Wedding of Chloe Johnson and Jenny Smith (Johnsonverse)

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Top: A publicity photo of Chloe Johnson in her wedding suit. Bottom: A publicity photo of Jenny Smith in her wedding dress.

On June 20, 2018, Johnson Industries (Johnsonverse)' Chloe Johnson and Jenny Smith were wed at the Washington National Cathedral. The wedding was broadcast live on WBC and YouTube, and was hosted by Tim Johnson, who also acted as the best man.

Preparation began in February 2018. After several weeks of planning, the wedding was held on June 20, 2018 with various celebrities and acts in attendance. The wedding is also known for the various acts



On March 14, 2016, during her interview with Jimmy Fallon on that night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Johnson announced that she was a lesbian, and had been in a relationship with Smith since June 2015, revealing that they both realized they were in love after they found themselves forming a bond during a trip to Miami, Florida; this became a top-trending item on Twitter, while Fallon's reaction to the news became an internet meme.

A publicity photo of Tim for the wedding, edited to crop out his head.

On June 12,


Preparation for the wedding took place between April and June of 2018. Tim booked various acts to appear in the wedding, including The Rock-afire Explosion (with the regular voice actors reprising their roles), The Muppets, and Steam Powered Giraffe.

The event

Attending the event included (but were not limited to) Belle Armstrong, their children Ricky, Bella, and Armando, Phil Stacker and his family, Sheldon Johnson, Jr. (in one of his last public appearances before going across the country for his presidential campaign later that year) and Tammy Jo Johnson, Sheldon Johnson, Lucy Faye Johnson, Tim's best friend Andy Helmsburgh and his girlfriend Suki Honda, Tom Stephenson, the surviving cast members of Tales from the Rails, Elk Cabin, and The Reapers, and the principal cast members of Monster World and Detective Jenny, along with the Muppets, the principal cast members of Wreck-It Ralph 2, film director Timothy Hill, various actors from the Mother franchise including Mike Vogel, Kate Hudson, Gary Nelson and Kate Locklain, Jeffrey Paul, John Helbert, Vanessa Parsons, Billy and Hayden Michaels, Joey Whittman, Emily T. Kendrick, Robert Larson, Fred Perry, Mabel Luckey, and Antonio Banderas, and the top ten points finishers of the 2017 NASCAR Panasonic Cup Series.

There were several acts such as The Rock-afire Explosion, Steam Powered Giraffe, Tim singing "If I Can't Love Her" from the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast, Robin Williams, a screening of Glen or Glenda? with director Ed Wood, the Muppets singing a medley of Chloe and Jenny's favorite Muppet Show songs from both the original show and the 2015 revival, and Taran Killam as his Saturday Night Live character, 1860s newspaper critic Jebidiah Atkinson, reviewing famous weddings (all of them negatively, as usual).

The best man was Tim himself, who also hosted, and Belle served as the bridesmaid.




The wedding sparked massive protests from conservatives, including the Westboro Baptist Church, who attempted to block the path of Transcontinental Zephyr #4 two days after the announcement with protesters in picket signs (among the phrases used include "God Hates F*gs" and "Let Them Burn") in response, before the engineer, Ken Farris, was told via conference call by Tim Johnson, who supports the couple and same-sex marriage in general, to run them down, just as an engineer had done in Alabama in 1958 when then-governor Jim Folsom gave the order to tear up a major Continental Rail branchline for disobeying segregation laws. Unlike the Alabama incident, however, no injuries were sustained, and the train managed to make up time after the police broke up the protest and the train was given top priority by Continental Rail's dispatch center in Dunsmuir, California.

Other conservatives were also critical of the wedding. Televangelist Pat Robertson claimed that "(Johnson and Smith) are attempting to erase God's influence". Radio host Rush Limbaugh called the wedding "the biggest example of the rampant feminazi wokeness that's ruining our country". Tim's response on MySpace was short but blunt: "F*ck you."


Hijacking incident

For more, see Third Max Headroom Hijacking incident (Johnsonverse).

On the WBC broadcast, right after Johnson and Smith kiss, the screen went dark for a brief second, before cutting to a man wearing a Max Headroom mask with a corrugated metal panel swaying behind him. The man, who had hijacked WTTW and WGN in 1987, said phrases that can be best described as nonsensical. It was later revealed that he had