stop Putin from rebuilding the Soviet Union and conquering Europe, and possibly the world, to realize Lenin's vision, Stalin's supreme bastardization of communism notwithstanding", and supported his father in his 2020 run for President of the United States.

Trump's response to Johnson's criticism has, to date, not been his usual rhetoric, but a reconciliatory tone. He stated in a chain of Twitter posts that "To me, there is nothing more American than Johnson Industries. I, like pretty much everyone else, love Monster World, and I know what Johnson is capable of. Therefore, I'm going to leave him alone and not try to meddle in his affairs. If he wants to insult me, that's fine. That's why the First Amendment exists." Johnson's response was to call his bluff, saying, "He was just saying that to butter Johnson Industries up so he can seize Continental Rail, nationalize it, hand freight operations over to other railroads, and terminate all passenger operations to funnel everyone aboard the airlines, which have proven to be unreliable when compared to engines.", though he later changed this statement, saying, "I think I now know what Trump's game is: he's afraid of us. He knows the Johnson Paramilitary is bigger than the US military, and that we have the means to render the US, Russian, and North Chinese nuclear arsenals completely useless if it comes to that. Well, Mr. You're Fired, if the Neo-Soviets give you a second term, I got my ships, and I'm not afraid to use the best of them."

He is also an avid supporter of the GamerGate movement, and has spoken out against anti-GamerGate figures such as Anita Sarkeesian and Zöe Quinn, calling them "crooks hell-bent on censorship", and dislikes the modern feminist movement, saying that he dislikes "how they managed to do rather morally-questionable deeds that would make Susan B. Anthony roll frantically in her grave". He has also criticized the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, calling them a "once well-intentioned cause that got perverted into this witch hunt that tries to brainwash us all into thinking that all straight white men are guilty until proven innocent. Hell, I would be surprised if I wasn't a victim".

In addition, Tim initially supported the Black Lives Matter movement, though he has recently denounced the violence committed by some of its supporters, calling them "people who give BLM a horrible name", and also denounces the practice of kneeling during the national anthem, calling it "extremely anti-American", and denounces the practice of tearing down statues of historical figures, as "they came from a different time, and what prominent man in the 18th century didn't own a slave?", as well as denouncing the practice of Caucasian voice actors stepping down from non-Caucasian roles and removing non-Caucasians from packaging, stating "This is segregation all over again", to the point of convincing voice actors not to step down and other companies not to remove non-Caucasians from packaging. He has also criticized the Antifa movement, saying that "these guys have all the hallmarks of a terrorist group. They think violence is necessary to defend against 'Nazis organizing', often wear masks to hide their identities, and claim their organization must act outside the government because the government is fascist. Outside of Trump, it isn't fascist. Antifa, like #MeToo, was once well-intentioned, but they perverted themselves into the mess they are right now. How ironic. In other words, the result of if an SJW and a terrorist made whoopee together".




Year Title Actor Director Producer Writer Notes
2002 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Yes (Jedi Youngling) No (George Lucas) No (Rick McCallum) No (George Lucas) On-screen debut; uncredited
2002 Revenge of the Sontarans Yes (Kindergarten Student) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shigesato Itoi) No (Sheldon Johnson, Jr. and Tammy Jo Johnson) Uncredited
2005 Star Wars: Alternity Yes (Holden Quist) No (Sheldon Johnson Jr.) No (Timothy Hill) First starring role
2006 The Revenge of Cthulhu Yes (Civilian) No (Timothy Hill) No (Tammy Jo Johnson) Voice; uncredited
2008 Mother 3 Yes (Ness) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shigesato Itoi) First major live-action role
2009 Detective Jenny: The Seventh Movie Yes (Annoying Heckler) No (Timothy Hill) No (Tammy Jo Johnson) Cameo; uncredited
2011 EarthBound 2: Invasion Yes (Ness) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shigesato Itoi) First live-action lead role
2012 Vocaloid & Godzilla Yes (Len Kagamine, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Yoshimitsu Banno) Voice; first performance as Godzilla
2012 Vocaloid & Godzilla II Yes (Len Kagamine, Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Yoshimitsu Banno) Voice
2013 Vocaloid & Godzilla III Yes (Len Kagamine, Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Yoshimitsu Banno) Voice
2014 Sgt. Frog: The Great Rescue Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Len Kagamine, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shogo Tomiyama) Voice
2015 Nemesis Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Len Kagamine, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Timothy Hill) Voice
2015 Monster World Yes (Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Yoshimitsu Banno)
2015 Thomas and the Lady of Sodor Yes (Thomas) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Voice
2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens No Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Directional debut
2016 Vocaloid & Godzilla IV Yes (Len Kagamine, Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shogo Tomiyama) Voice
2016 Shin Godzilla Yes (Godzilla suit actor) No (Hideaki Anno) Yes Producer debut
2017 The Ultra Kaiju Yes (Godzilla suit actor) Yes No (Chloe Johnson)
2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Yes (New Republic Defense Fleet ensign) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Cameo; uncredited
2018 Gorgo Strikes Back Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Len Kagamine, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shogo Tomiyama No Voice
2018 Godzilla: Civil War Yes (Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shogo Tomiyama)
2018 The Basketball Star No No (Timothy Hill) Yes No
2019 Invadors: Wave 2 Yes (Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shogo Tomiyama)
2019 Vocaloid & Godzilla V Yes (Len Kagamine, Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shogo Tomiyama) Voice
2019 Able Archer No Yes No (Chloe Johnson)
2019 Star Wars: Duel of the Fates Yes (D-O, Crazy Doomsdayer) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes
2020 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory No Yes Yes Yes
2021 Sisters No Yes Yes Yes
2021 The Rock-afire Explosion Movie No Yes Yes (with Aaron Fechter) Yes (with Chloe Johnson, Aaron Fechter, and Burt Wilson)

