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In 1987, Gannett and UBC CEO Grant Tinker began developing a news magazine series that attempted to bring the breezy style of USA Today to television in order to go up against the big three networks for ratings. The result was USA Today on UBC, which premiered on September 12, 1988. Correspondents on the program included Edie Magnus, Robin Young, Boyd Matson, Kenneth Walker, Dale Harimoto, Ann Abernathy, Bill Macatee and Beth Ruyak. As with the newspaper itself, the show was divided into four "sections" corresponding to the different parts of the paper: News (focusing on the major headlines of the day), Money (focusing on financial news and consumer reports), Sports (focusing on sports news and scores) and Life (focusing on entertainment and lifestyle-related stories).

Current Correspondents


  • Brooke Anderson (2019-Present; USA Weekend on UBC Anchor)
  • Jenna Ruggiero (2011-Present)
  • Dion Townsend (2013-Present; USA Weekend on UBC Anchor)
  • Jeff Vaughn (2015-Present)


  • Brant Miller (1994-Present)


  • Cody Gifford (2012-Present)


  • Theia Willis (2014-Present)

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Former Correspondents

  • Craig Jackson (2001-2003)
  • Lisa Ling (2003-2011) - Currently Hosting Our America on OWN
  • Bill Macatee (1988-2012) - One of the Original Anchors on the show
  • Boyd Matson (1988-1995) - Currently working for National Geographic
  • Maria Menounos (2001-2006)
  • Robin Young (1988-1998) - Life Section Correspondent; Currently Hosting Here and Now on National Public Radio since 2000