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Ultimate Transformers is an American sandbox game developed by Johnson Games. It is the second game in the Ultimate series, the first being Ultimate Godzilla.

Production began in 2009. It was released in 2014 on PC and OSX only, since they were the only platforms capable of playing the game. As a result, a huge modding community has been spawned, many of which have been endorsed by Johnson and officially released in patch updates. It has been critically acclaimed for


Gameplay is very similar to the War for Cybertron series, taking place on Earth, Cybertron, Athenia, Chaar, Gobotron, Lithone, Nebulos, Velocitron, Animatron, Gigantion, and millions of procedurally-generated planets, the environments are WAY more interactive (everything in the environment is destructible, from buildings to people), and the asthetics are based around G1. Players can customize their own character with a massive variety of heads, bodies, limbs, weapons, and other various kibble, as well as weapons, livery, and voice (if the player has a microphone, they can have their voice synthesized using Johnson's revolutionary voice-changing technology, thus adding a personal touch to each custom character); character templates include Autobot, Decepticon, Maximal, Predacon, GoBot, Micromaster/Mini-Con, Lithone, and Master Corp. Member (Headmaster/Titan Master, Targetmaster/Battle Master, Powermaster/Godmaster/Prime Master, Brainmaster, and Action Master); there is no limit to the amount of characters players can make.

There are several modes: Campaign, Free Roam, Conquest, Bounty, Action, and Online.


Campaign follows the plot of War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron, deviating into a new story identical to the ongoing anime Transformers: The Great War after the ending of Fall of Cybertron,

Free Roam

Free Roam allows players to go wherever they want on Earth. Like in Ultimate Godzilla, all cities are to-scale, feature USGS topographical data and NASA satellite pictures, and has every road on Earth. Free roam differs for both factions: Autobots can enter races, perform deliveries (such as freight, pizza, or passengers), help out people in need, respond to emergencies (if playing as Prowl, Inferno, Red Alert, Hoist, a Protectobot, or your custom character has police, fire, or paramedic markings), or defend cities from Decepticon invasions or raids. Decepticons are highly encouraged to kill humans, destroy cities, cause havoc with city utilities, burn crops, slaughter livestock, perform eco-terrorism, assassinate politicians, destroy landmarks, and be decieving. Players can also choose a time setting, these being the Beast Wars, and anytime between 1984 and the current year. Free Roam is also available on Cybertron (set during the war and modern day), Gobotron, Lithone, Nebulos, Velocitron, Animatron, Gigantion, and procedurally-generated planets.


Conquest is a mode where the player competes against the computer to take over (or defend) cities, bases, and resource points. Played as a real-time strategy instead of a third-person shooter, players are given credits to create their own force of either Autobots or Decepticons, mainly squads of generics. There are five resources players must collect and use: Energon for powering bases, defenses, and units, Carbon for constructing basic buildings, repairing cities, and creating weaponry, Ore for constructing advanced buildings and mega-units such as Metroplex, Trypticon, and Fortress Maximus, Nova Crystals for researching upgrades, creating advanced weaponry, and trading with other civilizations, and Transmetal, which is used for upgrading certain Maximals and Predacons if playing a Beast Wars campaign. Victory is achieved when all cities, bases, and resource points are captured/destroyed, and the leaders of either side are killed. Killing Optimus Prime or Megatron will have unique effects: Optimus Prime will respawn after a few days in a new body (and the new stats are always a direct upgrade from the previous form, thus encouraging players to intentionally get Optimus Prime killed when the Decepticons begin researching better weapons), while Megatron will be replaced by Starscream as leader for the rest of the campaign, Galvatron will spawn after a few days, and Megatron will respawn shortly thereafter.


In Bounty, the player plays as a Decepticon to find and kill high-ranking Autobot officials, or important political figures. Each mission has different scenarios, most of which require stealth. The mode is open-ended, as Autobots can respawn, and new political figures will take office. The ultimate goal is to kill Optimus Prime and Ronald Reagan, effectively toppling the Autobots and opening up a Soviet invasion on the USA (the game mainly takes place in the 1980s, and thus has a lot of Cold War tension in it).


The mode features several sub-modes:

  • Assault: The Autobots and Decepticons fight on a closed battlefield, whether it be in a city, in a base, in an open field, or even on Cybertron. The first side to get 200 points by killing enemies or capturing Control Points wins. The point goal can be modified at the player's leisure, skill level, attention span, or time.
  • Capture-the-Flag: The term is a misnomer, as the word "flag" refers to the AllSpark. The first side to capture the AllSpark 3 times wins. This amount can be modified.
  • Arena: Realism is key here. Therefore, once a player dies, they remain dead for the rest of the round. The side with the last man standing wins.
  • Race: A friendly competition between Autobots. Players can race on point-to-point circuits, rally courses, or NASCAR/IndyCar/Formula One-sanctioned tracks.
  • Scenario: Story-based missions re-enacting situations from episodes of every series to date, as well as comics, movies, and novels.
  • Skirmish: Real-time strategy battles on pre-set maps with player-defined rules.


Players can play Conquest and Action modes on Johnson-sanctioned or community servers.



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