TV shows

Year Title Actor Director Producer Writer Notes
2006-present Star Wars: Alternity Yes (Holden Quist) No (Sheldon Johnson Jr. before 2010, Dave Filoni afterwards) No (Timothy Hill and Dave Filoni) No Television debut
2008-2015 EarthBound: The Series Yes (Ness) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shigesato Itoi) No (various writers)
2010-present Chocodile and Friends No No No Yes Showrunner
2010-present Siskel & Ebert No No Yes No
2011-present Fireside Chat with Tim Johnson Yes (Host) No No Yes (skits) Talk show
2011-present Sodor High School: Thomas & Friends Tales Yes (Thomas) Yes No (Timothy Hill) No Voice
2011-present The Railway Series Yes (Thomas) No (Steve Asquith) Yes Yes Voice
2011-present Thomas the Tank Engine No No (Steve Asquith) Yes Yes
2011-2018 Two and a Half Men No No No Yes Showrunner
2012-present Vocaloid Yes (Len Kagamine, Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Timothy Hill) No Voice
2012-present Grand Theft Auto No No Yes No Showrunner
2013-2015, 2018-present Sonic X Yes (Chris Thorndyke) No (Hajime Kamegaki) No (Takeshi Sasamura and Tadahito Matsumoto) Yes (English translator) Voice; English dub
2013-present WBC's Sgt. Frog Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Len Kagamine, Godzilla suit actor) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Voice
2013-present The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata) No (Tatsuya Ishihara) No (Hideaki Hatta and Atushi Itou) No Voice
2013-present Lucky Star (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) Yes No (Larry David) No Voice
2013-2017 Azumanga Daioh (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata) No (Hiroshi Nishikiori) No (three different producers) No Voice
2013-present Transformers: The Great War Yes (Ratchet, Gears, Scavenger, Sam Forrester, misc. voices) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Showrunner
2014-present NASCAR on WBC Yes (lead commentator for all races at Tokyo Superspeedway, and all Convertible and Ultimate Series races) No No No Sports broadcast
2015-present Nichijou (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Voice
2015-present The Muppet Show No No Yes Yes Showrunner
2015-present My Little Pony: The Ponies of Equestria No No (various directors) Yes No (various writers) Showrunner
2015-2018 Adventure Time Yes (Finn) No (Larry Leichliter and Hugo Morales) No (Kelly Crewes) No Voice, replaced Jeremy Shada, showrunner
2016-present K-On! (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Len Kagamine, Godzilla suit actor) No (Naoko Yamada) No (four different producers) No Voice
2016-present CLANNAD (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata, Godzilla suit actor) No (Timothy Hill) No (Tammy Jo Johnson) No Voice
2016-present Pokémon (Star Wars: Alternity version) Yes (Lucas) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Voice
2016-present Chocodile's Nonsensical Adventures No No Yes Yes Executive producer
2016-present The Rock-afire Explosion Show No No (various directors) Yes Yes Co-showrunner with Aaron Fechter
2017-present Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Space War No Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Self-described "passion project"
2017-present The Magic School Bus No No No Yes Showrunner
2018-present Squid Girl (WBC version) Yes (Fuyuki Hinata) Yes No (Chloe Johnson) Yes Voice
2018-present EarthBound Yes (Ness) No (Timothy Hill) No (Shigesato Itoi) No (various writers) Voice
2018-present Thomas & Friends Yes (some incidental characters) No (Dianna Basso) Yes Yes (head writer) Voice, showrunner
2020-present The Simpsons Yes (occasional guest star) No No Yes Voice, showrunner with Chloe Johnson
2020-present Family Guy Yes (occasional guest star) No No Yes Voice, showrunner with Chloe Johnson
2020-present American Dad! Yes (occasional guest star) No No Yes Voice, showrunner with Chloe Johnson
2020-present The Steam Powered Giraffe Show No Yes Yes Yes Showrunner
2020-present Animaniacs Yes (occasional guest star) No No Yes Executive producer with Steven Spielberg, Sam Register, Justin Falvey, and Darryl Frank

Video games

Year Title Actor Director Producer Writer Notes
2019 Grand Theft Auto VI Yes (Josh Walton)


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